30 juni 2010


To sit in the shade
on a fine day
and look upon verdure
is the most perfect refreshment
Jane Austen

I adore the shade these days as it's extremely H*O*T

Happy Thoughts! xx

29 juni 2010

Tuesday's Tea

Boil some water
add a lot of
fresh mint leaves


Let's drink our Tuesday's Tea at 15hrs30
all around the world
all the same tea
Now wouldn't that be pure JOY?

Happy Thoughts! xx

28 juni 2010

Wonderful ....

Wonderful flowers

Wonderful time

Wonderful school

Warm wishes for a wonderful week !

Happy Thoughts! xx

25 juni 2010

Friday's word

Pick your word for Friday

French Frites

Have a Fantastic Friday!

Warm Weekend Wishes too

Happy Thoughts! xx

24 juni 2010

Thursday's treasure

A glimpse of
the heating
in my kitchen
yes, yes,
it's black
it's 0.45 meter wide
it's 1.95 meter
high up in the sky

I just wanted
to show
my aqua magnet

Happy Thoughts! xx

22 juni 2010

Faux or Fresh

A wee peek of my desk
what do you think
is this rose
a fresh rose
a faux rose

loving roses
in every way
each and every day!

Happy Thoughts! xx

21 juni 2010

** Summer **

I wonder what it would be like to live in a world
where it was always June
L.M. Montgomery

Have an amazing Summer!

Happy Thoughts! xx

19 juni 2010

Week {end} Wishes

:: Happy Happy Father's Day ::


:: a Happy Happy new week ::

Happy Thoughts! xx

17 juni 2010

S = for ....

Spools of thread
Soft Soap

Both jars found their new spot in my cupboard today.
What have you been up to today?

Happy Thoughts! xx

16 juni 2010

**Pure sweetness**

The little cheese shop in
the nearby village
{where village-made-cheese is sold}
has this cutest corner.
I have to stop over in that corner
each and every time I visit.
Last weekend I found the Sweets
I used to crave.
Pretty pink raspberries, oh so sweet.
I was {and still am a little bit}
on cloud 9
Thanks for the memories, sweet SweetS

I bet you also have lovely memories
on your childhood SweeTs ...

Happy Thoughts! xx

14 juni 2010



I adore all the red Summer fruit!
Looking so pretty all together in one pretty bowl.
Today just a little bit of adoration on a plate.

has send me the pretty strawberry dishcloth.
Thank you once again, sweet friend,
my eyes love the happy fabrics.

~*~ Have a fruity week ~*~

Happy Thoughts! xx

12 juni 2010

Magic in Mosaic

Just a few more pictures
taken in the amusement park

A huge hug and a big kiss
for a magical weekend !

Happy Thoughts! xx

11 juni 2010


* The best kind of friend is the kind
you can sit on a porch swing with,
never say a word,
then walk away feeling
like it was the best conversation that you ever had *

Past weekend we've had a lot of fun in an amusement park
I thought I'll take a picture of the
for all you lovely ladies
so we can all together go-round-merry a couple of times

Happy Thoughts! xx

9 juni 2010

Always look up

And when it rains on your parade,

look up rather than down.

Without the rain,

there would be no rainbow.

G.K. Chesterton

We are enjoying
rain rain rain
so much JOY
for my garden!

Sending many sweet raindrops
your way for a lovely day.

Happy Thoughts! xx

8 juni 2010

Sweet Treat

My sweet little monkey
adores tractors
Tractor Treats
had to be made
But how to?
I tried cookies,
no success
Oh yes, we did have a lot of fun
but the flavor was not a lot of fun

I came up with cake
Slicing it up
Cutting the tractor out

Now that was fun!
Tasting and looking fun too!
I forgot to take a picture of the tractor cakes
will most definitely create them more often
and will come up with a picture

Let's surround us
with ColoR and tea
Care to join me?

Happy Thoughts! xx

6 juni 2010

Kind words

Kind words are jewels
that live in the heart and soul,
and remain as blessed memories
years after they have been spoken.

My sweet friend Francis made this lovely
collage of W O R D S

A lovely new week!
Do spread kind words ....

Happy Thoughts! xx

4 juni 2010


We are ready for the weekend...
a party weekend!

All the right ingredients are here
Sun, Cake, Banners, Balloons,
Presents, Cake, Balloons, Banners,
did I mention Cake?

Google showed me this lovely wreath.
From now on I collect these cute ribbons...

Wishing all you lovely ladies a grand weekend!

Happy Thoughts! xx

3 juni 2010

Life = good

  1. Last week I received the
    Life is Good award from sweet Luiza and her lovely blog Feelings, here
    I'm not an award person but this time I thought I play along.
    Luiza made up 10 questions and now I am to answer those, here we go.

    What place in the world would you like to visit and why?
    That would be New York or Boston or Vancouver or San Francisco or ...
    New York for starters, I must meet the Big Apple some day, just because!

  2. What was your biggest dream when you were a child?
    Riding to high school on that gorgeous blue road bike,
    I saw in the shop we visited almost every Thursday evening.
    Oh, and I always wanted to become a flight attendant. Growing older, that dream faded.

  3. How do you see yourself 10 years from now?
    Still enjoying everything about my family and perhaps working on some projects again
    {like I did before giving birth to my children}

  4. How would you describe a perfect friend?
    A thoughtful friend = a perfect friend.

  5. What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning, besides going to the bathroom?
    Honestly? Opening my laptop for a short, just a very short walk in blog land, 15 minutes tops.

  6. If they were making a movie of your life, who would you want to play your part?
    Julia Roberts, I love to watch her act.

  7. What is your idea of a perfect day?
    Tranquility, to give and receive

  8. Someone famous you would like to be for one day?
    Hmm, still thinking..

  9. Favorite food?
    Strawberries, oh wait that is my favorite fruit. Italian for food.

  10. What scares you the most?
    To pass away young and having to leave my four little monkeys without being able to see them grow old.

    Happy Thoughts! xx

2 juni 2010

Flower sweetness

Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels.
But their magic sparkles in nature.
Lynn Holland

I just love the sweet little bouquets
all around the house
inside and outside
this time of year.
All the lovely wild flowers
my children pick
on our way back home from school
or in the field next to our garden

Happy Thoughts! xx

1 juni 2010

Cookie Carnival

We are off to a
* Testing
* Some more testing
The final will be next weekend
I'll keep you posted

Happy Thoughts! xx