30 juni 2011

Colors everywhere


~ You must have discipline to have fun ~

I promise to visit you all soon
wish there were more hours in a day ..


27 juni 2011

*r e d *

*Red is the ultimate cure for sadness*
*When in doubt wear red*
Bill Blass

Are we ready for the Summer holidays?
YES we ARE !

Wishing you a joyful Summer sweet friends
I took this picture in a Danish museum, last year


25 juni 2011


It is giveaway time !
well that's a sweet petit giveaway time

I found these funny glass markers
and bought an extra set for you

the sweet petits to give away are

6 glass markers
1 ice cube holder, strawberry or apple
a pen

As always, I am giving away 2 sets

my giveaway way:
*leave a comment on this post for one chance
**leave another comment if you follow me for two chances
***leave a third comment if you mention my giveaway
on your sidebar for three chances

The two winning names will be picked July 20th
My packages fly to any lovely little corner of the world

Now about me swirling around in blog land
or better yet, not swirling around lately..

I am afraid it will stay this quiet the next couple of weeks
as I am playing outside in the garden with my little ones
or inside on our new piano ;)

love and hugs

23 juni 2011

~ xx ~

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful
William Morris

I need to put this into practice and
made it one of my goals for the Summer

Here's to a wonderful weekend, sweet friends


19 juni 2011

Happy new week!

Be happy for this moment
This moment is your life


13 juni 2011

Tea in the Garden

a little tea garden
a big feast

I especially loved the lace dressed up with colorful beads
covering the homemade pear syrup bottle
{and Celeste's head for an instant}

All people smile in the same language


9 juni 2011

oh Joy!

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile,
but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy

a Glimpse of the reorganized jars
and pink shelf in my cupboard


7 juni 2011

{Love} at first bite

Pineapple strawberries
from the green grocery

These berries are fun and even a bit crazy
Personally, I prefer the original lovelies

I leave you with a fine quote for today
To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions
B. Franklin


5 juni 2011

Fuel up for Fun

A funny sunny picture to make you smile

Have a wonderful new week,
make sure you fill it up with a bunch of F U N


1 juni 2011

Flower Power

You have it in your Power

to make your days on Earth a path of Flowers,

instead of a path of thorns

Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Spring chocolates in cupcake holders

stored in a jar with a to-the bouquet-matching piece of fabric on top

a little gift for grandmama