1 december 2010


Snow outside
Snow inside
Brought the inside snow outside for this shot
Sssh, don't tell Mark
I baked this cake for everyone in the office
had to put it in the snow for a sec
Haven't heard anything yet though

I cannot without my Nordic Ware
the platinum collection cast aluminum Bundt bakeware
Anyone can bake a perfectly pretty cake using this amazing tool

Off now for another snowy coffee
Keep warm my friends !

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  1. We also got our first snow over the weekend and I am over the moon about it...Have a relaxing night,sweetie
    Hugs and kisses

  2. Sassie.....ik snap je niet helemaal......is de eerste foto een cake????.....nouja......ik denk dat ik beter kan gaan slapen.........geeeeuuuuuwwwwwwww!!!...dikke knuffel droom lekker........kantoor? uhummmmm dacht dat je fulltime mama was bent........nou ja tis al laat......kun je niet gewoon ook in het Nederlands schrijven.......dan begrijp ik je beter............liefs welterusten.........xxxxxx...droom fijn......daag !! tot morgen......

  3. We haven't had snow here yet, but I love the magic of the first snowfall :) Your cake looks beautiful - hope you're keeping bundled up and warm!

  4. Cold snow, warm fresh baked cake and tasty coffee...now that is a great way to enjoy the day. Holly Jolly to you...

  5. We do not get snow here in Phoenix but they do in northern Arizona where my mother lives. That cake looks divine and I'm certain after eating it nobody would care that it had a field trip out in the snow.

  6. We haven't had snow here yet. But if we did, I know I'd be wishing that I could be home baking cookies and enjoying a fire crackling in the fireplace! Mmmm...sounds delightful! Think warm thoughts, sweet one! Your cake and coffee look FAB!

  7. Oh my, that cake sure looks yummy, can I dig in yet?

  8. Have a great day! Yummy coffee and cake on a snowy day sounds cozy!

  9. Oh dear Friend Saskia, I read the whole post as if you were whispering it!!!rsrsrs...lovely words, dear, lovely thought!!! Be sure I won't tell prince M.!!! I can imagine the delicious cake you have made!!! Four little bunnies will be on cloud nine today!!!!rsrsrs...
    Have you seen the pics I sent you today?
    I have just had my vanilla tea and it is almost 11pm. Must go to bed. Prince E. is working at the home office...:o((
    See you tomorrow, dearest Friend!! Much love!!! Be warm! rest! Bela.

  10. I love the Nordic ware too and they are making so many fun designs now too! Very funny about putting it on the snow! ;D

  11. SASKIA!!! MY DEAR FRIEND! Oh dearest, what a great picture! AND YES, WE ARE BURIED IN SNOW but the WIND is making the temperature dip; we are not quite below zero yet, but that is reserved for January! I remember being on bus duty after school last year in BELOW 30 degrees farenheit!!!!! But, everything is so beautiful and do you know that the builders are still coming tomorrow to work? BRAVE MEN!!!!

    Bundle up dearest; I hear you all got some snow, but isn't this fun and cozy???


  12. You are the cutest!!! Putting your cake in the snow for a picture! Love it! You LIVE it! :)

  13. Well, now in Brazil (where I live) it's very hot, but I really appreciate your photo and hope the cake were good.

  14. You are so creative with your photos, Sakia!

  15. I have several pieces of Nordic Ware, too. Great stuff!

  16. Dear Saskia, the snow looks delightful to me as we don't have snow here but it is raining and my little one is not feel very well but we are snug inside and enjoying a break from the hot weather. I can almost smell that delicious cake..mmmmmm

    Hope you enjoyed your snowy coffee, have a delightful rest of the day. xxxx

  17. Oh you take such sweet pictures:)
    I love the look!

    Yay for snow...think you are catching up to us?
    Hugs dear Saskia!!

  18. Beautiful! we have snow here now too!
    Such great photos..always a joy visiting your world Saskia!

  19. No snow here yet, but the kids look for it every morning! There is something magical about snow!

  20. so happy to have found your charming blog... just darling.. xx pam

  21. Your cake looks a little like pinecones dusted with snow or powdered sugar. Yummy!


  22. Look like a yummy-yummy cake. I won't tell your co-workers that it was outside in the snow for a photo shot!!! hehehe.

  23. You are way to cute....and really that cake looks amazing my friend!!! I so want to come and bake with you...what fun we would have...I can sooooo use your help here...I just found out that my next article is due Dec.15th!!!! I will be working hard in the kitchen for a few days...please come help...I could use some of your sweetpeas in my photos...xoxoxo hugs.

  24. Dearest Saskia,

    Great idea to use the natural sugar shaker to dust your cake! And the bonus is: 0 calories...
    You got real winter and here we had almost summer weather 23°C and we got lucky for not having any thunderstorms. Unreal feeling for this time of the year!

    Enjoy your snow and the rest of the week!

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  25. What a beautiful cake, Saskia! I love Nordicware pans, too--I have WAY too many of them! (Actually, I don't think you CAN have too many of them!)

    Have a wonderful day, dear friend!


  26. You are such a sweetheart, to bake a cake for your co- workers =)!
    I´m sure they will love it!

    Have a lovely day!


  27. I didn't even realize it was a cake at first, I thought it was pinecones covered in snow. Beautiful Saskia!

  28. Beautiful! I love Nordic ware too!

  29. I love it Saskia! Glad you have your first snowfall. It is always the best, isn't it? I think our first snowfall will be tomorrow, which is rather late for us in Ohio! hugs, Cathy

  30. Hi Saskia!
    This looks amazing... I'm going to google that pan... Amazon that pan ... it makes the coolest cake !
    And your coffee... wow... that's a real treat!

    Isn't it funny what we do to share our joys with friends out here!
    I love it that you have real snow around your gorgeous snowy cake!
    Thank you for bringing these sweet joys to us ♥
    Bless you dear one!

  31. Oh my goodness, Saskia...is that truly a cake? It looks amazing!! I love your snow, both the inside and outside varieties ; Hope you enjoyed your coffee, it looks so yummy. Hugs lovely ~ Tina xx

  32. Je foto's zijn zo eenvoudig maar zó mooi Sas!!

    Geweldig die sneeuw o de kids vermaken zich er prima mee, de sneeuwpop stat al achter het huis te kijken, gezellig toch.

    Fijne dag liefs Stina

  33. Wat een prachtieg cake heb je gemaakt en op de foto gezet, zo kunnen ze allemaal lekker mee genieten!
    Groetjes Corina

  34. Wat een prachtieg cake heb je gaamkt en zo mooi op de foto gezet!
    Groetejs Corina

  35. Oeps dat is twee keer, er ging iets fout en ik kon niet meer op je blog komen maar het staat er nu twee keer ha ha!
    Groetjes Corina

  36. Looks delish! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  37. Anche qua oggi nevica...ma con i miei lavori di ristrutturazione, proprio non ci voleva, sigh!
    baci e buona giornata

  38. Perhaps I will get one of those pans for Christmas!

  39. leuk om even bij je langs te komen! lieve groet, @nne

  40. OMG!!! that the cake looks wonderful! and that coffee so yummy and comforting. nedd one right now !
    no snow here, but pouring rain and big winds. just light up a crackling fire to warm the house. i am waking up( barely 6am )for another busy day.
    enjoy tour day Saskia !

  41. Oh, yummy bake, looks scrumptious, I am sure they loved it! Must be over by now, but you inspired me to get some baking done, too. Merci beaucoup ma chere Saskia, bonne journée, Lori xx

  42. it's snowing here too right now. Es schneit. I think? :)

  43. Hi Saskia,
    I never see snow! I belive that is beautiful.
    Delicious cake!
    Have a lovely day.

  44. haha no no, i am learning german! meine muttersprache ist englisch, aber ich in der schweiz gewohnen fur das letze Jahr.
    (I think I just did horrible) =)

  45. Hoi Saskia,

    Ik ziet hier hardop te lachen achter mijn computer! Ze hebben vast niet door gehad dat hun heerlijk cake heel eventjes buiten in de sneeuw heeft gelegen :-)! Ik ken het merk 'Nordic Ware' niet, maar ga het zo even googelen!

    Een gezellige avond!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  46. love that cake, saskia. oh, those lucky people in your office...so clever and pretty.

    we're getting our first real accumulation of snow today, too. my youngest is anxious to go outside and make a 'snow angel'.

    maybe when her sisters return from school?

    stay warm.

  47. Mooi je foto's weer. Voor deze is mijn Engels net niet goed genoeg. Tot nu toe begreep ik ze altijd maar met deze heb ik moeite.
    Maar wat een kou he!
    Groetjes Saskia

  48. Saskia opět krásné fotky!!!U nás také sněží.Okolo domu máme hodně sněhu.Přeji celé rodině krásný adventní čas.Moc pozdravů Soňa

  49. We have snow over here too!!The first picture looks gorgeous! Hughs Anja

  50. Oh yum- We don't get any snow where I live but I grew up in Toronto with lots of it- Just spoke to my mom and she said there is no snow- just cold wet rain.

  51. Hey Saskia, check out my newest blog post with wintery snowy photos & other fun stuff! Thanks for your comment:) hugs, Cathy

  52. Je cake doet het goed in de sneeuw.
    Fijne avond, groetjes

  53. Hey lieve Saskia,leuke cake en leuk idee,ik denkt dat het smullen was op kantoor!!!geniet van een warme cozy avond en hopelijk heb je nog een stukje over en dan met een kop thee dat is weer GENIETEN hé??hier berekoud buiten maar binnen.............x-x-x

  54. im thinking i need some of this nordic ware ! everybody has it. xx

  55. Anoniem1/12/10

    Almost too pretty to eat! Sweet of you to make it. xo

  56. I thought the photo was of real pinecones out in the snow! What a beautiful cake! :)

    Enjoy the snow, but stay safe & warm!

    blessings to you,
    Gloria xoxo

  57. Hi Saskia,

    How lovely to see the wonderful snow there where you are and what a beautiful cake... yum!
    I have seen the collection of bakeware over here and must get a tin, as they look so great.
    Have a happy day and stay warm.


  58. Happy December Saskia!
    Your bundt cake looks awesome!
    I wish it would snow here in Iowa!
    Hope you are having a lovely week!
    gi gi

  59. Hoi Saskia,
    mmmmh lekkere cake, maar eerst even de amandelstaaf op eten voordat ik ga bakken. Wel leuk met wat poedersuiker en buiten ook sneeuw...het sneeuwt hier al de hele ochtend en het word steeds mooier.
    Liefs, Ingrid.

  60. i really love this picture...gorgeous! x

  61. Hoop dat de cake gesmaakt heeft.
    Joepie eindelijk sneeuw, veeeel sneeuw !

  62. We have soooo many snow here too in the south of germany!!!!
    Have a wonderful day

  63. Hi Saskia!! Oh we haven´t had snow here yet, but believe me it´s unusually cold outside for this time of the year brrrrrr!!!! :)
    So happy you are enjoying this weather my dear friend!


  64. So lekker het cake Saskia! Veel sneuw en bar koud her ook! Hot coffee and tea, lots of it, with the cake! Aaaaah beter!

  65. Hey Saskia,al aan het genieten?ik bijna!!ik wens je een zalig avondje with lots of tea and cozy feelings x*x*x

  66. you lucky girl. I love snow. I think they are calling for possible flurries here in the evenings this weekend.
    Enjoy and have a great weekend

  67. That is SO cool!!
    Your creative spirit warms even the harshest cold!!
    I hope the snow holds off for a good long while here!!!
    Blessings for a lovely weekend. :)
    Stay warm!! :)


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