22 maart 2010

Take time

Take time
to enjoy
the simple things
in life

Enjoy the Season !

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  1. I love the simple things of the life. The true mystery if finds in the simple things of the life.

  2. Best wishes and many blessings to you and yours. :) Tammy

  3. Thank you Saskia for visiting my blog and leaving such a generous comment. I'm so glad you left a comment because now I have found you! Off to have a look around your lovely blog.

    Happy spring days to you too!

  4. Thank you for visiting with me in the sunny spot! = ) I've enjoyed looking around the bit of your heart that you've shared here - there are so many lovely images to be seen and happy thoughts to smile at! What a beautiful home and beautiful children and beautiful life you have!


    Love, Katy Noelle

  5. Hoi Saskia

    Dat doe ik hoor!!..enne jij ook hoor!!,..............ik vind jouw ook zo grappig !! zo leuk deze post zo jouw!! hahahahha!! ...........so simply you!!

    Deze eenvoud siert je !! ga zo door..............blijf ikke lekker genieten..........love and hugs from me .....and the doggies...and from him.....

  6. Thanks for peaking in at my blog today. I enjoyed looking at your cute bunnies. Your blog is lovely. Hope Springs shines upon your area of the world soon too.

  7. I`m so glad you visited me, and thank you for your kind words!
    So, now I found your blog, and I really like your reminder today. Many times we simply forget to enjoy the simple things in life...

    I`ll place myself as a follower, so that I easier can find back to you, and I also hope you will visit me again.

    Have a nice evening

  8. Just beautiful...I could stay here for a bit and just enjoy the pics and the sweet words!

  9. Yay..Saskia..you brighten everyone's hearts with your positive energy and beauty! Wonderful post..lovely!Have a sparkly day!

  10. Lovely post Saskia!! Thank you!!

  11. Oh ik wil ook zo graa foto's nemen in de tuin van de bomen in bloesem. Maar het heeft de hele dag geregend!!!

  12. Hoi Saskia,

    Je hebt helemaal gelijk. Het zijn de kleine eenvoudige dingen die het vaak doen en waar je zo ontzettend van kan genieten ;-)!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  13. Je hebt helemaal gelijk Saskia, de kleine dingen zijn het GROOTST!!! Subtiel en intens...

    Lieve groet, Josephine

  14. Yes indeed...simple things can most often be the most beautiful! Have a beautiful week!

  15. Hoi Saskia,

    Het zijn idd de kleine dingen die het doen!!

    Je bent rijk als je die ziet!!

    Geniet van het voorjaar!

    Groetjes Thea

  16. enjoy sweet Saskia, enjoy the sweet season ♥

  17. Hi Saskia, just found you through Bluebird Notes. Nice blog. Enjoy your week!

  18. Yes, you do have a nice blog ;o)
    I enjoy visiting here Saskia! You're such a dear, sweet lady and such a good mother.
    I can't wait to see blossoms here... so far many plants and trees have "fuzzy buds."
    I like your "sweet spring sprinkles" above the comment section :)
    So cute!
    take care dear ♥

  19. Sometimes it is the simplest things that can bring a smile to our face! And spring is certainly one of them! :)

  20. I so agree...thank you for this today my friend. xoxo

  21. So true Saskia, so true. Sometimes we get so busy with the big things in our lives that we forget to enjoy the little, simple things! Deb

  22. Great message Saskia. I think sometimes simple things bring the most joy.


  23. Wat heb je toch een prachtige mooie foto's altijd. De klossen in je vorige post: zo kleurrijk, eenvoudig maar mooi! En deze bloesem...ik hou er van! Lieve groet Jolanda

  24. ...ik zie op de blog van granny's place dat je in prinsenland woont...ik ook!
    Ik heb naar je foto gekeken maar herken je niet....groetjes Jolanda

  25. I hope you are enjoying the simple pleasures of the day my sweet friend ~ Tina xx

  26. Hello dear Saskia
    your blog is so pretty and happiness-inspiring !Thanks for reminding me we can be happy with very little.
    P.S. and thanks for stopping by my humble blog!
    I'll come back often!
    Have a brilliant day! Flaviana

  27. Saskia darling, this is great advice my love, simple things are the spice of life, if only everyone will realise that, just imagine how blessed their lives will be. Sorry I have been a bit absent lately! I am finally getting to catch up, I needed some me time to relax and to get rid of my migraines. I am so glad I was able to find the time to do so. Thanks so much for visiting me, you are a good friend. Take care luv.

    Love & Hugs

  28. Leuk dat je langskwam. Geniet van het zonnetje, @nne

  29. Thank you for sharing those beautiful and true words! Love your pretty blog! Hope to see you often..Love//Eva Sweden

  30. Thanks so stopping by and leaving your sweet comment on my so I could find your beautiful and thoughtful blog here! Can't wait to explore it more and as soon as I get a moment I will add you to my sidebar blog roll! I would be honored to be part of your here!

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

  31. Hi Saskia,
    Hope you have a wonderful day my friend. Wishing you all the sweet joys of the simple things in life. Enjoy!

    Hugs and Kisses,

  32. Saskia. Your basket idea is super cool!!!thank you for all your visits.

  33. Mooie foto helemaal eens met je tekst. fijne avond groetjes Esther.

  34. dear saskia,

    i love the simple elegance of your

    thank you for letting me know that
    you do not know the dammers.

    they are a lovely old shipping family
    from rotterdam. they named one
    of their ships after my mother in law,
    the "peggy dow". . . so fun!

    have a lovely spring day. do you have
    tulips yet?

  35. Simple is the way to go..to much is not good.. I love the simple things in life!!

  36. Anoniem24/3/10

    i wholeheartedly agree! sweet picture. :)

  37. Gorgeous! Is there anything more lovely than flowering branches?

  38. thank you again for visiting me saskia!
    i love your simple post...
    gorgeous pic!


  39. Hi Saskia!

    I love that viburnum, I have just bought one for my garden, the blossom smells so so sweet, love it and love your pic too!

    Sarah x

  40. Ran across your blog looking for blooming branches. Had to tell you how pretty and inspiring your images are! I'll happily be back :) Marija

  41. Een heel mooi plaatje!
    Het onderschrift is ook mijn lijfspreuk!
    Groetjes Mieke'S


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