14 maart 2010

Grand piano by Fifi

Sweet Koralee is having a Giveaway
her bike Maria is painted in a beautiful set,
she went to Paris!
Fifi made this awesome artwork.
Go check it out, here and here.

Anyway, i popped onto Fifi's blog and
my eye caught this pretty pretty painting
of a grand piano.
I just love looove the colors.
The sweet pink and minty mint
in combination with the simple black ....

i did some speedy thinking, just very very speedy
and decided.

i hope this sweetie will have a good trip,
enjoying the view of the blue blue Ocean
i'm sure she will love her new home....
Happy me!

Oh and Mark, my dearest dearest darling, i'm sure you will love her too ...

16 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoi Saskia

    Kun je voortaan geen nederlandse vertaling erbij doen ?? moest het twee keer lezen voordat ik het begreep !! hahahahah!!

    Ben toevallig gisteren geweest op haar site ! en volg haar zelfs goed he??

    Tja jouw vriendinnen zijn mijn vriendinnen toch ?? it 's a small world !!

    Enjoy your sunday hugs from me .........

  2. Hoi
    Leuk zijn ze! Ik heb me ook al voor de giveaway aangmeld. Maar jouw aankoop is ook super! Heel veel plezier ermee en geniet ervan...is Mark bijgekomen van de schrik?
    Lieve groet Jolanda
    PS we mogen toch wel in t Nederlands reageren...ik moet zo nadenken in t Engels...

  3. ik volg de tekst soms ook niet, zoek het met de vertaalmachine uit, dan gaat redelijk goed.
    Wel weer een leuk berichtje, fijne dag nog groetjes Esther.

  4. Yahooooo....this is amazing!!! I adore the Grand Piano!!!! I am so excited for you. I did end up getting Maria in Paris to hang on my wall as well. Now we will both have Fifi's artwork and everytime I look at mine I will think of you! Thank you so much for the link to my giveaway...you are so sweet {but I knew that already!!!} Having fun today painting children tables...bright red..lime green..I have a project I am working on. Will think of you as I paint. xoxo

  5. What a lovely picture!!! Gorgeous!!

  6. So....pretty! A beautiful artist..i will check out the links!

  7. Wat is je favo muziek stuk op piano?
    Ik vind je painting really lovely!
    Groetjes Smoek

  8. Good for you...I love it too. It will be beautiful in your home! Come say hi :D

  9. Hi Saskia! This painting is so pretty. I love the colors too! I so enjoy your blog. That bird nest photo is beautiful, and you "chitchat" plate is so cute! I hope you're having a lovely weekend, sweetie. xo Paulette ;)

  10. Hi Saskia! Come on over to my blog for a little visit! ;) xo Paulette

  11. Yes, Saskia... Fifi's artwork brings a sweet smile... I've got my eye on a few of her designs too :)
    Have a great day ~ Maria

  12. What a sweet painting! Im sure you will find a lovely spot for it.
    And guess what, I recieved my package from you! I love everything so much :) Especially those little brooches, I cant wait to wear them on my winter jackets. And everything was packaged so lovely, it was so much fun to open everything :)

    Thanks Again


  13. Hi Saskia
    Congratulations, you won my 'Yay 50' giveaway!! Please email me your details and I'll get it in the post to you!

  14. Your blog is just wonderful! Such beautiful photographs...
    Hope you have a wonderful week~

  15. YOur piano is traveling your way!


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