30 maart 2010

Passion for Packaging

In need of

irresistible inspiration?

I want you to meet

Rebecca Thuss

two words

Inspiring & Irresistible

Go visit her site at Rebecca Thuss

After you've promised me

to come back here

to let me know if I'm right

and don't forget all about me ;o)


28 maart 2010

Happy Spring Cleaning

~*~ Happy Spring Cleaning ~*~

I so prefer cleaning
in short short bursts
throughout the day
instead of all at once.

What about all you lovely ladies?
Are you into Spring Cleaning already?

26 maart 2010

First week of Spring

This week I received
Miss Baptista's sweet Giveaway,
these 2 lovely hearts.
Miss Baptista
has a wonderful
collection of
Christening gowns
in her own Belgian studio.
Do visit her lovely lovely blog, here

I also received the beautiful Giveaway from
Paulette of Beedeebabee.
This cutest little white bunny
was wrapped so so beautiful.
The silver bird's nest
with the gorgeous colored eggs
was on top of the present.
Paulette is such a creative sweet lady,
her works are truly artworks!
Do visit Paulette, here

Thank you once again Miss Baptista and Paulette for these lovely treasures.
My Easter branches are beyond awesome this year thanks to your beauties!

My Spring image of the week
taken in the back of our garden
Friday afternoon

Have a great weekend, do enjoy the season.
Sending many sunny Spring sparkles your way!

25 maart 2010

Tulips Today Tomorrow Toujours!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~


~*~ ~*~ ~*~

24 maart 2010

Gorgeous Gingham

Springtime = Gingham time

I just love gingham
makes me so so happy!

These cute little bags
are all around my house
filled with
hair elastics

Putting away became so much fun to do ;o)

22 maart 2010

Take time

Take time
to enjoy
the simple things
in life

Enjoy the Season !

21 maart 2010

Spools everywhere

Just had to take
these pictures.
Love all
those great colors
all these great spools
on the floor!

My hands were itching ...

20 maart 2010

Sparkling Strings

Last weekend we visited
an event
in a furniture store.
At the entrance
two big beautiful vases welcomed us.
So simple and sweet:
The finest ribbons
the leafless branches.

It made me think of
our tree
in the middle of our lawn.
Last year I knotted
lamina paper
hope this is the right word ..
in all shades of blue
in the tree.
When the wind blowed
or the sun rays
touched the
they sparkled
Too bad I did not take pictures that time
this year it's a little too late because the buds are almost bursting out!

Spring pops up everywhere around here!

19 maart 2010

Creative with Cardboard

We've been creative
with cardboard and
brown & red wrapping paper.

It started with the tractor for Bresten's room.
He loves loves loves tractors.
We just couldn't find any nice pictures
to hang on the wall.
And so we decided to give it a try.....
Drawing, cutting, cutting
and finally we used
some duplex tape to stick it on the wall.
Looking quite good on the white wall
and most important
Bresten adores it!
For the girls we made the princess
using cardboard, brown wrapping paper
ribbon and some sparkling* sparkles*

~*~ Have a Sparkling Spring begin this weekend ~*~

17 maart 2010

Colorful & Cozy

Hope all you lovely lovely ladies
are having a Colorful and Cozy day!
I know for sure Quinten has

16 maart 2010

Bright light

The pursuit of perfection,
is the pursuit of
sweetness and light.
~*~ Matthew Arnold ~*~

Today some images
around the house
from my favorite lamp.
I just love
the unadorned wooden stand
in combination with the
simple black lamp-shade.

The lamps in the first mosaic
hang in the girls room
and in the boys room.

Have a bright & beautiful brand new day!

15 maart 2010


This afternoon we did some DIY
making those lovely
flower arrangements in eggshells.

We turned some
hollowed-out eggshells
into naturally vases.

Thank you
for your lovely idea.
We had a real
good time.
It was FUN!

14 maart 2010

Grand piano by Fifi

Sweet Koralee is having a Giveaway
her bike Maria is painted in a beautiful set,
she went to Paris!
Fifi made this awesome artwork.
Go check it out, here and here.

Anyway, i popped onto Fifi's blog and
my eye caught this pretty pretty painting
of a grand piano.
I just love looove the colors.
The sweet pink and minty mint
in combination with the simple black ....

i did some speedy thinking, just very very speedy
and decided.

i hope this sweetie will have a good trip,
enjoying the view of the blue blue Ocean
i'm sure she will love her new home....
Happy me!

Oh and Mark, my dearest dearest darling, i'm sure you will love her too ...

13 maart 2010


The bird a nest, the spider a web, man friendship.
~* William Blake *~

Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friends!

12 maart 2010

Beautiful Blogger ~ Talented Tina

Sweet Tina, thank you for passing on the beautiful blogger award to me! For a glimpse of Tina's lovely world on Rubies Place, go here.
As part of this award i am to tell all you lovely ladies 7 things about myself.
Here we go:

I My favorite color ~ Blue, all shades of blue
II My favorite book ~ Chanel by Francois Baudot
III My favorite movie ~ well honestly i'm not so movie like. I do have sweet memories on The sound of Music
IV My favorite actor ~ Hugh Grant. And George Clooney for his looks ....
V My favorite actress ~ Julia Roberts
VI My favorite food ~ Italian food
VII My favorite place i have visited ~ Paris Paris Paris

So far concerning me. Now i should pass this award on to 7 beautiful bloggers. I would like to give all you lovely ladies this award because i love coming over, reading, looking, smiling, being inspired ....
First of all i would like to thank Julie for giving me a Happy award ~ Maris and Rosie for giving me a Sunshine award. I would like to pass the Beautiful Blogger award on to you in the first place.

2. Maris ~*~ Made by Maris
3. Rosie ~*~ Roses and Peonies
4. Jacqueline ~*~ so cute it hurts
5. Alice ~*~ Bralliz
6. Sandy ~*~ Peridots Garden
7. Carmelina ~*~ Creative Carmelina , last but most certainly not least. Carmelina started another blog today, looking so so lovely.... just check it out!

Wishing all you lovely ladies a fabulous Friday! xoxo

10 maart 2010

Thursday TEA


Enjoy today's teatime!
google image

My Perfect Pretty Plate

Happy ChitChat

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Last year I received this lovely plate from a sweet former colleague.
We see each other twice a year ending up with a high tea
or a visit in a nice city.
Anyway, last year she brought a cute cake served on this adorable adorable plate.
Ever since, it's on my breakfast table, my lunch table and occasionally on my dinner table ....
making my day!
This sweetie is designed by two lovely Dutch Ladies, called BLOND.
For a glimpse of all their sweetness go here.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~