20 maart 2010

Sparkling Strings

Last weekend we visited
an event
in a furniture store.
At the entrance
two big beautiful vases welcomed us.
So simple and sweet:
The finest ribbons
the leafless branches.

It made me think of
our tree
in the middle of our lawn.
Last year I knotted
lamina paper
hope this is the right word ..
in all shades of blue
in the tree.
When the wind blowed
or the sun rays
touched the
they sparkled
Too bad I did not take pictures that time
this year it's a little too late because the buds are almost bursting out!

Spring pops up everywhere around here!

25 opmerkingen:

  1. Anoniem20/3/10

    Saskia~They have those here as well.I have them but not with the ribbons on.What a great idea.I just may try that.

    Happy Spring!~~Becky

  2. Hi Saskia..super lovely!! So pretty!
    So fun to create!!
    Happy Spring!

  3. I love those! They are beautiful! Have a great weekend!

    Be sure to check out the camera bag giveaway on my blog!

  4. It will be also a good idea for a new "Easter Tree" , just add any hen and colored eggs !!! lovely post as usual . Hags

  5. What a happy thing..I think spring has got into you...enjoy! Love ya! :D

  6. Doesn't it look lovely!! Just right for spring!!

  7. Hoi Saskia

    Echt te gek die takken ...nog nooit gezien zo ....erg fleurig ............heb jij ze nu in huis ook ?? dat snap ik niet helemaal............??? heb ik ooit wel eens gevraagd hoe jij aan zoveeeeeeeeeeeeel volgers komt ??? tjeeeeeeeeeee.,............je bent nog maar net bezig ??!! ik ga ook hard hoor 101........nou groetjes fijn weekend dikke knuffel van mij...............enne van de hondjes ?? een natte lik !! hahahahah!! niet van rein hoor! whaaaaaaahhhhhhhahahahhhaha.....

  8. Wat een leuke takken en de kleuren zo vrolijk.
    Fijne avond groetjes Esther.

  9. I´ve never been to The Netherlands, but it´s one of my top-ten to visit.
    I can imagine spring over there... Oh, all those tulips I´ve heard about...
    Yes, spring is definitely the time to visit your wonderful country!
    Someday, I will!

    Have a great end of this weekend.
    (The spring is comming here too).


  10. Love those, thanks for sharing the idea! Our branches are bare, bare, bare, just waiting for something beautiful to decorate them!

    Have a wonderful weekend, maybe you are creating with your kids again! So much fun, my daughters friends are coming over for craft day, as they are 16, I am so excited! They usually want nothing to do with mom!

  11. ~Hi Saskia~
    My sister does interesting things like that with natural branches. It's so simple and elegant.
    I hope your weekend is going well and that the sun is shining on your face ♥

  12. what a lovely idea!

    we have some friends who live
    in rotterdam.

    have you heard of the dammers

    love your blog!

  13. So lovely!!! I like your idea my friend. Everything has popped out here too...Happy 1st day of Spring. xoxoxo

  14. such pretty little arrangements! yay for spring. so glad it has sprung. happy saturday!

  15. very pretty !!perfect for spring!!happy spring lovly Saskia..

  16. Anoniem21/3/10

    Yahooo.....welcome spring...it's on everyone's mind!

    ciao bella!


  17. hmmm, very pretty...sometimes less is definitely more...(you'd never know it if you popped into R&R)...but that is how I live at home.I think it makes us enjoy the simpler things in life...such a cute site...Rosie

  18. That is indeed a lovely idea and it so versatile too.

    I hope you don't mind, Saskia, but I have a little "award" waiting for you at my blog.

    Best wishes for a wonderful week,

  19. Good Morning Sweetie...
    Isn't this just beautiful? Oh how pretty that would be in a room.

    It wouldn't be hard to recreate Saskia, you could use artificial roses, or make some out of create paper and take ribbon and wrap a few branches and hang some vintage ribbon from others. Use a few branches from your tree. Ooh if you give it a try, please photograph. I don't think I could wrap to many cactus that way here in the desert.

    Beautiful post sweetie. Thank you for sharing. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  20. What a fun and unique idea! Have a lovely rest of the weekend...

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by to visit me!

  21. Very nice hun xx
    Thats sounds like a lovely idea to decorate the tree until the buds come out!! Its starting to feel like spring!!
    LOVE IT!!
    Annie xx

  22. Life can be so simple.....
    Zo mooi, pure eenvoud.
    Fijne avond

  23. I love this idea! Might just have to try my own version with some branches around here soon :)
    Don't you just love spring?

    Happy weekend!


  24. Jaaaa dat had ik graag willen zien! Ik heb van goudfolie eens mooie zonnen gemaakt en er hele fijne gaatjes in geprikt en in de tuin opgehangen. Ik was er verrukt van. Ik hou van glimme dingen! Groetjes Smoek

  25. fun filled blog. loving it!...i can feel spring in the air...i love branches made into a tabletop arrangement. above photo is an example that you can add fun stuff to recreate. great idea. enjoyed cruising in your blog. thanks for visiting my blog, am glad to be your new follower. happy easter? maryann


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