30 mei 2010

A spoonful of


Balloons of spoons
for a Joyful
new week

Happy Thoughts! xx

28 mei 2010

Life's simple pleasures

Something to bake ....

A walk to take ....

A place to go ....

A seed to sow ....

Wishing all you lovely ladies a wonderful weekend,
enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

Happy Thoughts! xx

27 mei 2010

Thursday's tea

Today I'm inviting all you lovely ladies
to come over to my garden for a
tasty cup of Thursday tea

Let's walk around the house

Enjoying the blue sky
and all the calming fresh green

Walk underneath the bow

To sit down next to the pond

Talented sweet Jacqueline made these gorgeous heart-shaped tea bags. Her blog is so inspiring. The tea time treat box is the loveliest, not to forget the teaspoon, which is adorable too. Do check out Jacqueline's sweet little corner in the world, here. And while you are there, you should pop over to her Etsy shop.
Etsy, we really do love Etsy, don't we?

Wishing you a terrific, tasty tea-y Thursday!

~*~ xoxo XOXO xoxo ~*~

25 mei 2010


Yesterday, the children
picked a bunch of
pink & white roses
fresh from our garden.
Wishing we all had scent buttons on our computers
I would have loved sharing the fragrance

The girls made some 'perfume' using
15 drops sweet almond-oil &
5 drops lavender-oil

We are still enjoying the white bowl
filled with pink, love this shade of pink,
roses leaves.

I hope you are all having a rosy week so far.

~*~ XO ~*~

23 mei 2010

Sweet Street

I felt like walking right into a
lovely Fairy tale.
It was right there in Odense
one of the sweetest streets I have ever seen.

Have a great new week!

22 mei 2010


When I met this cute little pin,
I decided to start collecting
these lovelies.
I bought this one in Denmark
so from now on
a cute little pin
will be my keepsake
from the places we visit.
Must think of a gorgeous place to visit over the weekend,
so this little swan will no longer be alone.

What name should I give her?
Would love to hear what name comes first to your mind!


21 mei 2010

Pretty Pinky Pink

Hi there all you lovely ladies
Today I'm doing a post on pretties
Dear Joyce is hosting
this fun game called
Friday Pretties, here

Are you ready?
Let's hop in my pinky pink
find our way through that fence
entering this cozy home
and admire the chandelier,
love the chandelier!

All pictures were taken by me in Valdemars Slot, Denmark

In the Pinky Pink

Through the Whity White

Entering the Yellowy Yellow

Looking at the Blue-y Blue

Wishing all you lovely ladies a
Perfect Pretty Pentecost !

19 mei 2010

April showers ...

April showers bring May flowers

my HC Andersen umbrella
my pink clematis montana {finally blooming}

I love showers, evening showers
I really do love flowers

18 mei 2010

Color boost

Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing?
Can one really explain this? No.
Just as one can never learn how to paint.
Pablo Picasso

Some new pictures right out of Denmark.
The Hans Christian Andersen Museum
A Flower shop
A Shoe store
The Trapholt Museum


17 mei 2010

Danish Delight

And some Danish hilarity
Hurry hurry Daddy, take that picture NOW
the door is closing ...
These red eyes, will have to work on these
oh, and these spots on my collar, I already did work on these ;)

Sending Danish & Dutch hugs your way
for a great new week

15 mei 2010

Home is ....

HoME is where the HeArt is

We have had
an amazing time


To be honest
I'm so so happy
to be home again

There is no place like home!

Be prepared ....
Tomorrow I will catch up
with each and every
one of you
lovely ladies

9 mei 2010

* Happy Day *

The best and most beautiful things in the world
cannot be seen or even touched ~
they must be felt with the heart
Helen Keller

A hapPy day
to All you lovely ladies

7 mei 2010

En route ....

This very moment
I'm en route
to this lovely place
on our planet

I'll take you with me
as far and as much
as possible

9 days
no blogging
on a daily basis

Don't know yet
how I will do
without you


6 mei 2010

Amazing Anna

Amazing Anna
arrived in blog land!

My friend makes the most
wonderful artworks using
felt, ribbons,
beautiful fabrics

Do pop over, here
and enjoy!

5 mei 2010

Pretty plasters

My medicine bags are updated
PLasTerS nowadays are so adorable
I put on the same PlaSTers as my little monkeys do

Darling Denmark,
we are almost on our way ....