31 december 2010

h a p p y New Year !

A happy h a p p y New Year !
To my sweet friends Down Under, who are in 2011 right now
and off course to everyone, in every little corner of the world

New Years day = a Brand New Day

a Brand New Day ~ the WIZ
playing over and over and over again today

a JOYful New Year, lovely ladies !!


29 december 2010

You're a dear !

Thank YOU
for visiting
for following
for leaving a comment

Thank you for uplifting my days, every day
It means a lot to me

You're a dear !


27 december 2010

24 december 2010

Seasonal Snapshots

Christmas Season snapshots from around the house

Wishing you all
the merriest of Christmases
filled with
inside out
Everywhere !


22 december 2010

Season Sprinkles

Sprinkles sparkle in my vases and are
swirling around my floating candles !

'May you be truly blessed to always glitter with a radiance
that shines from deep within you'
Barbara Becker Holstein


20 december 2010

Walnut ornaments

Jacqueline, go here, came up with this amazing idea
transforming walnuts into the cutest ornaments
I ordered 7, our 6 initials and one with a heart
they will stay out year round
Thanks so much, sweet Jacqueline, for these lovelies wrapped up oh so pretty

Have a happy last-week-before-Christmas !
What are you up to this week?


17 december 2010

Cinnamon pouches

I made these pouches filled with
the flavor of the season


fun fabrics
pinking shears
beautiful beads

*easy peasy*

Have a Joyful weekend, lovely ladies !

15 december 2010

Ice Cream of the Season

Hang a shining star upon the highest bough
And have yourself an Ice Cream of the Season now


13 december 2010

Christmas Craziness

Don't let lady Christmas Craziness hit you !

*Picked up lots of lovely wrapping paper
*Checked my table service
*Completed my matches
*Bought my favorite Christmas chocolates
*and a white cotton tablecloth + pretty colored textile markers
to write down a realistic wish for 2011, next year we will add a wish for 2012
and we will talk about past year's wish
It's going to be my newest tradition

I would love to get to know some of your Christmas traditions


10 december 2010


If you want someone to feel warm,
you dress them in a warm color
and put a warm light on them
and you get the picture
all that needs pushing a little bit to help tell the story
* Colleen Atwood *

May we all have a warm-hearted holiday season !

8 december 2010

Christmassy M&M's

a Warm welcome to
the first pack of M&M's limited edition in our home

Color does not add a pleasant quality to design,
it reinforces it
Pierre Bonnard


* Monique + G *
* Elyse *
please send me an email so I can get the chocolate letters up and in the air !


6 december 2010

Project cake

Another cake
The recipe is easy peasy

a cake pan full of water
a sprinkle of cranberries
two nights in the freeze cold
the freezer will do too !

I used some boiled water to get it out
Just have to find a way to keep the candle burning a little longer

Have a great great weekend !!
we will be celebrating Sinterklaas


4 december 2010

Sinterklaas vs Santa

Sinterklaas has left our country
he delivered some extra chocolate letters
I will pass these on to some of you
just leave me a comment on this post

I believe Sinterklaas is only celebrated in Belgium
and the Netherlands
It's a celebration for the little ones among us
Every year on December 5th
we celebrate his birthday with lots of little presents
which he brought all the way from Spain in his steamship
{actually these are bought by all the moms and dads}

A chocolate letter, the first letter of everyones first name
is a tradition at Sinterklaas


Now we are awaiting Santa to arrive ....

Wishing you all a Jolly new week !


1 december 2010


Snow outside
Snow inside
Brought the inside snow outside for this shot
Sssh, don't tell Mark
I baked this cake for everyone in the office
had to put it in the snow for a sec
Haven't heard anything yet though

I cannot without my Nordic Ware
the platinum collection cast aluminum Bundt bakeware
Anyone can bake a perfectly pretty cake using this amazing tool

Off now for another snowy coffee
Keep warm my friends !