30 juli 2010

A baking day

*Baking JOY*

Today = a rainy day
a rainy day = a baking day


Happy Thoughts! xx

28 juli 2010

A little Wednesday inspiration

Love yourself
to love another


Okay, love your daily dose of coffee too


26 juli 2010


Remember I dried some flowers?
Voici, the dried sweet peas.
I laminated a bunch and decided to make bookmarks,
will use my flower punch and lots of sweet ribbon.

Hugs for a lovely new week!


19 juli 2010

Weekend JOY

Wishing all you lovely ladies
BUnChes of JOY
for the new week

16 juli 2010

Summer snow

The aging process has you firmly in its grasp
if you never get the urge to throw a snowball.
Doug Larson

My snowballs
in FULL bloom

Happy Thoughts! xx

15 juli 2010

Some Snapshots

Some snapshots from around the house.
Just playing with my new camera
to get to know my so so appreciated newest friend!

Oh, those golden lovelies on a stick?
They travelled the blue blue ocean.
My sweet friend Koralee threw them in
her magazine-exchange-enveloppe.
Pure LoVeliness at Koralee's Bluebird Notes!

Wishing you pure LOVE for today, everyday!

Happy Thoughts! xx

14 juli 2010

August 1th

Cheers to the month of August

* If the first week of August be warm,
the winter will be white and long *

Have a cheery August 1th!


I'm so so happy with my new drinking glasses,
thank you once again sweet Ria

Cheers for now xx

13 juli 2010

Summer Topics


SUmMeR topics !

Happy Thoughts! xx

12 juli 2010

Four children : Forty Celsius

Splishing & Splashing



Hoisting up

Sweet petit ones do not seem to mind the heat at all.
Wish I had a wee bit of that kind of energy right now.
Fortunately I still have my HaPpY energy ;)

Happy Thoughts! xx

11 juli 2010

July 21

Did you have your sweet tReat today?

Pop over to celebrate with my FunNy, sWEeT friend
{Happy Happy Birthday, Ri JAAAAA}

Sending lots and lots of Dutch JOY your way for a
HapPY Wednesday!

Hope your week is great so far ....

{we enjoyed these funny frogs in Denmark, last month}

10 juli 2010

Wordless Weekend

It's too HOT to do ANYthing

Since the eyes are the mirror of the soul,
we'll be looking much in each others eyes this weekend ;)

Wishing you a wonderful warm weekend!

Happy Thoughts! xx

9 juli 2010

Pretty moment

An unexpected chocolate Heart

Wishing you lots and lots of unexpected pretty moments too!

More prettiness at Joyce,
it's Friday Pretties time!

Happy Thoughts! xx

8 juli 2010


A thing of beauty is a JOY forever
John Keats

It's about time to dry some of the loveliest in your garden.
I already have some Lathyrus and Forget me Nots
in my flower press
a phone book will do too
Will show you the results in a couple of weeks

Happy Thoughts!! xx

7 juli 2010

Summer chair

The smell of my 30 sweet peas
The sound of my 4 sweet peas
Absolute delight

Me and my Summer chair
we experience the sweetest moments
My Summer chair and me


5 juli 2010


Women are like teabags.
We don't know our true strength until we are in hot water!
Eleanor Roosevelt

I'll be spending many hours in
the swimming pool this week.
My two oldest little ones
start taking swim lessons.

What are you up to this week?

Happy Thoughts! xx

3 juli 2010


This year's little surprise
for the sweetest teacher in the Netherlands.
{Yes, you really are}

The fairy-light fitted just
perfect in the small box,
they were made for each other!

My little girl
loves to make cute little
works of RibBons.

Wishing all you lovely ladies
a FUN-filled Summer vacation.

Happy Thoughts! xx

2 juli 2010


** Spend your favorite time of day
in a delightful way **

Nothings beats the morning Latte
after having the children brought
to school ....

Wishing you a delightful weekend!

I took this colorful picture in a gorgeous shop

Happy Thoughts! xx