29 april 2010


The freshest flowers
are the flowers out of
our own gardens,
aren't they?

{even more when planted last autumn by ourselves}

This week I received a
gorgeous giveaway from Catherine
of the lovely blog Le monde de Catherine
The package was filled with lovely treasures.
These two sweet frames
are made by Catherine.
Do pop over for a glimpse of
her sweet little corner in the world, here
Merci beaucoup, Catherine!

28 april 2010

A Wednesday afternoon ....

The Saturn Hopper
I pretty much enjoyed it too!

Funny Face ...

My favorite image in Country Living
{.... Francis ;-) }

27 april 2010

Orange & Blue

Next Friday
we will celebrate
Our Queens Birthday

The colors of our flag
{Through my lens I saw my flats were matching the spoon and egg-shell}


{Had never seen blue marshmallows before}

Our national color

There will a lot of
in our streets
April 30!

25 april 2010

Gorgeous Grape wood

This weekend I decorated
the large table in our office
sandblasted grape wood

I just love the structure and the color
of these lovelies

A Danish flag line
adorns the
beautiful branches
in our living room

In May we will go to
My Danish Dreams
have begun ....

Sweet Diana
Lagoa Design Studio
could you please email me
your mailing address

You won my party package!

Wishing all you lovely lovely ladies
a great new week, enjoy the sun
and please do have a lot of fun !

23 april 2010

Warm Weekend Wishes

Wishing all you
lovely, lovely ladies
a Colorful
Great Weekend !

21 april 2010

Bye Bye Boots

Bye bye boots

I love you
but to be honest
I love my flats
a little bit more

Warm welcome
fabulous flats!

20 april 2010

Swirly Springflakes

Oh, I don't mind the wind today, not at all.
We are enjoying Sweet Swirly Spring Snow!

Hope your week is off to a great start!

19 april 2010

Celebrate good times

~ So bring your good times, and your laughter too ~

We are celebrating Blogging Friendships
We are celebrating Spring
We are celebrating VaCaTioN

and we're going on an
international blog-about
cruise !
Do pop over to my lovely friend of DDNA and find out
what gorgeousness, sweetness and loveliness she is hosting.

Let me know your favorite item when packaging

Monday 26th
my party package
will travel
the world
to a lovely lady

Now, pack your bags
and embark, here

~ Let's all celebrate and have a good time ~

16 april 2010

Fly with me

Fly me to the moon
Let me sing among those stars
Let me see what spring is like

Wishing all you lovely ladies a Springy weekend!

15 april 2010

Blog land, Hurray

A friend is a gift you give yourself
~Robert Louis Stevenson~

Grab a cup
Grab a chair

We will celebrate
our blogging friendship!

I really do love coming over
to your sweet little corners in the world
and I so love reading your comments.


Hurray for Blog land

Stay tuned there is so much more to come...

13 april 2010

Lime Time

~*~ If life gives you limes, make margaritas ~*~

The first
make me

How about you?

11 april 2010

True Blue

True Blue
for me and you

No Blue Monday
No way Hosay


9 april 2010

Chair Cherishing

Some close-ups
of my favorite paintings.
a Dutch artist
made these collages.
She used
oil paint
fabrics of
my father's handkerchief
{my sweet sweet daddy passed away 2 years ago}

She made 4 collages, 2 with fabric of the handkerchief

2 with tie fabric of my sweet deceased father-in-law

I cherish our treasures
for their colors
but most of all
for the stories they tell Mark en me!

7 april 2010

Sun = Fun

we've had
a lot of
Fun in the Sun

Love, love this skirt

Fresh picked daffodils

Chalk in Sweet Soft colors

This lovely tea set
was the giveaway of

Thank you once again, sweet Angel
for all the loveliness
you sent me.
Do pop over and meet
my dear friend, go here

This pretty blossom
is for all you lovely ladies.
Have a happy Wednesday!

5 april 2010

Joy's world

Keri Smith

Do we all know
Keri Smith?
Every now and then
I look at her


Her first three ideas:
1. Go for a walk. Draw or list things you find on the sidewalk.
2. Write a letter to yourself in the future.
3. Buy something inexpensive as a symbol for your need to create (new pen, a tea cup, journal). Use it everyday.

Visit her 100 ideas list, here.
I'm so so curious what idea you like best ....

She wrote some funny books too.

Have a most wonderful Easter Monday!

3 april 2010

Easter wishes

Vrolijk Pasen
Happy Easter
Joyeuses Paques
Frohe Ostern
Feliz Pascoa
Buena Pasqua
Glad Pask
Kalo Pascha

I wish all you
lovely ladies
a wonderful
Easter weekend.

Enjoy every single minute!