5 maart 2011

Mellow Yellow

Spring Party
next Sunday
our home
you are invited !

a Mellow Yellow party
I will take care of bigger bows on the fence

What comes into your mind first when I say
yellow eats and treats?


55 opmerkingen:

  1. Anoniem5/3/11

    IT will be a great party, I can not wait!:)
    Kisses ad happy weekend Sas.

  2. A feast of yellow and spring!
    Aren't those bright yellow banana shaped things in that vase TREATS???? I really can't get any other yellow treat on my mind now...


  3. Bananas, lemons, lemon drops, lemon meringue... :)

  4. What comes to mind when you say, "yellow, eats and treats?" Peeps!

    Do you have those yellow, marshmallow chicks in the Netherlands?

  5. Oh how HAPPY and joyful my sweet friend. Can't get better than yellow to cheer us all up. It does look like Spring in your yard....not here so much yet.

    Add me to your list...I will bring you bunches of yellow daffodils! Yellow treats?...all I can see in my mind right now are those "peeps"...but I am off on a shopping day with my girl today...off to the USA so I will look for something YELLOW and report back to you. xoxoxooxoxoxxoxo

    Happy day to you...

  6. What a great idea! Lemonade! Bananas! Yellow Cupcakes!

  7. Ik zou graag willen komen hoor Saskia. Heerlijk een advocaatje met slagroom...daar denk ik aan bij yellow eats and treats.
    een heerlijke zaterdag en zondag toegewenst,
    liefs Ester

  8. Leuk idee!!! Ik deed een winter party (met veel gluhwein, erwtensoep, rookworst, stamppot, pannenkoeken, enz. Maar eigenlijk is een lente party nog veel leuker...
    Yellow eats & treats?? Honingmeloen, gele pruimen, citroen-meringue taart, vast nog meer, maar ik kom er NU niet op!
    Have fun & een mooi, zonnig weekend!!
    Bisous uit Versailles, Chantal

  9. oh wat leuk een springparty!! geniet er ervan!! ik geniet van je vrolijke lenteplaatjes:)

    fijn weekend!
    lieve groetjes, Tjitske

  10. Probably lemon drops! I love yellow in all it's many shades. Always been one of my very favs.

  11. How cute! Love the little yellow chick in the first one!

  12. Oh, a hop, skip and a jump and I am there!
    Look at that beautiful green grass, oh so jealous!
    Happy Saturday Saskia
    thanks for the sunshine!
    gi gi

  13. Wish I could come to your party
    I would bring the PEEPS

  14. Anoniem5/3/11

    Hurrah. I can tell you are feeling ready for Spring. What a sunny happy colour.

  15. Che bel post oggi, mette tanta allegria!
    Felice week end cara!

  16. Spring!!! what a happy post! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekends my friend!

  17. Hi Saskia,
    Spring party! I'll go!
    Beauty pic!

  18. Hoi Saskia,

    Ik kom graag op je lente feestje!! Ik heb al een van mijn bloemetjesjurken klaarliggen. Het eerste wat in mijn hoofd opkomt wanneer ik aan geel en lekker denk is.......ANANAS :-)!!!

    Een heel gezellig weekend!

    Lieve groetjes van Madelief xox

  19. Hi there...a party?! Love it! Yellow....marshmallow chicks and lemon bars....my favorites always! Have a great day :D

  20. Yummy!
    Let's start with a Moscow mule or two [well it's got a tinge of yellow to it!].
    A delicious meal could be Sandcrab pasta with a wedge of lemon on the side.
    And of course Lemon slice to finish - mmm, how I love lemon slice.

    Sounds like fun Sass, and I love, love, love banana lollies!

    xx Felicity

  21. Ananas!! natuurlijk !!! heerlijk ...ik kom naar je feestje hoor !!! gezellig ......leuk leuk !!.......moet wel eerlijk bekennen dat ik niet van geel hou...eigenlijk.......maarja.....voor een feestje doe ik alles......liefs fijn weekend......xxx...xxx...xxx..

  22. Pineapple cubes!! Those hard sugary squares, I used to love them as a child!(maybe only in the UK?)
    Love all the yellowyness - so cheerful!
    Have a lovely weekend, look forward to seeing pics of your lovely Spring party next week!
    Gill x

  23. A yellow party - so leuk voor een lente festje! I see daffodils and xellow tulips. Lemons and pineapple and a nice yellow veggie soup, pureed and with a dash of sour cream! Heel fijne weekend Saskia, will celebrate with you by cooking something yellow as well!

  24. Ja gezellig.
    Ik denk aan; limoncello, mimosa, grote gele pruimen en een groot chocolade paasei met gele strik.

    Hermine xx

  25. Of course some gorgeous fruit salad ice creams with pineapple, banana,and macadamia nut for balance ,what a wonderful day ahead.

  26. hai het ziet er heerlijk uit om op te eten geel echt lente veel liefs rommy

  27. Oooooh yellow foodage.....banana angel delight, custard slices, yellow cupcakes, cheese and pineapple sticks, banana smoothies, real lemonade, and lemon sherbets. Yum Yum!!!

  28. Dearest Saskia,

    Of course BANANAS come first to mind! Either in real form or the ones you show hier above 'schuimpjes'... Miss them here!



  29. Ooo heerlijk een lentefeest, gezellig, ook ik heb een leuk voorjaar"s jurkje klaar hangen :-)
    Fijne avond/zondag Lieve Groetjes Esther.

  30. Our blog are welcoming yellow,it's a very nice colour!.

  31. When i think in yellow, i think in lemond curd, delicious! i wish you a big and funny party. Good weekend and hello from spain.

  32. A springtime yellow party sounds like fun. I will bring the yellow marshmellow peeps and of course some fresh lemonade.


  33. Bananas and lemons, and lemon bars.

  34. How lovely of you to throw us all a Spring Mellow Yellow party. Some delicious lemon yellow jello would be fun. Looking forward to the celebration...

  35. Hi Saskia, by the time I read through all the comments I think every yellow treat was accounted for. Hope you have a great rest of the weekend.

  36. Oh, how I'd adore to come to a party at your lovely house! And, yellow is my favorite color! So, I hope you share pictures. Have a spectacular time!

  37. Anoniem6/3/11

    Wat een heerlijke lentefoto's, voor mij is geel.........het zonnetje!!!
    Dankjewel voor je lieve reaktie op mijn stapel;)
    Fijne zondag van Sonja

  38. Oooh, lekker die banaantjes!

  39. LEMON CURD ON SCONES...LEMON MERINGUE PIE, LEMONADE....CORN ON THE COB....I'll bring it all if you want dearest! LET'S PARTAY!!!! Lovely thoughts dear one, and I am all there....see you throughout the week precious one! Anita

  40. WHAT a lovely Blog!

    ...and a warm welcome to mine!!

    Liebe Grüße
    von Anja

  41. Pineapple, bananas, lemons.

  42. Sweet Saskia... Your yard parties must be so fun with all your adorable children running about in the golden sunshine!... The first thing that came to my mind was yellow Easter Peeps! Enjoy your Sunday, Sweetie! xo Paulette

  43. Dear Saskia, a yellow spring colour and sunshine party wonderful!!!
    I'll like to visite you!!
    Sweet Sakia I'm missing your comments, did you leave me?
    have a nice day

  44. Anoniem6/3/11

    Een banaan haha,maarre is dat jou hek Saskia,ik wens je een fijne week,liefs Musje,xx

  45. Ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUMI!!! Banana, ice cream, mango ice cream...yummmmmmy!!!
    Ok, be sure we will be at your party! Our thoughts and wishes will be there:o)
    I can imagine how fun that would be, sweetest Friend Saskia!!!
    I am afraid I have bad news to tell you...let´s go...I´d better tell you...Aila did NOT want to dress the pricess white dress and did NOT want to put on her golden shoes...yes, that is it. Lovely FRiend, she started crying so loud she did NOT want to be the flower girl that I got scared she could die due to dehydration (too much tears...). Yes, she wore a flowered dress, colored, and her Crocs...yes, that is it...:o(
    The bride ordered Aila´s dress from the USA...go figure...the poor bride did her best and Aila refused wearing that...
    " children"
    that ís what every body said.
    I felt embarassed...but...it is over...past!
    The wedding was amazingly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!1 I will send you some pics!!!
    Well, now I shall feed my little angel!
    Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Bedankt voor je bezoekje op mijn rozenblog!
    Het ziet er heir ook gezellig uit met al die lekkere dingen!
    Fijne avond,


  47. yummy yummy yellow.
    spring bright spring.
    soon to be here.
    but for now rain.
    hugs, Dogwood

  48. Leuk....ik zie nu al 2 kleuren-thema logjes voorbijkomen. Schitterende sfeerlogjes zeg...mooi foto's.

  49. First thing that comes to my mind? Lemons! :) Okay, let's say lemon sorbet because it's yummier than pure lemons.

  50. Oh ik zou graag komen op jullie yellow party, maar helaas......
    Het eerste wat ik me op komt bij geel, narcissen, lente dus!!!
    Een hele fijne week
    Liefs van mij

  51. I want to come to your yellow party. :)
    I can't wait for Spring!! It's almost here I think. We mad rain all day today instead of snow...hopefully it'll wash all the white stuff away!!!
    Blessings, dear Saskia. :) :) :)

  52. Yellow peeps!=) And lemondrops...yum! Yellow is pretty, thanks!

  53. Yellow peeps & chicks,,,,,yellow jelly beans, yellow cupcakes...:)

    These photos are SO amazing!! I LOVE them!! VERY nice, Saskia!! LOVELY, just like you!

    XOXO Gloria

  54. wonderful images to start of spring for you!
    i hope the weather is nice to you all, it's getting colder here and raining.

    glad you liked the mail, I wish I could join you for a cuppa sweet friend ♥


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