27 december 2010

Heading up to 2011

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  1. Oh yes! All ready for a new year and leave the past one far behind!
    LOVE your pictures! Blue sky, tulip, white and red...

  2. Jaja, de kerst is weer voorbij.....nu op naar het nieuwe jaar.
    Mooie foto hoor.
    liefs Ester

  3. Dearest Saskia,

    Yes, we are being pushed over the edge of 2010... like it or not! Time goes so fast.
    One cannot say smell the roses if a tulip is in the snow but it looks promising that there soon is another SPRING!

    Lots of love and a great ending of 2010,

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  4. Lovely! I cant wait for New Years Eve!!

  5. Yes, yes, dearest Saskia, 2011 does not slow down...it runs fast and as we blink it is here!!! WOW! Santa is history already!
    Your red rose is so delicate, just like you! May our virtual journey be joyful and funny! May our days be soft and healthy! May we sing pretty songs together, no matter the distance tells us it is impossible!!! May we be tightly together with our sweet little peas!
    Love U! Be fine! Bela

  6. Wishing you a prosperous and exciting 2011!!

  7. a tulip in the snow is so beautiful and refreshing to see! enjoy the last week of the year!

  8. Ah yes, as we finish 2010 we head into 2011 with all the hopes and dreams we can imagine. Happy week ahead...

  9. Wishing you and yours peace, joy and love today and every day. Blessings, Tammy

  10. Leuk gedaan die foto, ja alles is zo weer voorbij hé.

    Voor jou ook een happy new year!!

    Gr Stina

  11. Hello Saskia! We had a beautiful White Christmas this year. I love this photo and the ones in your previous post. Happy Heading up to the New Year, to you, too!

  12. Schitterende foto's. Ik wens je een mooie aanloop naar het nieuwe jaar. Groetjes, @nne



  14. happy new year to you. we had a wonderful 2010.. i can only hope that next year will be as good.

  15. Dear Saskia,

    Not many days left for 2010, wishing you happy days ahead dear friend.
    Sending warmest hugs and love from NZ

  16. Hoi Sassie....daar zijn we weer.......kerst overleefd........het was gezellig en bij jullie???.......op naar oud en nieuw.........ik ben lekker vrij deze week......heerlijk...maar er ligt nog wel wat achterstallig onderhoud........mag vandaag 5 wassen draaien de la met post kan niet meer dicht....huis schoonmaken....en nieuwe post maken voor mijn blog......dus verveel me niks hoor....fijne week lieverd....maak er wat van he!!! geniet van je heerlijke gezinnetje......liefs van mij......xxx....xxx....xxx....xxx.......

  17. Liefde Saskia,

    een tulp in de sneeuw.
    It is een mooie izige Tijd.
    Ik wens u een gelukkig nieuw Jaar 2011.
    Meet veel vreugde, geluk, humor een mooie dingen.
    Het is leuk om te hebben geleerd om u en uw prachtige blog weten!
    Stuur je froszige winter groeten,
    Moni, de Forest Fairy

  18. Een sneeuwroos, mooi gedaan weer! Geniet van deze tussen-de-feestdagen week!

    Lieve groet,

  19. SASKIA!!!! GOOD MORNING, BONJOUR GOEDEMORGEN (ooops, spelling!) I am finally on the computer and I want to wish you the happiest of new years dearest one! Did you have a magical Christmas? What are your plans for the New Year? Your photos are as vibrant as your heart dearest, and you have been a source of sweetness to me this year.

    WISHING YOU THE BEST IN 2011 and I look forward to more of you kindnesses and cheer!!!! Anita

  20. OH SASKIA!!! We just crossed each other's paths!!! And you are doing NOTHING TODAY? EXCELLENT!!!! Oh, I am going to sit and READ my Dutch grammar ( I get a HUGE KICK OUT OF IT) and then I will try to draw and then watch the builders continue their work! Now, I am off to study more words in Dutch....I SO LOVE,, LOVE, LOVE that you are writing to me in DUTCH! I UNDERSTOOD A GREAT DEAL OF IT! Let's see....the word DROOM, it means DREAM, n'est-ce pas? WOrds are like a puzzle game to me...I am addicted!

    VEEL KUSJES mijn zuster!!!!

    BISES, Anita

  21. OHHH! DANK U, DANK U VOOR TON AMITIÉ VERS MOI MA BELLE!!! Mijn zuster, you are so kind....wow....I will watch vigilantly pour le petit enveloppe blanc!!!!

    BISES! Anita

  22. Hey Saskia,ik denk dat jullie een hele mooi kerst achter de rug hebben...even zeggen dat ik genoten heb van je vorige post met al je mooie kerstdecoratie en je tulp in de sneeuw....geniet van een hele leuke week naar vrijdag toe en voor vanavond......en ........!!xxx

  23. Is je damast mooi geworden? Bij mij wel, ik verheug me nu al op volgend jaar om het te voorschijn te halen, zo leuk!!!

    Gezellige week en groeten

  24. Swiftly approaches the new year, it is knocking at my door!!

    I hope you had a most wonderful Christmas and days of celebrations Saskia. We had delightfully beautiful weather perfect for our morning picnic, a truly enchanting day.

    Have a glorious last days of this year my sweetest friend. xxx

  25. Oooh lovely picture... new year is coming!!!

  26. Perfect image for a perfect post!!!

    Wish you the same =)!


  27. It will soon be here! Lovely images Saskia.

    Hope your Christmas was joyful!


  28. A snow-tulip, how beautiful!!
    Hope your Christmas was also perfect and wish you a great New Year!
    I'm so happy because you are following my blog!
    nice days

  29. It's hard to believe that 2011 is just around the corner. I wish you health and happiness dear Saskia for you and your family!
    xo Catherine

  30. Great pictures love how pretty the snow looks!
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

  31. Hey Saskia,ik zie je hangen hoor...je hangt hetzelfde als ik in de sofa....super gezellig met de kleine kaarsjes en de vele lichtjes hé?warme knuffel van mij en tot morgen als ik hier geraak tenminste!!x....x....x

  32. At first I thought it was a beautiful red pepper!! :)
    I was so on board, as I love red peppers and had just cut some up for our Christmas morning breakfast. :)
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!! :)
    Happy New Year! :):)

  33. I hope that you have a very lovely New Year!

  34. Hoi Lieve Saskia,

    Mooie foto’s.

    Happy New Year,xxx.

  35. Hier gaan straks de kaarsjes en de lichtjes uit Saskia.......slaap lekker .x.x.x

  36. GOEDEMORGEN mijn lieve Saskia! Hoe gaat het vandaag? Is het sneeuwt waar je woont? Ik ga terug naar school op maandag en ik zal je missen al zo veel in blogland!!! YIKES...I hope I got that correctly!!!! Oh dearest friend, this was indeed a magical season, and most magical because of YOU all who care so much for one another. It was a splendid rest and I am enjoying the rest of this week and the weekend in gentle rest. Monday is school, but the new year will fly by so fast. I wish you the most HAPPIEST OF NEW YEARS and I so look forward to a 2011 with all of you, my dear and beloved friends......MILLE CALINS ET BISOUS MA CHÈRE AMIE!!! Anita

    Trying to figure out your wonderful language is so FUNNNNNNN!

  37. DANK U MIJN VRIENDIN! Mijn droom huisje begint vorm to krijgen! En we schatten dat we in gaan tegen het einde van januari!!! WHEW......how did I do? This is WAYYYYY FUN! VEEL KUSJES! Anita

  38. WOOOOO! It is a hard language dearest, but you know what? While it is NOW WAY NEAR to being like English, since it is a GERMANIC language such as ENGLISH, I think that being a native English speaker has its advantages to learning another tongue in this family! YIPEEEE! Being a French, English and somewhat Spanish-influenced person, I think I can manouver my way around! I have always had an interest in languages but never started until I was 34 to really study French! Here I am at 52 studying Dutch!!!!!! The goal: TO COMMUNICATE WITH LOVED ONES!!!! That makes it all the more worth while....

    MILLE BISES! Anita

  39. Amazing pics!!! Love the tulips...

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