29 maart 2011

Choose Happiness

Success is not the key to happiness
Happiness is the key to success
If you love what you are doing,
you will be successful
Herman Cain

I have just decided to create a bit extra happiness
by grabbing another minty friend

Have a hApPY day, fill it up with sunshine !


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60 opmerkingen:

  1. voor jou ook een fijne zonnige dag Saskia!!!


  2. Goede morgen mijn lieve vriendin en zus! Ik heb zo veel plezier deze week in de rust van de ochtend, de activiteit van de middag en de rest van de avond. Hoe gaat het? Heeft u nog lente? Heeft u nog bloemen in uw tuin? VEEL KUSJES, Anita

    Teeeheee! I just wanted to make sure you got my message that I just barely left before you posted this GORGEOUS Picture of a sweet and fresh treat...HAPPY DAY INDEED MY SWEET FRIEND! BISOUS, Anita

  3. Zonnige dag vandaag,Saskia,enne de schuimkransjes,mmmmmmmm,lekker,xxx.

  4. Hej Saskia

    Wishing you always a happy happy days...
    How lovely for me :-D to see your lovely smiley comment today. Thank You
    Arrived back from London late last night...
    busy and happy days ahead for me now.

  5. Jullie ook een gezellige zonnige middag/ week. Mooie foto :-)Lieve Groetjes Esther.

  6. happy tuesday to you dear Saskia, hope you are enjoying your day ! xxx

  7. Sweet, lekkere foto vor een heel gezellige dag Saskia, i love minty things, no matter what! Pleas don't worry about the magazine! I so understand you. Sometimes, it takes me AGES to find my way to the post-office, and it's so sweet of you anyway to do this - just relax and take whatever time you need! Veel liefs en zonnige groet! xox

  8. Wishing you a happy week! and not only!! kisses

  9. happiness is a choice. i'm definitely choosing to be happy today, saskia. love the pretty fabric in that picture's backdrop.

    the weather is slowly, and i mean really slowly, starting to warm up.

  10. Hi Saskia,
    True quote!
    The pic make me hungry!!!
    have a lovely day.

  11. On sunday I went beach,there were many people doing the bath...for me water is too cold yet!!!.But sun shines and nature is very rich !.Spring is here and summer is coming!!!.

  12. Yes, we do chose to be happy. :) Love the Springy colors in your image. :)

  13. What great advise for today! Love that..and the goodie! ;D

  14. That is a fabulous saying I think it's so true! Just like mind over matter.

    Hope your week is going well!

  15. I love the quote. Truly. Happy mintiness!

  16. Missed you, sweetest Friend!!
    I DO love the birds up there and, of course, the cookies and I DO love the saying!! I love what I do and I can say to you I am successful!!!
    How are you all, dear Saskia?
    I bet your days have been busy. Do not worry, dear Friend, I am always thinking of you and sending you extra good vibes!!! My heart always sings a song to you!!! Every single day!!!
    Easter is on the cornerrrrrrrrrrrrr! Dear, I wish I can complete your box this week and then ask Mr. Postman to hurryyyyyyyyyyyyy up and deliver that in far far Netherlands!! I wish, I soooo wish that!!!
    How are your little bunnies?
    Love you!
    I close my eyes now and blow you this message!!
    XXXXX hugs XXXX Bela

  17. Anoniem29/3/11

    Goed advies is dat en ohh wat ziet dat er lekker uit zeg,ik wens je een fijne avond,liefs Joke,x

  18. You do find such lovely quotes!
    Have a good week - full of happiness and success!

  19. beautiful sentiment and a lovely post!

    have a nice week


  20. Maybe you won't believe it...but this actually is the quote I've been looking for...And yes, it was soooo simple, but so true! Thanks for giving voice to my heart!

  21. Hi my sweet friend....now those look darling...I am so trying hard to be good this weekend..last week at my parents i am sure i added a few pounds...my jeans are snugger. It doesn't help that I have a million things I so want to bake this week. Off to get my hair done...hurt my back so I will hobble out...I need a pick me up today.

    Sending you sunshine..even though it is hard to find around here today..rain keeps falling....hugs and love. xoxox

  22. What wise words and a sweet treat too! Hope you find much happiness today.

  23. Happy thought to you.
    Yummy looking cookies.
    I love merangue.
    My grandma used to make it for us grandkiddos.
    Hugs, Dogwood

  24. Hoi Saskia,

    Wat zien je meringues er héérlijk uit! Wat zijn die altijd leuk om te bakken he? De meiden bij mij maken ze ook nog steeds graag.

    Je hebt ook weer een mooie spreuk geplaatst! Geniet van je avond!

    Lieve groetjes van Madelief xox

  25. Mooie woorden lieve Sassie van me.......echt......hapinness...is ook jouw blog iedere keer weer lezen......jij bent mijn zonnetje in de avond.......liefs liefje ....xxx...xxx...xxx...

  26. Dearest Saskia,

    Funny, Herman Cain is from our State... How small the world is! But that quote is a very true one! Enjoy your sunshine.

    Lots of love,


  27. That's a great thing to remember! So, wishing you a happy week :-) Love from London xo

  28. Ps: so glad that my comment made you smile! That's good! Enjoy and thanks for your sweetness! I adore joining your joy!

  29. Sleep well, sweet Saskia!
    All the angels are singing around you right now! A pretty song!
    Much love to Y*O*U!!

  30. What are these little minty yummity yums, Saskia? I love the color and texture. Nice post....happiness is success! It's unbelievable how many successful people there are that are not happy. I hope you have a happy day, week, month and year, dear Saskia!

  31. I totally agree with you - HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE!

  32. your posts always make me smile (inside and out)
    fee ♥

  33. Happiness is always a choice - so much of life is directly related to choices.

  34. Oh my!

    I adore your blog. It's so sweet and precious.


  35. Hi Mijn,
    I am so glad to have found your simply beautiful and sweet as blog. Thanks for the success quotes that are timely and ring a big bell for me. Thanks so much. Joy is a fave thing after all!
    South Australia

  36. Your's is one of the few blogs that I get excited about when I see you have posted. They make my day and I thank you for the encouragement.

  37. Dear Saskia,

    Thank you for all the love and joy you share on your blog, dear friend. the minty treats look yummy.

    I hope that you are having a lovely week

  38. I am thinking that would make any day sweeter!!

    Hugs to you Saskia!
    xo Catherine

  39. Hi Saskia!
    I love your quote this week! It fits with everything we do... from being a good mother, sister, daughter, other work... whatever we do!

    I hope you are having a wonderful week! Work has been so busy for me! I have enjoyed my students very much this week, but I am busy with lots of other things. I've been responsible for planning a baby shower for the other reading teacher at work... and it's tomorrow!
    This Sunday I am hosting a family party for Jason. He is moving to Texas for a new job. Oh we will miss him soooo much. He is leaving in a few weeks... and every day will be special...
    This past Sunday night, we watched family movies from when the children were little... it made time seem very short...
    Enjoy your children, Saskia! Every day is special whatever their age!

  40. Being happy is the most important element in my life. If I am happy then all else falls into place. Happy to you...

  41. Hello and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind message. Your blog is beautiful! I have now signed up to follow you. It will be wonderful to learn more about the Netherlands through your blog. My Grandfather migrated from Eindhoven to Australia in the early 1950's. Sadly I know very little about the culture.
    Kind Regards,
    Leah Grace de Vries (I love my Dutch surname!)

  42. Gegroet mijn lieve vriend! Dank u voor uw vriendelijke woorden over mijn Nederlands!Whew......that is a mouthful! ARE YOU HAVING A FUN DAY? I have had such a lovely week my sweet. Reading great stories, watching great movies, I drew yesterday and plan on more today. Ahhh, I am happy!!! Let's have another mint.......BISOUS! Anita

  43. That quote is sooo true, Saskia!!! Have a lovely day!


  44. Anoniem30/3/11

    Great pictures, I love it!
    Kisses dear.

  45. Lovely quote, happy day to you!

  46. Hi Saskia!
    My sister has her very first post up now! Just stopping by to help welcome her to our lovely "blogland." ♥ Maria

  47. Hi there sunshine =)!

    That´s words of visdome!!!! Really good =)!
    And the image is, as always, gorgeous!

    Have a brilliant evening =)!

  48. Mooi citaat heb je weer geplaatst en leuke foto.
    Maak er een fijne dag van ondanks het grijze weer,

  49. Bedankt voor je compliment op mijn blog! En dat van iemand met 971 volgers!!!
    Groetjes, Corine

  50. Goede morgen mijn Saskia! I am just visiting to say HALLO! I am rather sad today...I just needed a lift, so I came here! I hope you are enjoying your day dear friend. Anita

  51. Saskia, thank you for sharing this Herman Cain with us. True poem.

  52. Hi sweet friend...thank you for visiting me today..your notes always brighten my day. Can you believe it is Friday already??? dear me where does the time go? really!
    I am still nursing my silly back...just hope it is better my next week.

    What do you have on your Friday agenda my friend...would love to be with you enjoying a cup of tea and a sweet. Maybe one day.

    Hugs and love. xoxoxoxoxo

  53. I love the idea of CHOOSING happiness. :) :) :)
    Indeed, it is not always thrust upon us, we must seek it from the inside out. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend. BLESSINGS!!

  54. good, is beautiful,

  55. GOEDE MORGEN SWEET SASKIA! Thank you for coming to cheer me up! Oh, I am feeling a bit lonely! I am here, alone, with no one to "play" with! My entire time on break has been WONDERFUL and quiet and relaxing, but Blogland has been so quiet. I am hoping that summer time will mean that more bloggers will be around. I so enjoy the company of blogging friends. But it is back to school on Monday and I think I feel refreshed! I spent time drawing, although not much. I did some crafts in my workshop, and that has been fun, but the most fun has been reading and writing poetry. I will probably never share it, for it is just an exercise in a medium unknown to me, but worth the effort to practice. How are you dear one?

    IT IS FRIDAY and now that I am on the other end of the stick, I don't WANT the weekend to come yet! I don't know if I am ready to go back to the FAST PACE of school!


  56. Love your white daffodil sitting on the yellow polka dot cupcake liner. Congratulations to the winners. Your weekend will be so wonderful with your four generations all together. Make lots of Happy Memories my dear...

  57. You help my bluebird of happiness to sing loud and clear sweet Sass.

    x F


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