30 augustus 2010

Berry picking

I have no idea how these pretty colored berries are called.
What I do know is that the lady who used to live in our house,
made jam of these beautiful buddies.

Jam making, Jamming
I also do know Jamming by Bob Marley


Have a HapPY new week !

Coming home

No matter in what kind of home we live,
as long as we live together with our sweethearts,
we should call anyplace HOMe
shouldn't we?


29 augustus 2010

A bookstore

A bookstore in Dresden


I cannot wait for my children to grow old enough
to visit foreign libraries !


Wishing you a good read for the new week !

28 augustus 2010

Sunshine for the soul

The weather in the Netherlands wrote history.
In 24 hours we have had more rain than we normally have
in the entire month of August.

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness
has never danced in the rain !


Have a sunshine-filled weekend
Make sure you do at least one joy-filled dance in the rain !


27 augustus 2010

Time for some cocooning

Dearest Maria of Calm Energy send me a package
filled with thoughtful JOY :

Her flour sack towels are the best and the prettiest moreover
lots of sweet petits, all with a handwritten petit note
and, this beautiful book by Arnold Lobel.

I cannot wait for Autumn to arrive at my doorstep,
for some cocooning with my little ones.
Your sweet read will be in between, Maria!
I already turned the fire on ....
Now, pop over to meet this beautiful lady, here
You don't want to miss her wonderful posts !


25 augustus 2010

Bye bye Summer cup

The morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration about it
which the cheering influence of
the afternoon or evening cup of tea
cannot be expected to reproduce.
Oliver Wendell Holmes 1891

How this quote suits me

Our Saturday morning cup is close,
the bEsT cup of the week !


Have a joyful weekend !

24 augustus 2010

Tasty Joy

The StrAWberrY:
"Doubtless God could have made a better berry,
but doubtless God never did"
Dr William Butler

Strawberries are on my daily menu these last weeks of Summer.
Saskia Strawberry is about to transform into Saskia Speculaas.
Oh, how I would love LOVE to hear you all pronounce speculaas

Anyway, speculaas is a typical Dutch cookie,
which should accompany every single cup of Fall tea.

The minute Fall arrives at my doorstep,
I will send a couple of Speculaas Giveaway packages across the globe
so we can share in this taste fun !


23 augustus 2010

Shoot your shot

There are always two people in every picture:
the Photographer and the Viewer
Ansel Adams

Just me and my camera
loving this quote !


Have a happy weekend
don't forget to take your camera

22 augustus 2010

Canadian JOY in a Dutch school

Lovely erasers during school time

Cool water guns after school time

Canadian cuteness, responsible for some Dutch delight !

Off we go for the second week

Happy school returning everyone !


20 augustus 2010

12 shoes

12 shoes
in a German elevator
with a spectacularly BluE floor !


And 9 +1/3 shoes
taken with flash


18 augustus 2010

Fabrics on a shelf

My small pieces of fabric
are wrapped
around A4 size cardboard,
tied up with a string
and living happily in my bookcase
next to the books

Beautiful Brazilian fabric
Do pop over to my sweet friend Bela
to send her lots of Birthday wishes.
Happy hAppY Birthday, dear friend !


16 augustus 2010

Mr. Jelly Bean + 2 winners

Scarlett by Cacharel

Who are you?

Meet my friend, Mr. Jelly Bean
who houses Sweet Scarlett

What is your fragrance?


The two winners of my wee giveaway are
*Ingrid from My moments of time*
* Betty from Gosto Disto!*
Congratulations lovely ladies!

Wishing you all a wonderful start of the new week !


14 augustus 2010

Home again

Home isn't just a style or an address,
it's a feeling of comfort we all strive to create.
A place where memories are made and legacies are formed.
Lynette Jennings

Next Monday the children will start school
The routine of every day life will return

Drinking my first cup of coffee of the day
after having the children brought to school
together with my sweetie.
Looking forward to that homy moment.

I love being at home !


My wee giveaway is open for two more days, here

13 augustus 2010


Happiness is when what you think,
what you say and what you do are in harmony
Mahatma Gandhi

A sweet petit for a hApPIEst daily dose of HapPineSs !


You might want to enter my wee Giveaway, here


11 augustus 2010


The furniture in the rooms was beautiful
Fresh picked wild flowers by sweet little hands
make every space a homy space

Off to jump in the car for a long car drive
I love car drives
especially evening driving and at nights
those little twinkling lights...

Still welcome to enter my wee giveaway, here


9 augustus 2010

A postcard

Dutch hands
in the
German sky

Screaming Hi
Whispering Bye Bye

Still on vacation, see you August 14th

Just dropping in to let you know I'm thinking of you

Always welcome to enter my wee giveaway, here

Happy Thoughts! xx

5 augustus 2010

A wee trip

The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway
Henry Boye

I'm going on a trip, will get back August 14th.
May we all meet lots of inspiring people !


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2 augustus 2010

A wee Giveaway

This cute couple should be living in the handbag of every lady.
And so two cute couples came home with me.

Two for YOU

To tell you how very very happy I am to meeting you here
in my little corner of the world!
I so appreciate your kind comments as well as I love visiting you,
getting inspired, you, uplifting my days.
I cannot imagine my everyday life without
the wonderful world of blogs!

My Giveaway way:
*Leave a comment on this post for one chance
**leave another comment if you follow me for two chances
***leave a third comment if you mention the
wee jm JOY giveaway on your sidebar for three chances.

The two winning ladies will be picked
August 16th
My packages will fly to
any lovely little corner in the world