28 februari 2010

Sweet Snowdrop

I love all things Simple & Sweet.

The snowdrop symbolises purity and hope in the language of flowers.

A legend about the origin of the snowdrop ....
When God made all things on the Earth, He asked the snow to go to the flowers and get a little color from them. One by one the flowers refused. Then, very sad, she asked a snowdrop to give her a little of its colour and the snowdrop accepted.
As a reward, the snow lets her bloom first whenever spring shows.

Photos are google images

Wishing all you lovely ladies a wonderful week!

March ~ Spring will Spring!!

27 februari 2010

Terrific Treats

Last year Vinciane treated these cute Magic Wands.
Transformed pencils

A couple of weeks ago, Bresten received those lovely paper cups.
It's a sweet little game of trying to swing the bead into the cup ....

I have only two more days to come up with a terrific treat for this year.
What terrific treat did you ever receive or Giveaway?

Have a treaty day!

26 februari 2010

Sweet Seven

Today Vinciane turned 7
Sweet Seven, our Sweet Vinciane
(on the right)

We went to Lonneke for a beads party!
The sweeties made these sweetest necklaces!!

Wonderful Winning Women

For starters
I would like to give each and every
lovely lady out there
one peony.
I suggest you put
this beauty
in a sweet little vase
decorated with a silken ribbon
I might make a post on
the sweetest, little vases in my collection


Vinciane picked a name out of the 'foreign' bowl
Celeste picked a name out of the 'Dutch' bowl

The Wonderful Winning Women are:
Rose ~ Roses r Red
Madelief ~ Madelief

My third giveaway will fly overseas to a lovely & soooo inspiring lady.
Sweetest Koralee, you brighten my days with your sweetness, I really do love your style!

Madelief, Rose and Koralee please email me your mailing address at skok@dappui.nl

Irma ~ allemaal kleurtjes, please email me your mailing address, you are my first follower and Ria ~ it's me, please email me too, you had this lovely idea of giving a sweet present to your first follower, I gladly took your great idea over...

Wishing all you lovely ladies a Wonderful Weekend!

24 februari 2010


~ The eyes have one language everywhere ~
George Herbert

When reading this quote,
I thought of all you lovely ladies
in your sweet little corner of the world.
Unfortunately we cannot look one another in the eyes when
posting & reading & posting & reading & ....

These eyes belong to Celeste, our almost 4 year old daughter

23 februari 2010

Enchanting Envelopes

All envelopes
that have reached me
are stored in a
Beautiful Big Box

My dearest friend Francis
surprises me
time after time
with those colorful & sweet envelopes

all the way
from Calgary
have this cute little stamp

~ From anywhere ... to anyone ~
~ De partout ...jusqu'a vous ~

makes me daydream ....

21 februari 2010

French Fashion

~ La France ~
I love those endless fields of Sunflowers

~ French Fashion ~
so so adorable

here I am, cuddled up in my chair
accompanied with the spring/summer catalogue of Cyrillus
.... please do not disturb ....
If you want to browse with me through all this sweetness, just click Cyrillus

mosaic 1: all google images ~ mosaic 2: all catalogue images

20 februari 2010

Birthday Mania

~*~ Birthday Party ~*~

!! 2 years old !!

Amazing Anna made these cute birthday buttons
So sweet!

Next Friday we will celebrate
Vinciane turning 7

I wish all you lovely ladies a sunshine-filled weekend!

18 februari 2010

From my home to your home

Short post from my home to your home

DIY ~ I joined my little monkeys today

16 februari 2010

~*~ Giveaway ~*~

*1 *1 *1 ~ Giveaway ~ *1 *1 *1

Just want to thank all you lovely ladies for your happy thoughts
in picture and words
I love coming over to all of you

I also want to thank you for visiting my blog
and leaving me such sweet comments
I truly enjoy reading them

~ my first Giveaway ~

I chose sweet little treasures via Etsy
I really do love Etsy

My *1 envelope will bring one lovely lady :
* a gorgeous felt bunny pin from the poppy tree ~ Easter approaches (o;
* a cute memo pad with an elegant French poodle sitting by an antique chair
* some festive treats

My *1 envelope will bring one lovely lady :
* a sweet pocket mirror & matching button Mia's Poppies from Belle&Boo
* a cute memo pad with an elegant French poodle sitting by an antique chair
* some festive treats

My *1 envelope will bring one lovely lady :
* a sweet pocket mirror & matching button Giddy Up from Belle&Boo
* a cute memo pad with an elegant French poodle sitting by an antique chair
* some festive treats

I had a fun-filled afternoon, preparing & taking pictures
But I really enjoy wrapping things up with ribbons, curls & sweet tape!

Join my JOY and leave me a comment on this post by February 26th
If you follow me, I will enter your name twice
In case you feel my JOY too and want to share it by posting about my giveaway in your sidebar, I will enter your name three times

~*~ let me know ~*~
My Birthday girls will pick the lucky lovely lady names
out of a sweet colorful bowl!

Have a fun-filled day!

15 februari 2010

Today's Thoughts

February = Festive

3 out of our 4 kids
will celebrate their birthday
2,4,7 years old
All those figures ....
I figured out that I'm approaching 111 followers
111 or 3 times 1

My thoughts went on ....

* 1 Giveaway will stay in my country
* 1 Giveaway will go out of my country
* 1 Giveaway for an interesting & inspiring lovely lady

3 festive days ~ 3 festive Giveaways

I will keep you posted!

14 februari 2010

Olympic STARS

Bye Bye hearts ~ Warm Welcome shiny Stars !

To all the Sporting Stars in Vancouver: Enjoy the games !!

image stars: wikipedia

13 februari 2010

Color & Happiness

Last week I 'met' Noor.
She makes the sweetest designs out of the loveliest fabrics!

Take this colorful Valentine fabric wreath.
Looking great on our kitchen wall!

Those sweet little details ....

So far my Saturday morning message to spread some extra color and happiness !

12 februari 2010


Home for Valentine ....

Home is where the Heart is

Wishing all you lovely ladies a wonderful & warm Valentine's weekend !

10 februari 2010

Counting Valentines

all photos from google images

Valentines, valentines, how many do I see?

Valentines, valentines, count them with me.

I have pink ones, pink ones, pink ones, too.

I have pink ones, white ones and some that are blue.

Valentines, valentines, how many do I see?

Count them with me! 1-2-3-4-5 ....

9 februari 2010

Home & Hearth

Outside it's so chilly again...

Home & Hearth
Warm & Safe
Cherish & Love

Without a home we are helpless
Image: book 'dreams to live in'

8 februari 2010

Hearts on Branches

These days I have at least one bucket with branches on the table. With Easter they are decorated with sweet little birds and some (by the kids painted) eggs. At the moment several lovely hearts dangle the branches. At the end of this festive month, both our daughters will celebrate their birthday. I will hang the postcards with wooden pins between the hearts. Looking really Good!! But that is naturally my own opinion (;

Oh, I do hope you enjoy your latte macchiato today!
Have a wonderful & colorful week!