3 februari 2011

Let your Love shine

Cute words are printed on these soft colored sweets,
perfect for the month of Love !


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  1. Very cute!!! I love your balloon photos from your last post too. Happy Birthday to your sweet family!!

    Have a beautiful day, sweet Saskia!

    XOXO Gloria

  2. Eh......ik heb je nummer niet Sassie.........slaap lekker lieverd.....tot morgen.....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx............truste....

  3. Oh Saskia! Those colors!
    So bright and cheery!
    Love your photos ~ they bring a big smile to all of us.
    Your little candy heart is like a pearl between the two muffins ♥
    I hope you had a wonderful day today ~ it was soooo sweet for me to be home and cozy... back to work again tomorrow though.
    Wishing you a sweet day Thursday ~ looking forward to all your February posts my dear one~

  4. so sweet, saskia! i hope you're having a wonderful day with all of your little loves.

    we're snowed in, but having lots of fun regardless.

  5. The pic is so sweet!
    Have a lovely day.

  6. That's amazing pic!! I loved !!!

    Beautiful colors!

    Beijos da amiga,


  7. Adorable...and such happy colours....thanks for making my day once again my sweet friend. xoxoxoo How is the Birthday planning going? xoxoxo

  8. Yum yum yum. Sweets and sweets. Nothing better!

  9. I love Valentines day..month..and all the treats and love that go with it! Enjoy every day of it all :D

  10. Adoro esta imagem!
    I love this image!
    Tão simples e cheia de alegria.
    So simple and full of joy.
    O problema é que fiquei com vontade de comer os bolinhos!!!
    The problem is that I want to bite these sweeties so bad!!!
    Você sabe que sou louca por doces, querida Saskia!
    You know I am crazy about sweeties, dear Saskia!

    Today I installed a gadget on my netbook screen and then I can see how the weather is in your pretty Rotterdan!!! I look at the gadget and think " Oh, Saskia is feeling cold now..." and later " oh, Saskia is feeling a bit warmer now." ...and then I can figure (maybe) how cold it is there!! I feel so near you, my Friend!!
    Well, it is late around here. I may go to bed cause tomorrow is a sewing day!!
    Much love to you, sweet!!! Bela

  11. that is the cutest!
    i don't think we has sms ones when we were kids ;)

    happy february my sweet friend, hope it is filled with sweet hearts ♥

  12. So cute....it's really puts me in the spirit of Valentine's day! What does SMS ME mean?

  13. Cute and cute idea to decorate some homemade lil cakes!

  14. Hi Saskia: I have missed your beautiful photos and simple refreshing words. Happy February Hearts to you my dear...

  15. Anoniem3/2/11

    I remember these sweets from years ago. It's fun to see them brought up to date by referring to sms. I love your side bar pictures.

    Lisa x

  16. Grappig gedaan, maar helaas kan ik je smsén.

    liefs Stina

  17. Geef je nummer maar hoor!

  18. GRappig, leuke foto! DE ballon foto's hier beneden zijn ook zo lief!!!Groetjes Corina

  19. Your photos are so sweets and full of colours!!!.I love them!.

  20. Zooo grappig wat er op dat hartje staat. Die hartjes had je al toen ik kind was.....Jaaaaaren geleden '-), en toen had nog nooit iemand van sms gehoor. Echt leuk om te zien dat ze met hun tijd zijn meegegaan.
    Een fijne dag,
    liefs Ester

  21. Quanto amore in questo post! Un abbraccio....

  22. Anoniem3/2/11

    Woow... how sweet!!!

  23. Wuaaau I'm always surprised about your excellent art of making pictures. Sweet and lovely!.

  24. Send you a bunches of love ... Vangen! en verspreiden. Hoe meer hartjes in deze onrustige wereld hoe beter.

    -'denk niet in hokjes, maar in hartjes'-

    Nogmaals ik kom hier weinig, maar telkens als ik je site zie, word ik vrolijk van al die kleurige en gevoelig op de plaat gezette pics. Je moet een bijzonder mensenmens zijn.

    Hartverwarmende dag!
    Liefs! Benona

  25. Ja leuk blijven die hartjes en helemaal met tekst aangepast aan deze tijd.
    Fijne dag, lieve groet

  26. Oh!!wat leuk weer Saskia,past weer allemaal cute bij elkaar.....geniet nog van je dagje met hele lieve dingen!!!*-*x

  27. GOEDE MORGEN MIJN LIEVE ZUSTER! I am so late in coming due to moving furniture, having after school meetings and such! What a world of color, love, sentiment and sweetness I find here EVERYTIME I COME....Saskia, your friendship is precious and thank you for spreading JOY everywhere you go. Our home is starting to take shape, but I have no natural light by which to capture decent pictures! By the time I come home, it is too dark! I LONG FOR ONE DAY that I can take good pictures of our newly furnished rooms! SOon it is coming....this weekend we are going to add the finishing touches!

    MUCH LOVE TO YOU!!! Anita

  28. OMG...everytime I pass by your place, I feel a kind of sweetness...and this is exactly what I was looking for!
    hope you'll come and say hello!
    I follow your wonderful world!

  29. Wat een moderne hartjes...mmm, zo lekker!
    En wat leuk dat je kids in deze koude februarimaand jarig zijn, gezellig wat te vieren dus!
    Wij zijn allemaal in de zomer jarig, wel heerlijk hoor, (bijna) altijd buitenfeestjes...
    Geniet ervan en lieve groet

  30. Moet ik alleen je telefoonnummer nog even hebben.....;0)
    Fijne dag

  31. Ik sms je wel even.......whahahahha!! liefs geniet !!! ....xxx....

  32. Tuurlijk maar dan moet ik wel even je nummer hebben :-)

  33. I might be the only one but I don't think I know what SMS means.

  34. Nice.
    I love word heart candy.

  35. Altijd leuk en zo origineel jouw post.
    Je hebt dan ook niet voor niets zoveel fans.
    Fijne avond en liefs


    o ja, dit is een smsje ;)

  36. Let your love shine... wow, great words! I'll copy them!!!! ahaha!

  37. Saskia, ik word helemaal vrolijk van jouw blog! Groetjes Anja

  38. Hi there Saskia, thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment! Love the cupcakes:) Your blog is gorgeous with so many pretty pictures!

    Have a blessed day!

  39. Oh heerlijke van die lekkere hartjes!!!

  40. Hier een smsje van mij ;-) Wat een mooie foto, Fijn weekend Lieve Groetjes Esther.

  41. Yes I will sms you, but I don't have your number!
    Today I have a little bit time to visit my blogfriends and you are one of them, with such beautiful and very special fotos!!
    have a nice weekend
    lieve groetjes

  42. I just learned sms because I got a blackberry but 2 weeks ago wouldn't of had a clue! heard the candy hearts were getting more modern. Lovely photos.

  43. Oh Saskia, HALLO MIJN LIEVE SASKIA! It is Thursday night here, I am home in my new two room addition helping Ruben put up shelves in his new office. We are so excited that we finally have electricity in our new space and little by little, we will had the texture of TIME, IDEAS, JOYS, and MORE JOYS to the rest of this home. What a long week it has been as it has been extremely cold here, but the weekend IS coming,and like you dear heart, I am longing for some ME TIME and this is it. I love spending it with all of you wonderful friends that send messages of sweet hope and love, and I think I will start my new blog post for the weekend. Are you drinking your tea dear one? I have CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT tea with milk by my side. I lift up my cup to you in praise of your beautiful soul! VEEL KUSJES!!! Anita

  44. Cute words and yummi cupcake for sure :D
    Sorry i've been away from here!

    Have a nice weekend friend ;]

  45. Saskia, are you in the list of my Giveaway ?.Yes!!!.Enjoy your week end!.

  46. Saskiaaaaa, OMG, it's friday again, time FLIES! And i missed your last sweet post. Am in the finishing line for the magazine right now, data must be ready over the weekend, so, i'm buried in work. Your kids are soooooooo gorgeous! And so is this post! Big hugs vor een heel fijne dag!

  47. Hi Sweetie!

    How cute is this...and that little one down below with all the pretty balloons! Happy birthday month to your adorable family!...Have a fun weekend!

    xoxo Paulette

  48. just cute!
    gorgeous pic!
    happy weekend,

  49. Super Cute, I love February <3 <3 <3
    gi gi

  50. Aww that is so very sweet!!! I love cupcakes:) Yum yum yum:)
    Hugs and kisses, sweetie

  51. Love, love, love this!!! I feel like a little girl again!


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