27 februari 2011

Love at first sight

J. Seignolles ~ Madison

pretty porcelain
heavenly colors

We are in Bruges, Belgium
celebrating the birthdays of our girls

I will have a coffee or two for you, tee hee !


25 februari 2011

What 2 Watch

Watch your thoughts, for they become words
Watch your words, for they become actions
Watch your actions, for they become habits
Watch your habits, for they become character
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny

I have planned to sit down on this bench and visit you all over the weekend
well I think it will be my bench inside the house =^.~=

Happy hugs for a great weekend !

xo xo xo

23 februari 2011


Trust only movement
Life happens at the level of events, not of words
Trust movement
Alfred Adler

In my house there is a lot of dressing up going on this week
So far we have
a princess
a farmer
an air hostess
a baker
Friday = Carnival day at school

I took this picture 6 years ago
my three year old Vinciane holding her cousins clowny hand

I am still determined to not enter school all dressed up,
what would you do?
Put on a silly hat or wear a funny apron?
tell me, oh tell me so

xo xo xo

21 februari 2011

Wee White

Today I woke up to a wee white and sparkling backyard
I did not order this weather, Mr. Weather

Off we go
a whole new week,
a baking week
cake for a parents meeting at school on Monday
tarte to join my little tea party on Wednesday
cupcakes for Celeste's birthday party on Thursday
pancakes for the disguise party at school on Friday
scones on Saturday ~ never eat your scone alone

Happy hugs for a wonderful week !

xo xo xo

18 februari 2011

a Ray of Sunshine

I have learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did
but people will never forget how you made them feel


Happy hugs for a loveliest of weekends !

xo xo xo

16 februari 2011

the Rope of Life

Have you already heard of Divine Twine?
besides the red and blue bakers twine
there are more lovely colors
I picked these three

Welcoming Spring in my home, step by step


We learn the rope of life by untying it's knots
Jean Toomer


14 februari 2011

L o v e

Happy happy Valentine's day !

I raise my cup to each and everyone of you
lovely Koralee takes care of an amazing cake, here

My cake did not work out the way I had hoped
The outside is rather okay
but it's the inside that counts, isn't it?
Way too hard to cut
each slice falls apart in a thousand pieces
The right picture is of my traditional heart shaped cake
the one that can never ever go wrong

I do love your idea, Koralee, I have had a fun time trying and
smiling a lot when thinking about us ladies around the globe
dealing with the gorgeous cake !


12 februari 2011

Wait for me, Paris!

my former colleague and I
an early, early morning train
to P A R I S
talk listen talk listen talk listen walk shop
enjoy a French lunch
shop walk talk listen talk listen talk
Meet lovely Lori over a latte
the late, late evening train
back home sweet home
That's my Saturday
What are you up to?

Pop over to meet Anita in her enchanting little corner and dream away ..
Ma plus chère amie made this amazingly beautiful drawing !


11 februari 2011

at the End of the Day

Your birthday is a special time to celebrate
the gift of 'you' to the world

Quinten turned 3, woo hoo
we have had a fun-filled day !

10 februari 2011

Symbols of Love

a Cup of Love

a Pouch of Love
gathered in a tiny little pouch that easily fits in any mailbox !


8 februari 2011

On a stick

Red and pink lips
Black mustaches
made out of stiff felt
on a stick

The birthday fun has begun !

These sticks will pimp up the photo shoots
a few children and grown ups
holding one of these
in front of their mouth
*little sparkles in the group*


5 februari 2011

the Fulfilling Feeling

The trick to getting things done is
to list things to do in doable order
Robert Brault

I soooo need to remember and act on these wise words

Have a fulfilling weekend !


I know, my image today has absolutely nothing to do with my words
but looking at this happily colored heart does give me a great feeling
I think it's a kind of fulfilling feeling, does that sound strange?


3 februari 2011

Let your Love shine

Cute words are printed on these soft colored sweets,
perfect for the month of Love !


1 februari 2011

* Festive February *

Birthdays are good for you
Statistics show that
the people who have the most live the longest
Larry Lorenzoni

What do we have, let's see
We have Vinciane turning 8
Celeste turning 5
and Quinten turning 3
Mr. Bresten will turn 7 in June

Dearest Mrs. February, you are oh so welcome in our home !