30 september 2010

Happy October 1 !

Have a wonderful weekend

And a great start to the month of October !
I cannot believe it's October already


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29 september 2010

True blue

My oldest sweet pea
eating her shirt
she stopped eating her hair
and decided to start chewing on her shirts
My aqua object
It's a vase
but I think about throwing some sand in it
and keep it that way

Happy chewing today !


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27 september 2010

Cheers to Monday mornings

Enjoy your morning cup

Enjoy each and every cup this week !


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24 september 2010

Happy Weekend !

*Luck is a crossroad where preparation and opportunity meet*

Get your boots on and step into the first weekend of Fall

Happy weekend to all !


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23 september 2010

Sugar as sweet as you

Have you ever seen this shade of Pink sugar?

My Mr Gieser Wildeman soaks it in greedily
pink sugar to add to the cooking pears so they get the prettiest pink color


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21 september 2010


Joy is not in things, it is in us
Richard Wagner

Monday morning
A few kitchen drawers wanted to be revised
I began with the drawings drawer
Digging through whilst
smiling, smiling and some more smiling
I found these rEd lovelies
Now that made me stop revising du moment,
sit down on the floor
and smile ear to ear
One of my little ones must have hidden these
between the drawings
I believe they belong to a lovely Bratz lady ;)

These unexpected joy-filled moments are GoLdEN moments to me

Have a happy week !


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17 september 2010


A closing of the Summer season Giveaway !

Cozy cups + cute cans + crunchy cookies
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Two for YOU

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The two lucky winners will be picked
October 10th

My packages will fly to
any lovely little corner in the world !


15 september 2010



it's liquid hand soap
the prettiest colored
hand soap ever !

Something else now,
Remember I told you about the Speculaas cookies?

The next post will be my
Are you ready for Fall? Giveaway
For all my sweet friends down under it will be my
Are you ready for Spring? Giveaway

Stay tuned!


13 september 2010

A fun game

Any idea what this might be?

Gee Gaa Guess !


11 september 2010

Make each day count

Summer did not close her door yet
We will be outside all weekend long

Creating some of these funny flower friends



Sending sweet sparkly SuMMer sprinkles your way
for a joyful Saturday & Sunday
Oh, and I'm sending some sweet sparkly
SprINg sprinkles down under


10 september 2010

The Summer season is almost closing ....

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn
Elizabeth Lawrence

Autumn is just around the corner,
the first leaves already turned yellow and fell down.
My favorite tree in the middle of the backyard
will soon be leafless.
I adore the silhouette of the bare branches !


6 september 2010

Lonely earrings

I already had a lonely socks drawer.
I discovered that
my lonely earrings collection is growing too.
Some of my favorite earrings are no longer.
At the moment I wear these.

What do you do with your lonely earrings?
Or am I the only one?

Hope your week is off to a great start !


1 september 2010

Happy walks

It is impossible to walk rapidly and be unhappy
Mother Teresa

No running for me today just rapid walkings !