2 maart 2011

Spring green

The bedroom in the House of Seasons, Bruges Belgium

a Candy store in Bruges, Belgium

I love Spring as well as all the tones of Spring green !

oh, I also love to be home sweet home again


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  1. Hej Saskia

    Welcome back Home
    LOVE Spring Green ;D
    Happy springy days...

  2. Such a happy shade of green! Reminds me of the little lizards in my yard.

  3. I love green, Saskia. So fresh and calming.
    Susan x

  4. that shade of green is lovely ~ Have a Happy Day ~! ;-)

  5. Glad you are home safe and sound. Love the green curtains! :)

  6. I love the little ones rosy cheeks...what a fun place for her to be!

  7. I visited Bruges many, many years ago - a lovely place. Hope you had a lot of fun and that there isn't too much home things to catch up with - that's the problem of going away - washing, dusting etc to return to.

  8. Glad you are at your home sweet home again. lovely pictures. Hope you have a happy week.


  9. Oh that green is just beautiful, Saskia! I bought fabric last year at a sale... it is similar. I use it for a tablecloth sometimes. Green is the color of spring LIFE. Oh candy ♥
    no more words necessary ;o)
    *put on your slippers and enjoy being home sweet ♥ home.

  10. How lovely. Yes, there is no place like home. :)

  11. Oh my sweet friend...that photo of your sweetpea looking at the candies melts my heart!!! Your little one is nothing short of adorable.

    So glad you are happy to be home...love and hugs as you head into your midweek day. xoxoxo

  12. Dear Saskia Friend!!!! I must say I miss my home too...yes, I do. So good to travel, sooooo good to come back home! Aila is asking me when we are going home! And she is having fun around here!!
    About your doubt...no, my Singer did not come along...she stayed home alone! Poor little one!
    Today we went to a huge shopping mall near here to shop. We bought lots of things for Aila. Some things for us. We bought her some chocolate and she got soooo happy while ate it that she danced! rsrsrs...she danced while eating it!!
    We spent the day there and now she sleeps. Tired.
    Well, I wish your Wednesday is filled with the best emotions, best Friend!!!
    Much love!!!

  13. Lovely pictures from bedroom and candy store.
    I love Spring time but it will be a while.
    We have another storm coming in tonight in CA.
    Happy days to you...

  14. Lovely pictures....I hope we get to see more. I'd love to be in Brugge for the springtime.

  15. Anoniem2/3/11

    Hi Saskia, lovely greens.

    Lisa x

  16. I love green,It's a very positive colour !.

  17. oooh the candyhouse!! so nice!!
    I love green.
    happy day

  18. Beautiful pictures! good day and hello from spain.

  19. Zeg lieve is dat jouw sweetie voor al dat lekker?? wat een koppie zo lief !!! ach....en je kamer!!! was in een woord groen en geweldig........en nu hou je op hoor!! ....de volgende keer ga ik mee.......welkom thuis....niks lekkerders dan thuis....niet dan???...ik heb je gemist.......blij blij Sassie is weer thuis !! yes yes yes !!!...kus kus van mij...xxx...xxx...xxx....ook voor je sweetie....ach zo liefffff....

  20. Leuke foto, dat snoetje bij de snoepafdeling.
    Jullie kamer ziet er heerlijk fris en lentegroen uit. Ik hoop dat jullie veel plezier hebben gehad in Brugge, een heerlijk stadje.
    Fijne zonnige dag, lieve groet

  21. Brugge is een heel mooie stad, ben er vorige zomer nog geweest, fantastisch die kamer !
    Heerlijk die snoepjes, wat een verleiding moet dat geweest zijn !
    Lovely Spring green, Saskia !

  22. Hoi Saskia wat een leuke foto's weer, leuk dat jullie in een groene kamer geslapen hebben, voelde zeker lentes aan. En wat een feestje al die snoepjes. Fijne zonnige dag,Lieve Groetjes Esther.

  23. Hoi Saskia wat een leuke foto's weer, leuk dat jullie in een groene kamer geslapen hebben, voelde zeker lentes aan. En wat een feestje al die snoepjes. Fijne zonnige dag,Lieve Groetjes Esther.

  24. WELCOME HOME MY PRECIOUS!!! Those greens are calling my name now; I need spring to come for I have so many ideas for gardening and cleaning up our mess in the yard!!! WAS BELGIUM WONDERFUL DEAREST?????? Have a relaxing day at HOME. Bises, Anita

  25. Hi Saskia!
    Hope you had a great time in Bruges!
    Is great to go away, refresh the senses, but theres no place like home is there?
    Love the fresh green bedding and curtains in the room set, so springlike!
    Gill x

  26. Hi Saskia,
    I'm happy that you came back!
    Lovely pics.
    Have a great return!

  27. Ha Saskia;
    Wat een snoepje bij al die snoepjes!!!
    Ach;;en moesten ze nu nog iets uitKIEZEN ook?
    Ja en lentegroen willen we allemaal nu!!!
    Jouw fotos maken mij altijd zo vrolijk!
    groetjes fleur uit de polder

  28. Anoniem2/3/11

    Dat vind ik altijd het fijnst van weg gaan,het weer thuis komen waar alles vertrouwd is en ohhh de snoepwinkel,wat geweldig,fijne avond,liefs Joke,x

  29. I love bright Spring colors!! That green is one of my favorites. I love that candy-shoppe photo. Definitely a FRAMER!! :) :) :)
    Enjoy the rest of your week! BLESSINGS!!

  30. love spring green, it's been a long time favorite of mine. i have it all over the house. i hope things are starting to 'green' up for you, miss saskia.

    we've a lot of snow on the ground, but it won't be long now.
    happy march, my friend.


  31. Heerlijk genieten in een andere stad...en dan niets fijner dan weer thuis komen:)
    Lieve groetjes

  32. LOVE that shade of spring :)
    have fun
    ~laura xx

  33. Wat een prachtige foto's Saskia en wat fijn om weer thuis te zijn.
    Lieve groet, Mea

  34. Is het een candystoreof een koekjeswinkel? Lijkt namelijk op een winkel uit de Provence!
    Welkom thuis ma chère amie!

  35. Hello dear Saskia,, Your room is so lovely, so cosy and fresh. Delicious treats we miss over this side. Maybe it's a good thing.

  36. Ik heb net je blog ontdekt. Wat een prachtige en kleurrijke foto's. Je wordt er vrolijk van.
    Groetjes Iris

  37. Wat een prachtige kamer - en so leuk het sweetpea of yours! Hope your birthday celebration was happy and bright - i did think of you! Welcome home Saskia!

  38. Yay...how beautiful! I love green too..and i LOVE spring..we still are covered in snow here...but I am excited for spring to come soon!

  39. Dear Saskia,

    Such a lovely post you have shared today and yes, always wonderful to go away but even nicer to be back home. I love the green bedroom and that is such a sweet little face in the candy store.

    Have a happy Friday and weekend

  40. Hoi Saskia,

    Wat ziet de slaapkamer er prachtig uit. Daar wil ik ook wel een keer logeren! Ik ga het adres zo meteen even opschrijven. Jullie hebben het wel getroffen met het weer. Geniet ervan!!!

    Veel lieve groetjes van Madelief xox

  41. Happy Day Saskia! Oh Green is GOOD!
    Oh, that candy shop looks divine!
    gi gi

  42. Ahhhhh...spring. So happy it's here! The picture of the candy store is super cool. ~~Blessings~~Shine

  43. That bedroom is so pretty! Love the green. And I love spring!

  44. Dear sweet Friend!!!
    I wish you could be here (you all) with us!! So good time we are having here, my sweetest Friend Saskia!!! Some of my husband´s aunts are here and they are all japanese, they cook sooooooo well!!! We are having the best japanese food ever!!!!!!!!!!! Do you enjoy jap food? Yesterday we had temaki for dinner. Sushi and sashimi everyday!!! Oh, we love it!! Aila is learning some more words in japanese!! She enjoys it a lot!!
    It is rainny around here, and fresh, so good temperature!! Much laugh and fun! The pool is not being used as long as it is raining.
    Tonight we are going out for dinner. Everybody. It will be fun!
    I love you, sweet Friend!!
    Be fine!

  45. Salut Saskia, thanks so much for your lovely comment and birthday wishes on my blog, I really did have a lovely day - though no balloons ;-) Those greens are so refreshing and I really am looking forward to Spring now - the Winter has been far too long. Love from London xo

  46. Very, very pretty! Those greens are very Spring inspiring. The candy photo is awesome...I LOVE IT! :)

    xoxo Gloria

  47. Bruges is such a wonderful place - enjoy your lovely family holiday! Hope your girls had special birthdays.

  48. That candy store looks amazing!!


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