7 maart 2010

Apple everyday ...

... keeps my doctor away!

This cute quote works much better with me.

I rather hang my apples on branches.

I cannot without my apple laptop.
My sweet silver friend
takes me to the most inspiring places,
just a click away.
We can sit anywhere we want.
My favorite spot is the table in the living room
where my children draw, read,
and have their many many DIY moments.
I love to sit on the corner of that fabulous table and browse, browse, browse
being able to see my sweeties in the corner of my eye all the time

What does your sweet friend look like and in what room are you when visiting the wide wide world?

35 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat leuk die appeltjes en verrassend nu iedereen juist met paaseitjes bezig is.
    Wat heb je een gezellige huiskamer.
    Fijne zondag x

  2. Hi Saskia ~ such lovely pics:) When I visit you I am usually sitting on the couch in our living room as our little Lottie doesn't like to play in her room by herself. She likes to play with all her little toys on our living room coffee table:) I can sit and visit as well as keep her company and play with her when she likes me to:) Wishing you a wonderful week Saskia ~ Tina xx

  3. Saskia dearest,

    What a sweet post and so true!!! Isn't it fun to visit with interesting and wonderful people all over the world? I am hooked! And I am so impressed that people would come for my anniversary "party"!!! Thank you sweet friend for coming and you are so kind. I love your world as well....have a marvelous week ahead of you with your beloved family!


  4. Ahh wat ziet het er bij jou leuk uit!!
    Super idee die appeltjes, erg erg leuk!

    Het hartje hangt op de donkere muur aanhet draaiding van de thermosstaat (snap je?) , alle andere plekjes hangen al vol en ik wil nog niets wegdoen ;)

    Die fijne week gaat helemaal lukken, krijg zo verjaardagsvisite, zij vieren mijn laatste dag als 40-tiger mee :D

    Jij ook een fijne week!

    Groetjes Maris

  5. Hallo Saskia

    Tja ook hier staat sinds donderdag een apple........een witte ...........en binnenkort ben ik bang dat er twee staan...........ik zit nog achter de toshiba ook goed maar die apple !!
    ......is zo geweldig wel erg wennen hoor!!

    En die staan in de keuken aan de 3 meter lange tafel wij zijn een soort dream team looking in the wide wide world !!

    hahahahaha!! groetjes fijne zondag...................Ria

  6. Hello Saskia!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog last week and taking the time to leave a sweet comment... it's lovely to meet you and nice to have another reader from Holland! My husband has a Dutch background so we have close family living in Holland that we visited last year. I enjoyed it very much!

    Anyway my dear, just wanted to say hello and have a lovely week :)

    S x

  7. Thank you for your kind words today! Wishing you a blessed Sunday! My computer is in the downstairs family room. I'm dreaming of a pink laptop and bright sunshine!

  8. Love all your apples! And I am usually in the basement, I tried to visit with everyone on our laptop and travel around my house while doing so, but my family just wouldn't leave me alone, so now I hide out!

  9. Anoniem7/3/10

    Loved this post Saskia dear.I just had an apple this morning too,lol.When I visit with you im in my little office all cute with nice curtains and sweet pics of my girls when they were younger and some very sweet smelling candles.Oh and the window is bringing in bright sunshine this morning.Happy Sunday to you I will send some sunshine your way!~~becky

  10. Hoi Saskia,

    Je tafel ziet er super gezellig uit! Ik heb vandaag ook al het een en ander is paassfeer gebracht. Kon het niet laten ;-). Mooie foto's ook van je zoon en dochter.

    Fijne zondag!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  11. Good morning, Saskia! So nice to meet you today! Thank-you for coming to visit me so that I could find you here--what a lovely spot to visit!

    I'm your newest follower & I'll be back often to say hello & see what's happening in your beautiful world.

    I love the apple on the tree--what at lovely image! I don't have a laptop yet--can you believe it? My computer is in the kitchen in a little corner so that I can be surrounded by my family while I visit my wonderful friends all over this beautiful bloggy world.

    Hope you have a wonderful day today with your sweet family!

  12. Dear Sweet Saskia,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and your comments so touch my heart...thank you, thank you and come again soon!

    I am lovin' the "apples in the tree"!

    Your post reminds me of the days when my babies WERE babies...so sweet.

    My blogger and internet voyages begin in my living room, with my laptop vehicle comfortably sitting on an old ... excuse me vintage baker's rack...full of scrolls and glass and more of my treasures...there I can I can choose my destination, duration of my stay, the sites I want to linger over and still be near my beloved family.

    May our travels always be enjoyable.

  13. super gezellig is het bij jullie en leuk idee die appeltjes in een tak. :-) groetjes Esther.

  14. Ik heb een zwarte laptop, een acer, die vaak op de dresoir in de huiskamer staat als ik er niet achter zit. En als ik er achter zit (wat best vaak voorkomt :)) dan staat hij op de eettafel.
    Fijne zondagavond met je Flow :)

  15. I love the apples hanging in the tree, they look lovely!! At the moment I sit in my lounge on the sofa with my laptop when I go visiting!!
    Happy Sunday!

  16. Hi Saskia
    I love having a laptop as I can move from room to room with it. Most of the time, it's set-up in my fabric room where I can look out over the trees and fields. Have a great week!

  17. Sweet post Saskia! I am sitting on my couch, with my laptop with my kitty cat curled up by my side and the sun streaming in on us from our big living room window. :)

  18. Wat en gezellige tafel heb je zo staan!
    Je appeltjes vind ik zo'n leuk idee!
    Groetjes Corina

  19. Anoniem7/3/10

    laptops are great...but mine's not an apple!
    it's white and I love her!!I take her everywhere I go....all around the house...my window to the world!!!

    if you wanna see a picture of her...go to the post called, "a Writer's space"...on my blog!

    thanks for sharing!
    ciao bella....and for all of your comment!

  20. I am in our library room and I can see out 3 big windows to a beautiful view of green fields and red mountains! :D

  21. Let's see, we have a new computer in the corner of the living room... It's a great place surf fast.

    My laptop is an older one... (by today's standards) although it has Windows XP, which I prefer over Vista... and I take it all over the house!
    Right now, I'm in the family area... the day is quieting down... dishes are done and I'm finishing my tea.

    After Koralee's post ~ I'm going to try to get to bed earlier!
    Have a super week, Saskia!

  22. I am in a guest/ offic rm... we use the room for both... and I try to get up early to get as much as I can done on computer befor starting my day...cute post!! love those apples..(:

  23. Hi Sweet friend love your post today..those apples are adorable...hanging so sweetly on the branches.
    I have a laptop and go from room to room..my favourite spot is in my cozy bedroom at my blue round table desk! xoxo

  24. I have a little office in our home..hopefully soon someday a new nursery and this office is going downstairs..Love to browse after my husband and son are all taken care..snug..then I love get my inspiration on. ~lulu

  25. What a lovely place to sit and wile away your time with your sweet children being creative and productive at the same time. Our laptop started sounding like a lawnmower so it needs to go to the "doctor" to be fixed. I have to use the regular home computer. Shhh! Right now I am at work. :) Have a beautiful day. Many blessings, Tammy

  26. I love our bedroom. And I do love apples too! x

  27. on my gorgeous green sofa with my favourite blanket, wearing slippers and sipping tea or a glass of red wine x

  28. Ha maar ik denk idd niet dat de dokter zo'n computer appel bedoeld, al is het vast heel goed voor je humeur en geestelijke gestel al dat bloggen......
    Toch nog maar even eentje uit de boom plukken hoor voor de vitaminen....
    Fijne week

  29. Thanks for dropping by Saskia.
    My laptop moves around quite a bit, but normally lives on my desk in my kitchen. I too ❤ apples!

    Have a great day!

  30. Saskia darling, my sweet friend used to be silver too, a few weeks ago, my daughter sent me a rosy pink cover for my laptop which I adore. I normally sit on my little sofa in a room I call the "Tearoom". It's the smallest room, which I have painted it pink and have filled it with all my favourites items. Have a marvellous week my luv.

    Love & Hugs

  31. Hi Saskia!
    Beautiful pictures!
    I LOVE the second one!
    It's sooo cute!
    Have a nice day!
    xo alice

  32. Yes i had apple too! i love your pink table and the flowers are my favorite, lylies

  33. Hello Saskia,
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my Paris pillow! You are very kind.
    I love your blog as I adore the colours you use - I use very little colour in my home but when my daughter was very little (before the tomboy in her emerged) I used to dress her in Oilily clothes and that kind of thing and your home and blog remind me of those colours or the catalogues for Room Seven or Greengate. Lovely!
    ~Samantha x

  34. What a beautiful table setting...I am usually at my desk on my computer...but I am surrounded by pretties and collectibles on the shelves around me! I have a window behind me that looks out on to an atrium!


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