8 maart 2011

Eats and Treats

Pancakes to spice up the School dress up party
Did I tell you that hardly anyone was dressed up?
So glad I was wearing my blue trousers and a white blouse
dressed up with two blue flower corsages,
lots of blue bracelets (these faux plastic ones),
a pair of silly earrings and a pony tail

Miss Vinciane's favorite candy
wrapped up in paper napkins and tied up with a candy rope
Her birthday treat at school, the teachers received the customary chalk candy


Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned
Peter Marshall


51 opmerkingen:

  1. My goodness, that looks so yummy!

  2. I'm sad they didn't dress up, oh well. We will be having pancakes tonight for Fat Tuesday :)

    lovely quote.

  3. You are just so creative with everything you touch. :)

  4. Wat leuk Saskia - these pancakes on a stick are a great idea, love that! And love your outfit idea as well!

  5. Heden ik was in cafè een Cappuccino drinken en het zon opzoeken, YAY, first time!!!! Jouw duits is veel beter dan mijn hollands, but i'm learning - and it is great fun! veel liefs!

  6. Happy Tuesday Saskia Love :)
    Oh, I have never seen Pancakes look so inviting and charming!
    Sounds like it was a fantastic party!
    gi gi

  7. wat ziet dat er allemaal feestelijk uit Saskia. Had ik je al gefeliciteerd? Ik dacht het niet he. Meis alsnog van harte hoor. Wat een vrolijke traktatie.
    Een fijne avond.
    liefs Ester

  8. Oggi in Italia si festeggia la donna...auguroni anche a te cara, sei una donna meravigliosa!

  9. It does look yummy. Making me hungry. Hope you are having a great week.

  10. dear saskia, if you had fun, this is the most important thing. I am having those pancake cravings, even more since i have seen yours, so yummy looking. ^-^
    i have shipped your tote today, hope you do not mind, saturday was too crazy for me to go out. Hubby and i have been working hard doing the last bits of redoing our new bedroom. almost done, so happy.
    sending you tons of love,

  11. Lieve Saskia,

    Wat zien de pannenkoeken er zo op de satéprikkers mooi uit! Je hebt het ook prachtig aangekleed met de felgekleurde servetten en het rieten mandje. Ik hoop dat het een succes was op school?!

    Wat een geluk dat je met verkleden er niet helemaal vol voor bent gegaan. Je weet hoe het met Bridget Jones is afgelopen op het familie feestje........:-)!

    Lieve groet & een gezellige avond!

    Madelief xox

  12. Dit is toch zoveel leuker dan het standaard zakkie chips?! Ziet er lekker en gezellig uit en was dus vast een succes!

  13. maar jongens, dat ziet er lekker uit !

  14. Fabulous pancake idea for finger food at a party. Very sad that so many did not dress up and take advantage of a day of fun. I have not heard of chalk candy for teachers. Happy day to you...

  15. I just love the way your creative eye sees things like those pancakes on a skewer. Hope you are having a fantabulous day!

  16. Hello Saskia .. you do everything so beautifully .. xx

  17. I have never seen pancakes on a stick...what a good idea! I wanted to see a picture of you..sounds pretty! ;D

  18. Hi Saskia,
    I adore pancakes!
    Happy birthday to Vinciane. I hope that she'll be very happy.
    I don't know "ALLAF"!
    Have a great day.

  19. Erg lekker idee als traktatie! Erg mooi blog ook! Groetjes, Claire

  20. Ik krijg gelijk weer trek als ik die pannenkoeken zie....heerlijk....
    Lieve groetjes van Bianca

  21. My sweet SAskia, thank you my Dear but my readers are leaving me and I don't know why! I think that 20 Bloggers has lost my blog in the time from December until yet. One day I'm looking in the morning and than 4 hours later 3 readers are gone. Do you think that my blog is not intresting? Ok my fotos are normal, not so spezial as yours, and yes you must wait for a new post. But I dont know how to write every day. I'm a little bit sad about this.
    Thats a great idea Pancakes on a stick :)) and your paper napkins are so colourful!
    Have a sunny week
    and thank you

  22. ik ben geen zoetekauw, maar voor pannekoekjes val ik als een blok. ze bezorgen me altijd een heel nostalgisch gevoel van "mijn bomma bakt koekebakskes" (mijn oma bakt pannekoeken). na al die jaren haal ik zelf de geur ervan voor de geest. de jouwe zien er in elk geval heerlijk uit, en het idee is super! liefs, @nne

  23. Hi Saskia!
    How did I miss your last two posts!???
    I'm at work...and just noticed your posts!
    I hope I am able to leave a comment here... usually it is blocked!
    I love your pancake rolls... What a great idea for bite-sized lovelies from heaven!
    One of my favorite meals is pancakes and maple syrup! Bring on the coffee of course!
    Your springtime colors from the last few posts are keeping my heart cheerful as we received another big snowstorm and a small one for later in the week!
    So much moisture in the air always... hopefully it does not mean a moist summer!
    We had that last year and it was like a sauna!
    {good for the complexion though!
    I hope this comment "sticks." If not, I'll email it to myself and send it off when I get home! Happy Tuesday evening to you!
    *xoxo* xoxo*

  24. Wat ziet dat er gezellig uit! Fleurig en lekker:)
    Lieve groetjes

  25. dat ziet er gezellig uit, hmmmm...

    liefs Stina

  26. Anoniem8/3/11

    Such thoughtful little treats and the colours are so pretty!

  27. Saskia....oh my!!..how charming..your photos are always SO fabulous and shine with decadent Beauty!!!! hugs and hugs

  28. your treats sound delicious, saskia. i bet your your outfit was adorable.

    happiest of birthday wishes to your sweet vinciane. what a pretty name!


  29. wat ziet dat er vrolijk, lekker en creatief uit:))

    lieve groetjes, Tjits

  30. I sooooo adore your pics, dear Saskia!!! Vinciane´s treats look lovely!!! You are such an adorable mommy!!!
    We have just got home. Aila sleeps, tired. We had barbecue at a friend´s house. She ran a lot! Played with some other children. Chocolate cake for dessert!
    Tomorrow we start packing. SO many things to pack...oh, this is the bad part of traveling...that´s ok:o)
    Much love to you, sweetest Friend!!!
    Love you!

  31. Wat a sweet post !!! darling.....erg leuk weer en zo waar die quote !!!....echt !!! liefje ...fijne avond verder.......kusjes van mij....xxx...xxx...xxx...

  32. Pannekoeken op een stokje, een super goed idee! Mx

  33. Oh, I am SO happy we have met, dear one. I'm following you now, with pleasure. What a delightful blog you have! xx's Marsha

  34. OH WHAT A FABULOUS QUOTE! AND HOW TRUE!!! Oh Saskia dearest, I was at work when I visited my blog today and saw your sweet comment; thank you dear one for visiting me again for it made my day. Work is so stressful, but friends' lovely words are a healing balm to my sometimes weary mind. OH THOSE PANCAKES LOOK GREAT! And Ruben and I had SO MUCH FUN SASKIA! We just went out and laughed, held hands, hugged, ate, shopped, bought (teeeheeee) and came home to rest. Simple. Small things done rather than large things planned.....and I bid you a happy, long, love-filled life with your beloved and children, for you are a special, dear friend. MILLES BISES ET CALINS MA BELLE, CAR TU ME FAIS UN GRAND PLAISIR et tes mots de tendresse me font bien......Anita

  35. Anoniem9/3/11

    how yummy they look sweet friend
    we had fasnachts this morning
    and they were good...but i tell you
    my favorite breakfast is pancakes
    and preferrably with blueberries!!!
    have a sweet week...we are waiting
    the arrival of more rain =)

  36. Love the idea of wrapping the candy in napkins tied with candy rope!

  37. Everything is so delicate as always!
    Happy Women's Day! :)

  38. Love your quote today my sweet friend.....what a wonderful treat to give school friends...and oh I so remember your chalk candy...adorable!

    Sending you some extra love for the middle of the week....sometimes I need more energy than ever on Wednesdays....hugs...and thank you soooooooo much for all your sweet sweet comments every single day...really you lift my spirits my sweet friend...what a blessing you are. xoxoxoxo

  39. Dear Saskia,
    Beautiful!! I have never seen pancakes presented so sweetly...:)

    I love that drawing behind them too. Did you draw it? SO pretty!! The owl & napkins are adorable too!

    xoxo Gloria

  40. Dear Saskia,

    What a beautiful post and photos you have shown today.
    Sounds like a fun party at school for the students and teachers and such yummy treats.
    I love the quote too, about the deeds and it is so true.

    Have a fun Wednesday

  41. SASKIA MIJN LIEVE AMIE!!! Oh, you are making more pancakes? WHAT DO YOU TOP THEM WITH? There are so many choices for toppings! We here in the US use maple syrup, but I like what the French do with crêpes...NUTELLA!!! Oh dearest, do take time for yourself. WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU HAD ONE WHOLE DAY TO YOURSELF??? Hmmmmmm...I think that is a blog post! THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT; you know, when you pop over just to say HALLO, it just makes me so happy. I have such wonderful friends.....enjoy however much "ME" time you get dear one and be happy. LOVE TO YOU DEAREST! Anita

  42. Rolled up pancakes on a stick! How fun is that! How does the syrup stay on...? ;)

    Happy Wednesday Saskia!
    xo Catherine

  43. Mmmmmmmmmmm,ziet er heerlijk uit,hoor,Happy hugs,xxx

  44. your sweet birthday girl must have felt very
    special to receive your extraordinary basket
    of goodies!

  45. I am your newest follower and I am so excited to know you - and yet you are so far away.

    Your picture is beautiful - you must be much younger then ole chatty.

    I love chocolate too!


  46. that looks delicious!
    gorgeous photos!
    take care Saskia,


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