21 februari 2011

Wee White

Today I woke up to a wee white and sparkling backyard
I did not order this weather, Mr. Weather

Off we go
a whole new week,
a baking week
cake for a parents meeting at school on Monday
tarte to join my little tea party on Wednesday
cupcakes for Celeste's birthday party on Thursday
pancakes for the disguise party at school on Friday
scones on Saturday ~ never eat your scone alone

Happy hugs for a wonderful week !

xo xo xo

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  1. You sound like you have a FULL week. Enjoy ~ Have a great week~!

  2. Anoniem21/2/11

    Kisses and happy week dear Saskia!

  3. Hi Saskia!
    Oh my ... you have snow too! It's still here too... snowy and windy yesterday morning...
    You ARE in for a big baking week! I just got back from my Dad's and my sister told me that I bake a lot too...
    It's part of who I am... to bake ... I just love it...
    Happy Birthday to your sweet Celeste. Have fun at your meetings and tea party. {I'm invited to my sister-in-law's for a tea party with all the little nieces}
    enjoy your wonderful week ~ I'll look forward to seeing your baking!

  4. Zal ik dan woensdag komen?? op je thee party ?? of zaterdag ??? wat denk jij????....whahahahah!! ik ben een beetje te verlegen op op je dochters verjaardag te komen hoor.....xxx....xxxx....bloos bloos.....liefs fijne bakweek van mij....xxx....xxxx....xxx.

  5. PRECIOUS!!!! I AM EARLY FOR ONCE!!!! Ha! Talk about WHITE! We are having a BLIZZARD at the moment. Our plans to go out to IKEA today were squashed because The Twin Cities is due to have 10 inches by the time this is over!!! BE CAREFUL, have FUNNNNNNNN baking, and think of me!!! BISOUS, Anita

  6. Enjoy your week of yummy treats!

  7. I'd be shelling out a lot of dough for some bakers because I wouldn't be making any of that on my own... :) Good luck and enjoy!

  8. White are the stars!
    White are the clouds!
    White is the moon!
    The whole sky I offer to sweet sweet Celeste! Celeste in Portuguese means " something related to sky" !!!!!!!!!!!! A heavenly word, dear Saskia, heavenly is everything related to you, Saskia Friend!!
    I can figure her party. I close my eyes and imagine : sweet Celeste in a white dress, may be soft purple, long hair trimmed by a ribbon! Jumping around the backyard with her sweet friends!!! You might be so proud, dear Saskia!!
    You have a full week, darling, take your time, slow down, rest! Find some time for you!!
    Much love to YOU!!!!!
    Beijos!!!! Bela

  9. Mr. Weather has so many surprises! Have a happy baking week my sweet friend! :)

  10. Sounds like the most fabulous of weeks! Enjoy!

    :) Hazel

  11. Dearest Saskia,

    wow, what a busy week ahead for you. And all the angels' birthdays this month; how precious! We just got home from 2 days in Atlanta; with 25° C for both days; unreal! Now I read that you got snow again... My goodness.
    Wish you lots of love,


  12. Your week sounds like mine....bake ...bake...bake..right now a carrot cake is being created!
    Your week will fly by my sweet friend...and more snow?...my thoughts are with blossoms...I just don't know how I would feel to have the snowflakes falling.

    Hugs and love my friend.

  13. Oh, I just LOVE baking weeks! Enjoy it all, my friend!


  14. Oh, I bet your home will smell wonderful all week! :)

  15. Such fun pictures! Baking is always fun when it's cold out and it makes you get closer together (cozy like) at the table and talk softer. Have you noticed that? Have fun all week long!


  16. Have a wonderful weekend! Baking and cooking and being mom....busy week:))
    to you

  17. Such a busy baking week, dear Saskia...what fun! Enjoy:) ~ xx

  18. That's a lot of cooking to do! Love your cute image!

  19. After a full week of sun and warm 60's and even mid 70's we had a little bit of rain today but still warm enough so I won't complain. Just enough to make excited for Spring to come. HAng in there I hear it IS coming!

  20. Looks like you have a very warm and rewarding week of baking. We too have lots of snow and I spent the last two days baking. The warmth of the oven and the smell of fresh cookies, biscuits and coffe cake have made all the difference. Warm and cozy and Happy Baking...

  21. Oh my goodness, sounds like you will be baking non stop. Have fun and don't eat too much.
    Donna xx

  22. Yum, yum, and yum! I would love to be sitting in your kitchen this week! Enjoy!

  23. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet message. You have a very nice blog.

    Enjoy your baking this week. I love to bake, but try not to do much of it since we don't need to be eating it here at my home.

    Have a nice week

  24. Anoniem21/2/11

    Lovve white, but hoping for some sunshine and lovely blue skies for you. What a wonderful way to enjoy cold weather - inside baking.

    Lisa x

  25. Hmmm... Happy baking week Saskia !

  26. Love that pic! :-)

    Have fun - and please show us what becomes! :-)

  27. Wish you a lovely week Saskia! Your baking is awesome :)

  28. lovely treats and have a very nice week

  29. Wat zal het lekker bij jullie thuis ruiken.
    als vast gefeliciteerd met Celeste. fijne kleurrijke week. Lieve Groetjes Esther.

  30. Dat wordt een hele drukke maar oh zo gezellige week lieve Saskia.
    Veel plezier met bakken.
    liefs Ester

  31. Hello Saskia,

    much thanks for your nice comment in my blog. Zorro is a biewer yorkie and we have him and his little brother now since three years. Three years full of funny situations with them and full of so much love from two tiny and sweet doggies. We love both deeply.
    Your pictures are great and so inspired. I love what you show!

    Have a nice week,
    Tanja from germany

  32. Best place to be when its snowy is a warm kitchen with the smell of baking, and looks like thats where you'll be all week!!
    Have a great week, Happy 3rd Birthday to Quinten, and a happy birthday to Celest too - a busy but fun week ahead for you!!

    Gill x

  33. Hi Saskia,
    I will be very busy this week too and I wait that it doesn't rain very much here.
    Have a lovely week!

  34. How fun to have a whole week of baking planned, well, except for the dishes of course, always my least favorite part ;)

  35. Dat wordt een lekkere en gezellige week:) Veel plezier....gelukkig was het wit maar van korte duur, het is wel koud nu maar de lucht is zo blauw!!!!Lieve groetjes

  36. Have a nice week your self too.......
    Greetings Bianca

  37. Ik wens je heel veel plezier met het bakken van al dat lekkers.
    Vergeet je schortje niet over te binden ...

  38. I wouldn't mind being in your kitchen this week :)

  39. Anoniem21/2/11

    WIT,hier gelukkig niet haha,wel brrr koud,zo ga je de hele week bakken,mag ik bij jullie komen logeren haha,ik heb vandaag een cake gebakken,zoo jammie,ik wens je een fijne week lieve Saskia,groetjes Joke.

  40. Mmmmm, ik ruik een bakgeur. Komt dat bij jou vandaan?
    Je tuin was vast wit van het meel.

    Lieve groet

  41. Great picture showing snow but not having to be out in it.
    Have fun in the kitchen.

  42. Happy Monday Saskia :) Sorry about your snow, hopefully it will melt soon!
    Love the lil pic, you are just so stinkin clever!
    Sounds like you have a wonderful week ahead!
    Have a lovely lovely day!
    gi gi

  43. More snow then but unexpected, happy baking. :)

  44. Sounds like a busy but fun week! I love scones on suday - somehow, they make people happy. Can't wait to have them again, so lekker! Een heel fijne bakweek lieve Saskia. lieve groet!

  45. Een smulweek voor jullie dus!
    Liefs Michaja

  46. Hoi Saskia,

    Wat hebben jullie een gezellige week voor de boeg. Alvast van harte gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van Celeste en veel plezier de komende dagen!

    Veel lieve groetjes van Madelief xox

  47. That sounds like a whole lot of baking! But what fun to do that on a snowy day...:)

    I hope you are having a great day with your sweet children, staying warm and cozy.

    XOXO Gloria

  48. Wow! That's a lot of baking! I have never made a tart or scones....but I love to eat them. Have fun and hopefully the heat from the oven will add a little warmth to the air.

  49. oh, with all that baking you are going to be busy as a bee ^-^ wish i were there to help you with the baking...and tasting :)
    wishing you a wonderful week ma chère amie xxx

  50. We got some wee white here, too. YUCK! It was almost 60 degrees the end of last week...then snow on Sunday!! BOOO!!!
    I am waiting for Spring to Spring!! :)
    I love your picture...as always. :)
    Have a great week. Good luck with all your baking!! :)

  51. Hi Saskia,
    I would call that a full baking week!!
    My two have baked all day and loaded photographs on their Facebook pages!
    Have a good week.
    Ingrid xx

  52. Have fun with the baking..and I love your wee white! ;D

  53. Hi Saskia,
    enjoy your lovely cold weather and SNOW! We are sweltering in a heatwave here in Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) and would so LOVE IT if we could just once have some of that fluffy white cold stuff! Happy Baking weather ♥

  54. Saskia- you make the best of every situation. Your children are so blest to have you as their Mommy. I would love to share some scones with you!

  55. We are dealing with very similar weather here. I went to sleep hearing torrential rain beat against my window, woke up at five to the persistent tapping of ice against the window, and then peeked out my blinds at 7:30 and could hardly see 10 yards outside my window due to all the icy snow whirling by. This afternoon all is quiet and a warm up is coming! Hard to keep up with all this moody weather, huh?
    Glad to have happened by your blog today. You have a lovely eye for composing pictures!


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