29 november 2010

Warm Week Wishes

Do all things lovingly
That is the secret to quality and excellence
Gary Ryan Blair

Have a wonderful warm week !

My coin purse is made by Else, here


24 november 2010

a net of j o y

Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls
Mother Teresa

I should label this great quote to my blog !

I am grateful for having met all you sweet souls
in my net of j o y

Lori and Danielle, please send me an email so I can get
the little Christmassy gift off and up in the air


23 november 2010

a Christmassy gift

Gifts of time and love
are surely the basic ingredients of
a truly merry Christmas
Peg Bracken


I picked up two extra packages
of these lovely mini liners
Some chocolate sticks in the Christmas colors

Just leave me a comment on this post
and perhaps one of the two
little Christmassy pre-Joy packages
will arrive at your doorstep next week !


22 november 2010

What am I looking at?

Needed some sunshine today
so I leafed through my photo album

What am I looking at?
What do you think?

Hope your week is off to a great start !


18 november 2010


The best way to make children good
is to make them happy
Oscar Wilde

Baking cookies
Eating cookies !


16 november 2010

the Sweetness of Friendship

In the sweetness of friendship
let there be laughter,
and sharing of pleasures
For in the dew of little things
the heart finds its morning
and is refreshed
Kahlil Gibran


Let me share some pleasures ..

Meet my cozy slippers
my last Parisian macaroons
the last wildflowers of 2010


I am more than happy to have met you, my sweet friends
happy to share in the little things in our daily lives
that make our lives great !

14 november 2010

And up we go ..

Make yourself indispensable,
and you will move up
Act as though you are indispensable,
and you will move out
Jules Ormont


I am looking forward to another day
filled with toast, tea and shuffle board !
due to horrible weather


13 november 2010

Over the moon

Wonderful Air!
Beautiful Moon!
Shining Stars!
Excellent Dream!

They all are waiting in your door with me
to say Good Night ....
sweet dreams


12 november 2010

Off we go ..

.. into the weekend !

Think of HapPy thoughts
Dream of HaPpy dreams

Bunches of love
+ a bucket full of rain
to all of you


10 november 2010

Action .. and .. c u t

Action .... aaaaand .... c u t
It's time for a Donut

I'll grab a decodonut, no jelly
What's your pick?

My 6 year old discovered the donuts in France last month
And so they jump into my Dutch grocery cart once a week

The pictures in my last two posts were taken
in the French castle hotel
I wouldn't mind though entering through that door
and sipping my teas at that table each day


8 november 2010

a h a p p y new week

Remember this ~
that very little is needed to make a happy life
Marcus Aurelius


Bring your camera along the way
to capture happy {little} moments
and start collecting these {great} treasures !


5 november 2010

Tea for you and me

If you are cold, tea will warm you
If you are too heated, it will cool you
If you are depressed, it will cheer you
If you are excited, it will calm you
Gladstone, 1865

Thanks a million
for all Your sweet and joyful
birthday wishes
They really up up uplifted my Bday !

Warm wishes for a wonderful weekend


4 november 2010

Any good news today?

Oh wait, it's my biRthDaY !

I wish we could go on a balloon hunt all together


2 november 2010

Home to your Heart

When you look back at your past
look tenderly and gently
at all you have been through
Look with the eyes of the soul
See that each experience was necessary
to bring you home to your heart