24 maart 2010

Gorgeous Gingham

Springtime = Gingham time

I just love gingham
makes me so so happy!

These cute little bags
are all around my house
filled with
hair elastics

Putting away became so much fun to do ;o)

41 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh I like gingham too.
    It always looks so good with flowery fabric.
    Those baskets are a treat.
    Have a nice day Saskia
    Em x

  2. These bags are so gorgeous Saskia and I love gingham too:) Wishing you a wonderful day my sweet friend ~ Tina xx

  3. What a clever girl you are!!! They are so pretty to have round and useful too. Have a great day.

  4. Nice pictures and colours.Beautyfull.
    Have a nice sunny day.
    best regards.
    Moni,die Waldfee

  5. Leuk kleine opberg zakjes.
    Ik zag ze ook bij ons in de wereld winkel.
    Fijne zonnige dag groetjes Esther.

  6. Hello Saskia
    those bags are the prettiest ever!! especially the flowery ones..I want them too!
    Have a lovely day
    xx Flaviana

  7. Lovely little bags. I like the colours.:-) Big hug from me. Stina

  8. They are very pretty! It is an excellent idea.

  9. saskia, just this morning i saw some good quality gingham and wondered what i could do with it. i like your lined *bags* that are useful and lovely!

  10. What a good idea...I think that is what I may do with some of mine...Am I reconizing one of those bags? tee hee
    I do love gingham and you are so so right..it does equal SPRING!!!
    Happy Day Sweet friend. xo

  11. I love these gingham bags Saskia, sooo cute! Deb

  12. Oh zeg dat heb je super gemaakt.......
    Wat een vrolijke kleuren.
    Nog even trouwens en JDL is weer in het land, ha.........(kleine tip van mijn kant;0)))
    Fijne dag

  13. How cute, I love gingham as well.Very nice to have to put things in when raising kids Saskia!

  14. it IS more fun to put things away
    in pretty places.

    i am going to line my drawers with
    gingham paper now.

    maybe i will become neater!

  15. they are nice and very useful! it's a good idea thank you for sharing

  16. Wat een lieffies.............leuk hoor..............je hebt bijna 200 volgers !! gaaf hoor..........lekker weertje he??

    Geniet ervan...doe ik ook de deuren staan nog lekker open........ben net thuis uit de winkel.....kreeg een rottig telefoontje.........een vriend van ons .........daar gaat het slecht me..........triest zo jong nog 47 !! voel me verdrietig.........

    Nou meid fijne lente groetjes voor jouw !!

    lieve groetjes van mij

  17. Wat handig, ze zouden bij mij wel snel gevuld zijn;)bewaar altijd van alles.
    Leuk hoor,
    gezellige avond,

  18. Very cute bags ideed! Love//Eva

  19. Woweee Saskia...these are adorable and sooo charming! yay!

  20. Hoi Saskia,

    Ik hou ook van gingham. Je hebt een paar prachtige tasjes op de foto gezet! Daar wordt ik, net als jij, helemaal vrolijk van. Heerlijk al die kleuren!!

    Een gezellige avond!

    lieve groet, Madelief

  21. I love gingham too and when you combine it with a floral, well that's a slice of heaven for sure!

  22. Saskia...Thank-you for all the purple sprinkles you sent my way!...so sweet. Now, onto your precious gingham...It has to said that Gingham is such a happy fabric, and speak of impromptu picnics, little summer frocks and of course your lovely little basket liners...so delightful...sending you a smile...love Rosie

  23. Heerlijke vrolijke opberg zakjes, en ze zouden bij mij niet lang leeg staan, ;~) Erg handig en gezellig...

    Fijne avond,
    Lieve groet, Josephine

  24. Very pretty - I love the crispness of gingham partnered with bright florals.


  25. These bags are so cute! Did you make them? The gingham looks lovely. Thanks for visiting my blog - your is lovely too - am now a follower and will look forward to more of your posts :)

  26. Hi Saskia! Your little gingham bags are just adorable! I love gingham too...and florals! I have lots of cranberry/cream checks all over my house! Thanks for such a great idea! Have a fun night Sweetie! xoxo Paulette ;)

  27. Hello, Saskia,
    I agree with you. Gingham is a spring-like material and so very cheerful. I have especially always been partial to red gingham checks. Your bags are cute as can be and what a fun way to keep organized. You are very creative. I hope you are having a beautiful week, sweet friend! Vicki

  28. Dear Saskia, i am a huge FAN of gingham!! These gorgeous gingham little bags make me smile! So happy to know we have something in common. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

  29. So beautiful! I LOVE gingham, too! Especially mixed with florals, like you've done here--perfect!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  30. Ruitjes en stipjes, ik vind ze zo leuk.

  31. Leuk Saskia!! Leuke vrolijke zakjes, maakte je ze zelf??

    En...zijn ze al vol? geen probleem natuurlijk!

    Geniet vandaag van de 2de lentedag!!

    Groetjes Thea

  32. Ik heb ook een "kleine" ruitjes-verslaving...het huis staat/ligt er vol van, tafelkleedjes, broodmandjes, kussens, bloempotten, ik kan het niet weerstaan : )

  33. Gorgeous bags! They look so pretty! Have a sweet day!

  34. These baskets look wonderful!
    Good to have some of them for all your little things!

    Have å nice day,


  35. I like gingham too!
    Wish you a lovely day,

  36. Just came over via Bardot in Blue, love your pretty blog so much. Adore Holland!

  37. Saskia darling this is such a lovely idea. I have baskets that I use for such items, now I know better.

    Love & Hugs

  38. Saskia....
    i love having things to organize with...it makes life easier...so why not make them pretty, right! love these very much!

    ciao bella

  39. I'm so happy you found me, as I love your blog! It's so sweet and hopeful and clever too;)
    Now, back to your blog...

  40. they are wonderful Saskia!
    very cute & no wonder they are all over your house.

    happy weekend to you

  41. Love you cute little bags! I agree gingham does say spring. I just love to keep baskets and what not around the house to store stuff in. They make it easy to keep thing organized.

    Happy weekend to ya!

    Kendra “Domestic Princess in Training”


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