15 december 2010

Ice Cream of the Season

Hang a shining star upon the highest bough
And have yourself an Ice Cream of the Season now


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  1. What a unique 'flavour' :)

  2. Hahhaahhhah!! ...hoe verzin je het !!...leukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Sassie .......erg leukkkkk.........slaap lekker.......liefs van mij....xxxx......xxxxxx......droom maar lekker.....

  3. Anoniem15/12/10

    I love ice cream, but this looks very tasty!
    Mmmm...lake it!
    Kisses and hugs dear Saskia

  4. Leuk! SWEET dreams!

  5. I love that mix of soft colors! Pretty ice cream...:)

    Sweet blessings to you,
    xoxo Gloria

  6. Hi Saskia,
    Delicious colors! Lovely pic.
    Have a great and happy wednesday.

  7. MMMmmmm yep I could eat one of those right now .. look very tasty and delicious :-)

  8. You really are amazing! i loved the colours!

    Have an awesome week!



  9. happy day to you sweet Saskia.
    hope you get some sunshine & lots of smiles always.
    hugs ♥

  10. Love the rainbow colours! Hope you're having a great week! XX

  11. I LOVE marshmallows, very cute. The weird thing is that song is playing right now here in my house and as I read the lines those were the exact lines being sung, very surreal.

  12. Dearest Saskia,

    Oh, they used to be my favorite as a child! But never did upgrade them to ice cream for wintertime! You're too inventive!!!

    Have a great Wednesday,

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  13. Yummy...and so pretty! I'll take mine with sprinkles!

  14. Such fancy smancy ice cream cones. Hope you have a happy week.


  15. i had a lovely little cup of cherry vanilla with some tiny vanilla marshmallows after dinner this evening... we must be on the same page, saskia.

    i hope your little ones are feeling better, and you as well.

    all my best, friend.

  16. Ok sweet friend...where in the world did you find those lovely huge marshmallows...you know how much I love them...please put them in some hot chocolate and take a photo just for me...yummmmmadoodles. You make this world so much more sweeter. oxxoxx

  17. You can even make "ice cream" look beautiful!
    Hope your season is going happy...
    hugs to you:)

  18. Lovely thought and beautiful photo. Your simple joy you share with us is priceless!
    Joy to you...

  19. LEUKE FOTO!!


  20. Hi Saskia!
    You always have such JOYful photos!
    I love the colors and angle of this photo!
    {and of course what's inside the cones}

    Your previous post, I missed it somehow!
    Oh I love your list and your wishes for the coming years.
    In our home, a tradition we have done every year is to try something new to eat every New Year's eve. It has to be something none of us has tried. It gets more and more challenging to do this ... Last year, Rachael found a very interesting beverage with really different fruit in it.
    When the kids were little, it was sooo easy.
    I hope you are warm and cozy ~ blessings always ~ Maria
    ps. My cake pan is in Massachusetts right now. {one state away} I love how we can track packages! It will be arriving tomorrow :o)

  21. Hmm.... yummy, I just had one after dinner, but now I want another! Thanks for sharing the yummiest image!

  22. Hey Sas dat heb je leuk gedaan zeg wat een idee.
    De kids vinden dat heerlijk denk ik.

    Fijne blogweek liefs Stina

  23. Anoniem15/12/10

    Ben dol op ijs!!!

  24. Delicious colours, marshmallow ice-cream so special!!
    Dear Saskia, thank you for your lovely comment and yes i hope this weekend is free but i don't know!!
    have a nice day

  25. Have yourself a merry little week ...
    Louise xx

  26. Saskia, dearest Friend Saskia, you always surprise me with so much talent and creativity!!! You have fun taking pictures, don't you???rsrsrs...I see! It is special for you to know I have much much fun looking at your shots!!!!rsrsrs...Marshmallows are delicious!!! Coming in cones...much more!!!!
    How are you, dear Friend? When do you leave? Is everything packed yet? All presents wraped???
    Much love and sun, muchhhh sun for you, lovely friend!!! Love U!!! Bela

  27. Zo'n ijsje zou ik nu ook wel lusten Saskia. Wat een schitterende foto.
    liefs Ester

  28. So cute and colorful! These would brighten any tree!

    Happy Wednesday Saskia!
    xo Catherine

  29. Precious Saskia! I would have been here yesterday in a HEARTBEAT, but I was so sick that I had to leave school at 10:00am! I am staying home today with a terrible stomach ache. I am a little better now, being able to at least sit at the computer, but yesterday, I just slept and slept...Oh, what a delight! I have to say that yesterday, I could not even THINK about food, but now, I LOVE SEEING YOUR ICE CREAM!!! Even with our freezing temps, all I want to do is have something COLD and your ice cream is just the right thing!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SWEET GREETINGS MY ZUSTER!!!! MIJN ZUSTER!

    Calins et grosses bises ma chère amie, Anita

  30. Oh, and we too are getting even MORE snow today!!! Anita

  31. Hoi leuke tekst en leuke foto. Fijne Avond Groetjes Esther.

  32. Hey Saskia,ik geniet ook weer even mee van je orginele foto....helemaal Sas!!voor vanavond veel.....en veel...en geniet van......xxx

  33. Hoi Saskia,

    Wat een origineel idee :-). Zo'n ijsje lust ik wel, ook al is het koud!

    Een gezellige avond!

    Lieve groet, Mdelief

  34. What a stunning rainbow colours:) How are you my friend? Kisses and hugs

    Ps: I am hosting a charming scarf GIVEAWAY today, just in time for cozy Christmas!

  35. Oh Saskia! My belly is slowly healing, with only a few things that are kind to it such as plain foods....NO SPICY THINGS, that I am used to !!! I am Mexican American and I can handle pretty much anything but right now, even the simplest thing is turning my tummy! I can feel the love dearest one and thank you so much!! YOU ARE SUCH A DEAR!! LOVE TO YOU MIJN ZUSTER!!! Anita

  36. Ice cream, yes, i want one! Maple walnut would be nice! This is such a creative picture Saskia - makes me want to go and get marshmallows. Thanks for your sweet comment today. I LOVE Abba - so great to sing along really loud ;) Yesterday, we decided to travel by train and i'm glad about it, since many weather-warnings are out and you just don't know. Geniet en lekkere avond! xx

  37. Hi amiga! You should be sleeping now! right?

    Until 24 dec. I´ll doing just x-mas post! Every single day, I´ll show for all, details from my home!

    Hope that you can understand me!...lol



  38. Saskia, may you have a very happy christmas time together with the ones you love.
    maria cecilia

  39. hi sweet saskia.

    many blessing on your advent season. your
    ice cream looks so yummy . . . like giant

    merry Christmas,

  40. looks so cute and sweet and YUMMY!!
    blessings!! :)

  41. OOOohh you have lots and lots of IMAGINATION... I love your pictures. And I also like sweets. Keesssessss!

  42. I want! Today is today's really warm in here.

  43. Sweet Saskia your ice cream delights are gorgeous, the colours are so pretty!

    Your star shines bright my friend and I wish you a most enchanting rest of your week. I must head of to be and dream of a magical place..... xxxx

  44. Lieve Saskia, en fijne avon en slapp lekker met all the sneuw! So quiet outside, no airplanes going ;) Thank you for your sweet thoughts - you have become such a good friend to me and i so appreciate your presence - and your blog! xox

  45. Hey Saskia,hier weer sneeuw maar wel weer gezellig binnen met de kachel en de kaarsjes....bij jullie ook zeker??domme vraag.....geniet van een cozy avondje...veel liefs xxx

  46. Oh Saskia, hoe bedenk je het toch elke keer. Ik vind het geweldig die ijsjes van jou!!!
    Liefs Michaja

  47. I LOVE marshmallow - how fun is this! Make one for me!!

  48. I'm getting hungry! You're too adorable!!! xoxo Paulette

  49. great idea for a sweet treat.


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