1 februari 2011

* Festive February *

Birthdays are good for you
Statistics show that
the people who have the most live the longest
Larry Lorenzoni

What do we have, let's see
We have Vinciane turning 8
Celeste turning 5
and Quinten turning 3
Mr. Bresten will turn 7 in June

Dearest Mrs. February, you are oh so welcome in our home !


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  1. Anoniem1/2/11

    You are going to have a busy month. The bunch of balloons are bigger than your daughter. Love these photo's. Have a great day.

    Lisa x

  2. Oh wonderful - most welcome in my home as well. My daughter (only child) also has a February birthday so it's quite special to me as well :)

  3. happiest of birthday wishes to your sweet little vincianne, celeste, and quinten. i'm guessing that's celeste with the balloons? what a little sweetpea. love those rosy cheeks!


  4. Oh my gosh! What gifts you received this the shortest of months! She is the cutest child - that last photo is priceless!!!

  5. So adorable, Saskia! Happy Birthday to all your sweethearts!


  6. Oh wow, birthday time in your house!! I spaced my 4 throughout the year in March, July & twins in December, so we can pace ourselves with the big bang that is a twin birthday at Christmas time, crazy!! Love Posie

  7. Hi Saskia,
    Happy February for your family!
    Adorable color pics!
    Have a lovely first February day.

  8. Yay for February! Valentines day and my biryhday month to! Traci

  9. Adorable child in these sweet photos, Saskia.
    Happy Birthday to ALL this month!

    We have several birthdays in February too...a g/son's on the 4th, my daughter's on Valentine's Day, a g/daughter's on the 22nd and a son's on the 27th...not to mention birthdays of 2 g/sons back on Jan26th and 30th.

  10. Hip Hip Hooray for birthdays!
    To all of your 'Gifts' a big hug for their special day.

    Felicity x

  11. Busy Busy birthday month ~~! have fun ;-)

  12. Happy Cake Day for all the special people in your home!


  13. Wow, three birthdays in February! We have one out of four in February. Our forth was due on our sons birthday, but luckily (as he says, anyway) she was two and half weeks early. Happy birthday to all of your sweethearts!

  14. It sounds like a busy month for you dear Saskia. It's like that for us in the summer. Happy Birthday to all. Enjoy your month of love :-)

  15. Saskia, what can I say besides " you are so special!!" ? These images are the cutest ever! Your little bee (they are little forever, aren´t they?) looks like an angel among those baloons! She reminds me Aila, she does!!! I wish I could be there, dear Saskia, to hug you all and kiss you all and have a bite of the several sweeties you will certainly prepare! May my box be over soon and then they will have some Brazilian gift!!
    May God always take good care of you all. May He give you and Mr. M strenght to support them all. May He be around them and give them health, and to you sweet parents too. May His angels always take care of your beloved family, dearest Saskia! My thoughts and my prayers go for YOU and YOUR angels!
    Much love!!! Bela

  16. February is a celebratory month for you, isn't it? How fun! Those pictures are beyond adorable! XX

  17. That 2nd picture is one of my favorite images I've ever seen! I mean it!
    I love you blog, Saskia. Thank you for your friendship. BLESSINGS!! :) :):)

  18. LOL ~ that quote is cute.

    sigh... why must our children grow up so fast?? Sounds like you are in for a busy month Saskia.

    Have fun!
    xo Catherine

  19. Yay Saskia..beautiful post..enjoy all your celebrations!! Hooray!

  20. Dearest Saskia,

    Guess I need to be where the action is... February yielded three in my family; Mom on the 12th; Harry my brother on the 7th and me on the 6th together for a long time with former President Reagan.
    Celeste looks like a cute five year old. For sure, all four of them will look cute! They seem to be as bubbly with joy and energy as their Mommy!!!

    Lots of love,


  21. What a cute and sweet post...

    Happy birthday to the celebrants..:)

    I love seeing balloons in photos.

  22. I love balloons! Let's celebrate this beautiful month with lots of cupcake and confetti. Happy February Saskia!!

  23. cute pictures. Big balloons! And a very happy birthday to all :)

  24. Oh my goodness...what a great month for you all!!!! The month of LOVE...your babies must be full of such joyful LOVE to be born in the sweetest month of all. I adore ...these images my sweet friend.

    Wow...you are going to be one busy momma...what fun. xoxoxox

  25. Hi Saskia!
    These photos are just adorable! They should be in frames... all around her birthday cake!
    Do you make birthday cakes or other fun treats for their big days!?

    Your children are at such a special magical age ~ I loved all the joy and excitement of those days. Each year of parenting brings new joy and new adventures. Treasure each and every one of them. There is so much to be grateful for ♥
    Blessings * always dear heart ~

  26. Hi Saskia, your blog is always full of color and beautiful images... and this month is full of celebrations. Happy bday for the celebrants!! Kisses, Ana

  27. Goeiemorgen Saskia,
    Dat is veel feest en veel blije kindjes in Februari. Wat een schitterende foto's.
    Wat een rijkdom meis. Koester ze.
    Liefs Ester

  28. Gefeliciteerd alvast voor allemaal!

  29. Hi dear,
    what a lovely daughter you have!.May health and love embrace your family day by dy!.

  30. Funny quote this time Saskia!
    Great pictures and that last one is so cute!
    Have a FESTIVE month! Happy B'day to all the celebrants!

  31. Jammer dat zo'n feestje zo'n aanslag is op je leven. Je krijgt het zwaar in februari! Maar ook leuk natuurlijk...

  32. Zware maar leuke tijden...

  33. vier maar leuk feest in februari, mooie foto's

  34. Gefeliciteerd Saskia......bij mij vriendlief jarig....vandaag zelfs. Maak er maar een groot feest van!

    Groetjes Conny

  35. Wat leuk!!! zeg Sassie van me.....dan heb je dus hele andere dingen gedaan in de zomer.......dan van de zon te genieten...allemaal op een na in juni geproduceerd zullen we maar netjes zeggen !! en om je daar aan te herinneren komt er nog een in juni ook !! whahahaahhahahhhaahhah!! geniet van een heerlijke feestmaand lieverd........en nu van de zon genieten in de zomer hoor!!.........liefs van mij.......xxxx....xxx....xx....x....

  36. Heej Sas, hieper de piep voor de kleine grootte dame en wat een toeval mijn zoontje is 8 februari jarig een mooie mmand, liefs IrmaXXX

  37. Hoi Saskia,
    Wat een feestmaand is Februari voor jou/jullie! En dat allemaal in de maand van de liefde ;-)
    Heel veel plezier, geniet & alvast gefeliciteerd!
    Bisous vanuit Versailles,

  38. What lovely photos - Happy Birthday!

  39. SASKIA!!! I AM SO LATE! Oh, I am never late to a birthday party, especially with such bright balloons! ARE ALL OF THESE DEAR CHILDREN YOURS, in the month of FEBRUARY? DO TELL! And the little miss with the balloons...oh dear, she has to be yours....those BIG BEAUTIFUL EYES! HOW ARE YOU ALL? Are you happy beautiful one? I had a rough Monday with a fellow teacher/mother and I felt bad all day long. Coming here to see you all is a balm of healing.Sending you my fondest wishes for a beautiful FEBRUARY OF CELEBRATION!!! BISES, VEEL KUSJES, Anita

  40. It sounds like you will have a very busy month. How fantastic the three of your kids celebrate birthdays the same month:) Hugs and kisses, sweetie
    Wish you a cozy day:)

  41. This month of February is certainly a month of Love with all your adorable, precious munchkins birthdays, with so many celebrations you will certainly have a very happy, joyful, rich and blessed month.

    I adore your photos, these colourful balloons and your sweet one, simply gorgeous!!! Happy Birthday to all of them sweet Saskia. xxxx

  42. Saskia just me again I thought to let you know
    I am homeschooling my little one, there aren't any Waldorf schools near where I live and after looking at some of the local school, which I was not happy about, I decided to teach her myself using Waldorf !!!
    It is a adventure and I am so fortunate to be able to do it.

    You must be so enjoying all of your wonderful days with Mr Quinten before his turn to comes rolling by.

    Happy February my friend. xoxoxo

  43. Hooray for all the reasons to celebrate!

  44. Dat is lekker genieten van alle lekkere taartjes en voorbereidingen deze maand, Alvast gefeliciteerd met al je kinderen, geniet van de verjaardagen en de slinger. Wat een lieve leuke foto's heb je weer gemaakt,Lieve Groetjes Esther.(webwinkeltje komt eraan;-)

  45. Hoi Saskia,
    wat gezellig zo veel feestjes, bij ons ook...nichtje is vandaag 18 geworden. Broer en schoonzusje aan het eind van de maand jarig en schoonzusje gaat één dezer dagen bevallen van hun eerste kindje. HIEPERDEPIEP......!!!!
    Liefs, Ingrid.

  46. Leuk ! Verjaardagen, dwz enkele watermannen en watervrouwen in huis. Het zijn de grootste schatten van de hele wereld !
    Veel plezier, en ik voeg eraan toe... idem dito, hij wordt al 20 !

  47. Met dit soort foto's komen we februari wel door, leuk!

  48. Aw, so cute! Lovely lil gal :)
    You do have a wonderfuly busy month!
    My Cloe turns 11 tomorrow and my Auston turns 13 on the 28th!
    Yay for Birthdays! Love the qoute, too cute!
    gi gi

  49. Your Portuguese is so good, dear Friend!
    Que idéia bacana! = Que idéia legal! = What a cool idea! = What a nice idea!

    Tell her we are sending her (young lady V) a huge kiss and Aila is drawing a surprise to her!!!

    If you like the silverware holders they are yours!:o)
    LOve!! Bela

  50. Zoveel verjaardagen in de korte Februari maand. Dat wordt druk.
    Groetjes Saskia

  51. What a fun month you will be having! Great photos!!

  52. Many Birthdays in february, March, April, May here too! Good evening Saskia! Catherine

  53. Funny!
    Have a good time!

  54. Drahá Saskia obrázky jsou skvělé!!! Užijte si krásně oslavy, nás všechny narozeniny teprve čekají. Moc pozdravů k Vám, Soňa

  55. Hoi Saskia,

    Begrijp ik het nou goed dat jij drie kleine jarige jopjes hebt in februari? Wat een feest! Ze hebben ook zulke mooie namen! Ik wens jullie een hele gezellige feestmaand toe en alvast van harte gefeliciteerd!

    Veel lieve groetjes van Madelief xox

  56. I wish you a very happy february with lots of colors, what a nice photo!

  57. Aww cuteee photos! And I had a good laugh about the quotation, so true :)

  58. wow! what a beautiful,joyful burst of sweetness and colour and such lovely and pretty names :o)

    you are soooooo magical ♥

    love and warmest hugs


  59. Hey lieve Saskia wat een superleuke maand komt eraan voor de kinderen!!dochterlief staat weer kleurrijk te pronken hoor,knappe foto weer!geniet nog van een mooie en gezellige avond.....*-* xxx

  60. Saskia you make me happy today!!!
    I wish you a happy happy february!!

  61. Oh what a beautiful blog! I adore your photography! Sounds like your February is going to be heavenly, and perhaps fattening? Thanks for coming by my place! Best wishes!

  62. Too cute.
    Fabulous photos.
    Love the balloons.
    Such sweet little girl legs!

  63. thanks for your lovely comment saskia. love these balloon pics!


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