6 maart 2010

From my hand to your hand

Last week Celeste went to school for the very first time

Fortunately, 5 year old brother Bresten is in the same class

This cute postcard from the Poppy Tree,
I gave to sweet sweet teacher Francis

From my hand to your hand.
It feels good,
very good.

Just pop over for a glimpse of all this sweetness

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  1. I love the outfit Celeste is wearing, she must have felt very grown up going to school with her brother.

    Have a great weekend.

    Hugs RosieP x

  2. Such cute kids...her eyes..wow..so pretty! What a nice thing to give the teacher too! :D

  3. Lovely daughter and a cool boy, and the postcard you gave to the teacher touches my hart.

    Have a nice weekend,

  4. Oh what a sweet post Saskia! What an important week for your little Celeste and for you too! How lovely for Celeste to have her brother in her class! I hope your week was a good one, with not too much sadness:) Celeste looks very happy and I love her little grey dress!! What a sweet gift you agve to her teacher too Saskia:) Wishing you the loveliest weekend sweet friend ~ Tina xx

  5. Bonjour Saskia .... Ta petite Céleste est adorable et arbore un petit air coquin... elle est trop fière d'aller à l'école!
    Plein de bisous et merci pour tes petits mots qui font tant plaisir........ à tout bientôt!

  6. Anoniem6/3/10

    How cute, your kids are so sweet.I loveeeeee the postcard.Im going to check that out now.

    Happy weekend Dear Saskia!

  7. Anoniem6/3/10

    Saskia, thanks so much for sharing that site.I love the neclaces and the bunnies I love it all.lol

  8. Hoi Saskia,

    Vergat ik nog te zeggen. Je vraagt hoe die kleine witte bloempjes heten in mijn header.
    Nou dat weet ik niet, ze komen spontaan uit de muur groeien, maar ik kom er wel achter hoor en dan laat ik 't je weten.


  9. What beautiful children you have Saskia! How are you doing with 2 in school?! It's quite a change isn't it? I stumbled through the early days...missing my little ones at home. Now I feel more in a rhythm...and we're all enjoying spreading our wings a bit!

  10. Dear Saskia,

    How beautiful your children are!

    I love the postcard and the heartfelt words within! So touching!

    From kindergarten through 8th grade I used to write an email to each of Miss M's teachers as a way of introducing her to them. It opened lines of communication that in some cases have lasted all these years.

    When Miss M started 9th grade, I knew it was her turn to introduce herself into a vast new world of challenges and rewards...she did so with aplomb!

    Congratulations to your sweet family, may your journey be a blessed one!



  11. Dear Saskia,lovely pictures from your Kids.They are very sweet.
    I wish you and your family a nice weekend, die Waldfee

  12. It's such a big step--sending your little ones to school! Your photos are beautiful and your children lovely. I look forward to reading your blog. Thanks for stopping by ddna!

  13. What a sweet story...I so love the first day of school. As a teacher it is my favourite day of the year. Many blessings to your sweet children and their sweet teacher. Off to visit Poppy tree.

  14. Oh wat een prachtdochter en zoon natuurlijk.
    Is zij de laatste die naar school gaat....?
    Als dat zo is zal dit vast wennen zijn.....
    Fijn weekend

  15. Ooooo saskia

    Celeste is een schatje !! moeilijk he als je ze los moet laten om naar school te gaan,maar aan de andere kant heb je wel meer vrijheid nu.......Breston is ook een lieffie hoor ! ze zijn allebei schatjes !

    Heb een fijn weekend groetjes Ria

  16. What a sweetie.awww! Lovely art too..Thanks for the link..!Have a super day!

  17. Leuke foto's Alweer een week naar de grote school. groetjes Esther.

  18. What beautiful children you have!!! Well done Celeste for starting school!! She looked very grown up!!!

  19. What lovely children you have, Saskia! I'm sure it makes Celeste feel comforted with her brother in the same class. For now, at least. Perhaps not when they are older! :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Wat een prachtkinderen heb je Saskia, best spannend voor zo'n klein meiske de eerste dag school.Gelukkig heeft ze een grotere broer die haar kan steunen. Lieve foto's zijn het.

    Lieve groet, Josephine

  21. Your children are so beautiful!!! I mean it! Gorgeous!

    Hope first day at school went well =).

    Have a really good night with lots of sweet dreams.


  22. Celeste looks quite happy. I hope she had a wonderful time at school. I like your little spring tea cup. Lately I've been drinking gree tea chai! Quite tasty! Hope you are having a lovely weekend Blessings, Tammy

  23. What a sweet postcard! Hope she had a great time at school. Hope you had fun too. I was always so sad when my kids got old enough to go to school for the first time. I still am sad on the first day of school!

  24. What beautiful children, it's heart breaking to leave them. I hope their teacher appreciated such a lovely card with such a beautiful sentiment.
    Hope you aren't missing them too much when they are away.

  25. Saskia, you have very beautiful children. What a lovely blog.

  26. beautiful children and beautiful card. nice to have found your blog here


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