30 januari 2011

a Little box

I transformed my favorite matchbox into a little present

Happy gearing up for a new week of JOYful fun
~ the first week of the month of Love !


28 januari 2011

Shake up the Sprinkles

millions of Marshmallows
sprinkled with
a wee bit of Water
cutely color coated
with sweetheart Sprinkles


26 januari 2011

Simple goes a long way

A simple picture of a cute postcard

The winners of my wee giveaway are

Please email me your address so I can get
the colorful desk sets up and in the air !

Hearty hugs to you all


23 januari 2011

Sweetify your home

Valentine's day is coming to town
Hearts filling up my home ..

Hearty hugs
for a wonderful week !


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21 januari 2011

Comfort in a Cup

Is your cup half empty or half full ?

Do you know about the new take of
your cup is too big

Rather interesting, isn't it ?

Happy Weekend !

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19 januari 2011

Les Petits Muffins

I came across les Petits Muffins nature
by Bonne Maman

these sweet petits, adorably wrapped, are as soft as snow !

a Must Try


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15 januari 2011

Did you eat your Apple today?

I did not ..
but I did eat a slice of Apple Pie
does that count too?

warm winter wishes
for a
sparkling sweet Satersunday !


14 januari 2011

Today's Treat

Sweet treats are always welcome !

What about you ?


13 januari 2011

*a wee Giveaway*

I stumbled upon these lovelies
* a wee tray
* bunches of sweet colored and ~patterned sticky notes
* 6 cute magnets
* 5 happy pens

I bought 2 sets, two for You
Kitchen Happiness !

My giveaway way:
*leave a comment on this post for one chance
**leave another comment if you follow me for two chances
***leave a third comment if you mention the
wee jmJOY giveaway on your sidebar for three chances

The two winning names will be picked January 26th
My packages will fly to any lovely little corner in the world


11 januari 2011

Colors to add a little warmth

Colors to add a little warmth to another cold and sunny Winter's day

With every rising sun, think of your life as just begun


10 januari 2011

a Curly day

a Rainy day = a Curly day

A career is wonderful
but you can't curl up with it on a cold night
Marilyn Monroe

Off I am for some curling up on my couch
enjoying a good read, a warm cup of tea and
sweet raindrops on my window pane


8 januari 2011

Weekend wishes

Am I the only one who craves Summer or at least
a glimpse of Spring?

Have the sweetest of weekends !


6 januari 2011

On top of the world

There is wonder in most everything I see

Not a cloud in the sky





4 januari 2011

a Sprinkling of Love

I hope you had a lovely long weekend
It's a new week, a new month and a new year
with many wonderful things to look forward to,
beginning here with a
little sprinkling of love from me to you

Did you make resolutions?
I did not, I never do
what I did do was reading the next sentence somewhere

Simply become who you are

I think it a wonderful thought
pinned it onto the mood board in my kitchen

Enjoy this new day, this new week, this new month and this new year,
sweet friends !