17 december 2010

Cinnamon pouches

I made these pouches filled with
the flavor of the season


fun fabrics
pinking shears
beautiful beads

*easy peasy*

Have a Joyful weekend, lovely ladies !

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  1. Anoniem17/12/10

    I love the smell of cinnamon, is delicious.
    I loved your idea.


  2. Very cute! I love cinnamon, who doesn't?! Have a great week with the kids :D

  3. Cinnamon is one of my favourites this season...Yum yum yum:) Those photos are fantastic, sweetie
    Nite nite...muah

  4. I adore the smell and taste of cinnamon. Oddly, my daughter doesn't like it and my husband isn't that keen either, I don't get it.

  5. Mmmmmm, heerlijk die geur! Ik ga nu eindelijk lekker slapen!

  6. Good idea! I loved the pic!

    Kisses my friend,


  7. A sweet little bundle of cinnamon just warms my senses. Thank you Miss Saskia.
    I also love cloves and ginger and you have inspired me. Happy Holly Jolly Joy...

  8. Hummm, lovely lady YOU!!! Saskia dearest Friend ever, I am closing my eyes right now...just pretending I am having a bite of this adorable sweet taste...hummm...I will dream about this wonder, be sure!
    How are you, my friend? You know, I am taking some time to decor my home sweet home for xmas. It is time!!! I have just posted some images of our xmas tree and as soon as I finish other small projects I show you all!!!
    Aila is excited about xmas, Saskia! Today I put a treat for her under the tree and she got really happy thinking Santa has dropped by! They are lovely, aren't they??

    Much love for you all this weekend, sweet Friend!! XXXX Bela

  9. Oh I just love the scent of cinnamon. Makes me feel warm and fluffy inside.

  10. Beautiful Saskia! I love cinnammon...my fave!! I cannot live without it...YUM!!

  11. Hmm..... bet it smells good, I love cinnamon!

  12. how sweet literally, is that? you have such clever ideas, saskia.

    i hope your weekend is peaceful, warm and cozy, my friend.


  13. Dearest Saskia,

    Great blog and cinnamon is SO HEALTHY! It lowers the blood sugar level so for a lot of people it is very beneficial. Even those that dislike it till now might change their minds...

    Lots of love,

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  14. Cinnamon smells so good. I love a little sprinkled in my apple sauce -yummy! Your little packets look cute.


  15. Saskia-
    Who wouldn't be thrilled to get one of these as a precious little gift! You always make the most adorable gifts! Your new blog header is fabulous!


  16. Hi Saskia! I'm leaving you a happy thought ♥
    Cinnamon is just a wonderful scent. They say... when trying to stay awake to chew cinnamon gum. Cinnamon is also such a warm and friendly scent + flavor!
    happy happy thoughts!
    My pan will hopefully come tomorrow. It says delivered, but I think that means to my local post office. Must be tomorrow!
    Someone baked a cake in a similar pan and brought it to school today! Oh how pretty a cake!
    Saskia, I loved the comment you left me about Francis' school and how it is this week before Christmas. I told my husband AND my students about it.
    It's wonderful to shine His Light whenever and wherever possible ♥
    Blessings to you always* Maria
    ps. I just love your sidebar photos!

  17. i can just smell the wonderful aroma from here ♥

    happy weekend my friend, sending you many hugs ♥

  18. MMmm ik kan het bijna ruiken als ik zo je foto's zie!
    Fijn weekend!
    Groetjes Corina

  19. Wat zal dat lekker ruiken bij jou.
    Lief dat je altijd langs komt bij mij.

    Jij ook een goed weekend liefs Stina

  20. mmmm zo lekker de geur van kaneel en zoooo echt van dit seizoen een heeel fijn weekend liefs IrmaXXX

  21. ma che brava! Buon fine settimana, un abbraccio

  22. Wat zal dat lekker bij ruiken en je kan er altijd zulke heerlijke dingen van maken.

    lieve groet,

  23. Geniet van een heerlijk gezellig weekend Sassie.......en van alle sneeuw !!!...samen met je gezinnetje........enjoy !!...love love love Ria....xxx....xxx....xxx......toedeloeiiiiiii!!!

  24. Hallo, BONJOUR, GOOD MORNING DEAREST ONE! Now, your home must smell so lovely right now! Are you enjoying your world dear one? Have you received any snow yet? We are enjoying mild temps for now (20 degrees farenheit) and that is "warm" compared to earlier in the week! The time is approaching for all the dreams to surface and to delight...and my heart and thoughts are here and far away to you and all my dear zusters and soeurs, hermanas and sisters who have been such rocks of kindness to me all year round. Rejoice in all of the goodness that you have spread to us all dearest Saskia...we love you....

    JOYEUX NOËL!! Anita

  25. Anoniem17/12/10

    Mmmm...I lake it dear Saskia!!!
    Have a nice weekend.

  26. Heerlijk de geur van kaneel ... met appeltjes, geniet ervan, net als van je weekend!


  27. Hi Saskia,
    I like cinnamon! The pics are so cute.
    Have a happy weekend!

  28. Heerlijk ik kan het bijna ruiken...heb je gezien hoe mooi het in 'ons' park is...ik heb net een klein wandelingetje gemaakt en zulke mooie foto's gemaakt, wat heerlijk om er weer van te kunnen genieten. Veel sneeuwplezier met je kindjes straks...lieve groet Jolanda

  29. Mmmm...cinnamon always makes me think of mom's apple pies. LOVE that smell! I'm imagining that your home smells WONDERFUL!
    Sweet pouches. Love that you added beads!

  30. the smell of cinnamon just means christmas to me!!

  31. What a sweet idea! Ummm. The smell of cinnamon is truly wonderful!


  32. Zit hier op de bank, kijkend naar buiten Brr sneeuw, lees jou mail en zie de foto's en de warmte en gezelligheid spat het scherm af. Wat zal het lekker bij jullie thuis ruiken, Fijn weekend Groetjes Esther.

  33. Yummmmm...I love this idea my sweet friend....hugs for a Happy Friday. It is going to busy on this end for me....lots happening at school today. xoxoxoxo

  34. it must besmelling wonderful, i love the aroma of cinnamon !
    sending hugs,

  35. What a perfectly wonderful idea...and easy too!

  36. Hmmmm, so lekker! Am a big fan of cinnamon - so christmas! Also love it in chay - spiced tea with milk, have you tried that? Geniet en herlieke weekend Saskia, Hugs!

  37. Leuk bedacht, mooie foto's.

    Wit buiten hè?


  38. ooooh!! I can smell the apple pies cooking right now in my imagination!!!
    What a cute idea. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend full of all things Christmas!! :)

  39. Hei
    I can almost feel the smell cinnamon until Norway:)
    Beautiful pictures!
    I wish you a wonderful weekend, hug Hanne

  40. YUM!! Nothing like the scents of cinnamon to bring on the Christmas spirit!

    Beautiful photos!!

    Have a sweet weekend my dear friend!

    XOXO Gloria

  41. GOOD EVENING PRECIOUS ZUSTER! Oh, I am so tired; I am trying to finish my silly little play that I am posting tomorrow on NOWHERE....BUT YES, IT IS NOW TWO WEEKS OF WHAT I HOPE IS REST!!!! YEAH! WE MADE IT! Now, it is hopefully FUN, FUN, FUN for all of us! Aren't you so excited? My students today were so happy and SO WAS I!!! They were so sweet and loving...what a joy.

    I AM WISHING YOU A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP and I will see you in a few hours!!!

    GROSSES BISES and Merci for all the lovely well wishes my dearest! Anita

  42. Sugar and Spice and everything nice! You are just so creative! I love cinnamon :)
    Hope you have a most wonderful weekend!
    gi gi

  43. Hallo mijn zuster! teeheee, I so love, love your language! Oh precious one, TODAY I START MY HOLIDAY!!!! YEAHH!!!! And like you, I will start with my tea time early this morning! Thank you dearest for coming by to greet me...and if you have a moment, go and see my little play at NOWHERE, a blog I share with other dears, including THE DUTCHESS another ZUSTER. My title is in DUTCH! teeheeee....I will be posting it later tonight.

    I raise my cup in your honor and those other dear Dutch friends I love so!!!

    GROSSES BISES!!! Anita

  44. Hey Saskia,ik kom je vlug een heel mooi en genietvol weekend toewensen,geniet van het wit kinderplezier en voor vanavond laat de lichtjes branden hé,ik stuur een paar van mijn lichtstraaltjes naar je toe!......xxx.....weer een originele foto!heel leuk!!

  45. How beautifully delightful Saskia and cinnamon.... oh so divine.

    Have a truly delightful weekend my beautiful friend. Can you believe that there is only one week to Christmas!!!! xxx

  46. i love a little cinnamon sprinkled on my chai latte! it is funny how some people don't like cinnamon, while others adore it! one of my dearest friends told me that is has amazing health benefits, too! i love your photos & your sweet project. hugs, Cathy

  47. Such sweet goodies dear Saskia. I can just smell all that delicious cinnamon! Have a lovely weekend Sweetie! xo Paulette

  48. Bonjour Saskia!

    Wishing you a fabulous SUNDAY DEAREST!!!! Bises, Anita

  49. Saskia, Saskia, Saskia!!! Our Advent Calendar is done!!! Take a look!!! I made it in paper!!!! Do you like it????? I have just posted it!!!! LOVE!!! Bela

  50. Its not Christmas without the scent of cinnamon in our house:)

  51. Beautiful! Love the smell of cinnamon! Great holidays to you- Eva

  52. I love cinnamon. Our grandmother use to make us cinnamon and sugar toast. With lots of butter of course. Happy Jolly Winter to you.

  53. kiss kiss kiss dear B and wish him the best birthday ever, dear Friend Saskia. Much health and merry times in the best family he could ever dream of having!!! So lucky he is for having a so so sweet mom like YOU!!
    Eat a piece of the birthday cake for me!!! Much love!! Bela

  54. Hey Saskia geniet van een warm avondje na een dagje uitsneeuwen,hier ligt een pakje hoor en hier branden de lichtjes xxx branden de kaarsjes xxx straalt de houtkachel xxx ligt de poes te spinnen xxx en nu ga ik chips halen xxx tot morgen.....................

  55. Lovely, wonderful smelling idea:)
    You are so creative.....I need some!
    Hugs to you~ hoping your last week before Christmas is beautifully wonderful!
    hugs xx

  56. What a great idea ma chere amie!
    Bisous d'Amsterdam :)

  57. How lovely, have a Merry Christmas!

  58. What a wonderful idea! I love the smell of cinnamon this time of year:).

    Christmas Blessings,


  59. Hi Saskia,

    I love your sweet cinnamon pouches and what a divine smell. Also your icecream of the season in the previous post are cute.
    Hope that you are enjoying your Christmas week


  60. Sweet Saskia...there should always be a "sweet" in front of your name! xoxo ;)

  61. Dearest sweet saskia, this is such a beautiful project! Your pouches must look and smell good! Have a lovely merry happy week sweet friend! Love to you!

  62. MIJN ZUSTER!!! OOOOO, please, speak more to me in DUTCH! I WANT TO LEARN TO SPEAK IT!!! WHat a beautiful language....and oh dearest, my husband is going to be on the computer all day today entering his grades before he starts is sabbatical, so I am rushing to come to say I LOVE YOU to all of you dear, dear hearts....thank you for coming to share in my silliness; but I love my silliness because it makes the CHILD in us all come alive....like that old rat Rattus!!! THANK YOU for coming by...oh how I know the busy schedule of all mommas around the world! I am taking this week to relax and enjoy and next week as well. I AM SO APPRECIATIVE FOR YOUR FOLLOWING ME, but most of all, for the love.


  63. OH ME OH MY ......
    thanx for letting me know !
    I'm dancing and dancing and dancing of joyjoyjoy ...... so so happy I won sweet Koralee 's giveaway Happy happy happy .
    all my love for you and the monkeys

  64. Just the thought of cinnamon makes me feel warm and cozy :) - and I love how beautiful everything looks in your photos!

  65. I love cinammon,it's delicious !.What about your beautiful blog,thanks to visit mine!.I'm very happy to meet people far from me to exchange interest, post,ideas and to say....merry christmas and happ new year!!!.


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