29 mei 2011

Oh happy day

the winners of my giveaway are
Julie Harward ~ the Harwards
Sena ~ By the Bluegrass
please email me your address

a Cheery new week to all !


28 mei 2011

** Paris **

Paris is always a good idea
Audrey Hepburn

I thought exactly the same thing
when reading Anita's announcement for the Paris tour
Are you ready?
Pop over to my sweet friend's blog, here
and dream away .. P a r IS !

Paris ~* Forget~Me~Not*


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25 mei 2011


Being a family means
you are a part of something very wonderful
It means
you will love and and be loved for the rest of your life
No matter what


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23 mei 2011


As long as you live,
keep smiling because it brightens everyone's day !

Sending a bunch of smiles
into the world for a wonderful new week



My Summer plates ..

A joy shared is a joy doubled !


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21 mei 2011

Happy weekend!

If you like to catch a glimpse of me, pop over to hop on the Six Senses Tour my sweet friend Fizz is hosting, here


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18 mei 2011

~*~ giveaway ~*~

Cute up your Spring !

It is giveaway time !
* 1 wooden heart (pink or white)
* a cute pen
* sticky notes
* 12 cute cute paper cupcake wrappers

I bought two sets of this Spring cuteness, two for you !
my giveaway way:
*leave a comment on this post for one chance
**leave another comment if you follow me for two chances
***leave a third comment if you mention my giveaway
on your sidebar for three chances

The two winning names will be picked May 29th
My packages fly to any lovely little corner of the world


13 mei 2011

Love and Friendship

One day, Love and Friendship met
Love asked, why do you exist when I already exist?
Friendship smiled and said, to put a smile where you leave tears ..

10 mei 2011

a Wonderful day

My, oh my, what a wonderful day!

Plenty of sunshine headin' my way

Zippety do-dah, zippity-ay!

This song is stuck inside my head

Here's to another wonderful day!


7 mei 2011

Shoes on ..

Dutch shoes on American soil ..

American shoes on Dutch soil..

I am home sweet home again

a House is made of walls and beams,
a Home is built with love and dreams

Off to catch up with all you lovelies
Have a great weekend and a wonderful Mother's day !


4 mei 2011


Rebuilding Ground Zero

Yellows in NYC

Street sight