5 februari 2011

the Fulfilling Feeling

The trick to getting things done is
to list things to do in doable order
Robert Brault

I soooo need to remember and act on these wise words

Have a fulfilling weekend !


I know, my image today has absolutely nothing to do with my words
but looking at this happily colored heart does give me a great feeling
I think it's a kind of fulfilling feeling, does that sound strange?


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  1. Wise words, and ones I need to act on too :D I hope you have the most wonderful weekend sweet Saskia. Huge hugs to you and yours ~ Txx
    PS: I love your 'happily coloured heart' :D

  2. What a terrific quote Sass, I think it should go on the front of 'The Long Lists' section of my inspiration folder.

    Thank you for the gift of the happy heart, I hope that is exactly what you have this weekend,

    Felicity x

  3. you always post things that are beautiful and interesting - whether or not they go together - WE DON'T CARE! Just keep posting! :)

  4. Love the heart and made with sweets too which can be eaten after the photoshoot!
    Have a good weekend.

  5. Hmmm I need to make doable lists ... X

  6. Hi Saskia,
    Wise words and the heart is so sweet!
    Have a gret and sunny weekend.

  7. Beautiful photo...so pretty! And wise words Saskia..shine on!!

  8. nice saskia..
    lots of meanings..
    keep it up..

  9. Hi Saskia! I love Robert Brault's wisdom and humor, too. I assume you're one of his blog followers? Such a wonderful man.
    I wish you a blissful and fulfilling weekend, too! Hugs!

  10. Very wise words and I do believe in them. I just wish I learned long ago how to make lists and check things off. I would rather be doing instead of listing my to do's. :o) Happy February Hearts to you and yours...

  11. Saskia I agree that your heart photo is joyful, and I too posted a heart image today. Hearts are in the air.

  12. The trick to getting things is done is have someone else take care of the daughter for a little while ;) Especially now she is in a super clingy phase again. But making lists is indeed great. Well, the checking off is :D

  13. beautiful picture and WISE words! happy weekend

  14. wat heb ik die snoepjes veel gegeten in het verleden, nu niet meer hoor.

    Fijn weekend groet Stina

  15. Anoniem5/2/11

    A sweet heart from a sweet girl. Love that quote. Great reminder.

    Lisa x

  16. Lieffie elke keer als ik op jouw blog kom heb ik dat gevoel !!! hahahahahah!! jij maakt mijn dag vandaag.....en morgen.....en overmorgen......en de dag erna....en de dag daarna......en die daar weer na komt......er komt gelukkig geen eind aan !! ...you make my day darling......love you ....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  17. You never sound stange, dearest Friend, never! You live poetry and then everything is possible. That is the reason I love visiting you and join my joy here! Your thoughts make me so good and alive! The bright colorful heart above is perfect!
    Dear Friend, I felt a little bad yesterday, maybe the heat, maybe too much work. I gave myself some instants in bed, quiet and calm (trying cause little pea was around:o). I hope I am feeling better today. I have just woken up and then I felt like writing to you.
    Oh, Saskia, dear, I got scared when you told me the incident with the bike! Wow! Dear, take care with cycling when the weather is rainy or snowy!! Please, do!

    Well, Saturday is here beside you and me. Mine has just arrived and yours is running. I must go downtown in the morning and stay home in the afternoon. Some sewing will be done, sure:o)

    I wish your weekend is blessed. Kiss V,B,C, and Q for me. Hug them too! Love you! Much! Bela

  18. Hi, sweet Saskia!

    A fulfilling feeling makes sense to me!

    Thank you for the inspiring quote, too!

    I've missed being around. It really has been a tough school year but, I seem to be through a big lump of the hard stuff. I hope all is going well with you!

    I'm so glad to come a visit and get a good dose of my cheeriness quotient for the day! =]

    Love, Katy Noelle

  19. Anoniem5/2/11

    Ow wat gaaf deze foto,het gekleurde snoepjes hart,jammie en het behang,super! sorry soms heb ik moeite met het engels te lezen,ik wens je een fijn weekend,liefs Joke,x

  20. Well! I've just had a lovely ol' rummage around and think that, possibly, you are having waaaaay too much fun being a mom! =D I love this quote from the New Year, "Simply become who you are!"

    It's so good to visit you again!

  21. Och,snoepjes zijn zo lekker,leuke foto zo,fijn weekend,xxx.

  22. I'll make that the quote of the day! Happy weekend Saskia!

  23. Passare da te mette sempre il buonumore...

  24. it's a yummie picture ;)

  25. Most certainly! I love to make to do lists, it feels so great to tick things off :)


  26. heerlijk om weer even op je blog te zijn:) wat een vrolijk gekleurde snoepjes.. sweet memories uit mijn jeugd:)

    fijn weekend!
    lieve groet, Tjitske

  27. Oh dearest, you are so right! IN fact, being the muted color person that I am, I am having a BURST OF COLOR run through my thoughts as well!!!! I LOVE THE EDIBLE HEART here; so sweet. How are you my precious friend? I too am juggling many things at one time and it is scarry, but ONE THING AT A TIME, RIGHT? LOVE YOU! Anita

  28. Oh my! How I needed that quote. Doable order it is! Thanks for sharing!

  29. Wat leuke foto Saskia - makes me happy to see all the pretty hearts in blogland, with so much generosity and LOVE! Have a fantastic lekkere weekend. Here - het zonnetje kruipt weg - rain coming! Big hugs :)

  30. Wat een kleurrijke foto Saskia. Goede tip trouwens hoor. Heb nog wel een wastlijstje liggen hier ;-)
    Liefs Ester

  31. So pretty...hearts are my love this month my friend...they are everywhere. I have a busy weekend a head of me...working on lots of upcoming projects but it is all fun...sending you oodles of love for a wonderful day and lovely Birthdays...enjoy every moment of your weekend.

    Hugs and love

  32. Hey Saskia weer een warme foto!de snoepjes gaan van pas komen deze maand hé?geniet samen van een heerlijk weekend,hier veel wind....dus binnen.......*-* xxx

  33. Good morning, Saskia! Such wonderful advice--and I LOVE that sweet image! Definitely made me smile!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, my friend!


  34. Eu gosto de como suas palavras são fofas e não fazem sentido. gosto disso.

  35. A "doable order"!!!!!
    Good to remember!
    hugs to you....sorry i haven't been by. Crazy life and away for awhile...I'll be back in more often now:)

  36. Hoi Saskia,
    herkenbare woorden en snoepjes, jammer dat ik ze niet in huis heb nu...zou best wel een handje.....neeee niet goed voor me(maar wel lekker).
    Liefs, Ingrid.

  37. dear saskia...
    amazing post and the heart made me soooo happy....
    wishing you a wonderful weekend.... xx pam

  38. Hoi Saskia,

    Ik vind dat de woorden juist heel goed bij de snoepjes passen. Het is maar net hoe je het bekijkt ;-)! Ik kan mij voorstellen dat je vrolijk wordt van al die kleurtjes. Ik heb dat precies hetzelfde. Daarom geniet ik ook zo enorm van de kleur om mij heen op de tuin!

    Geniet van je weekend en waai niet weg :-)!

    Lieve groetjes xox Madelief

  39. Happy Saturday Saskia!
    I love your colorful picture!!!!
    The first thing I NEED to do is make a list, ah ha ha!!!!
    Hope you get your doeable things done!
    gi gi

  40. What a fabulous page of happy color! The SMS me heart is just too much! I need to find those candies -- can you believe how our vocabulary has changed!! The birthdays look most joyous!!

  41. Wijze woorden, maar let op, hier komen wijze woorden van mij.
    Laat toch kaarten maken van jouw foto's.
    Als ik terug kijk zie ik stuk voor stuk kaarten (lees foto's) die ik zo zou kopen, om zelf te houden of om op te sturen.
    of heb je daar wel eens aan gedacht?

    Lieve groet

  42. Enjoy your week end sweet Saskia!.

  43. dat is een tekst om goed te onthouden (en toe te passen!)

    Wat een leuke foto heb je er bij gezet, die snoepjes doen me aan vroeger denken....

    Lieve groet,

  44. MOST WONDERFUL FRIEND! Oh, what a fun but exhausting day of juggling making VALENTINES, painting tables, moving furniture and still, we are no where NEAR moving in or taking pictures! Ruben, my dear dear husband, has a lot of work! But it is all part of building the nest together, and it is a cozy evening here. I hope you are having a pleasant weekend with those fabulous children of yours! BE HAPPY MY DEAR HEART! Anita

  45. Anoniem6/2/11

    That definitely does not sound weird!
    It's a darling and sweet picture and it makes me cheery too!

    Have a great weekend...and I love and live by that quote, btw!
    Life is all about setting our priorities straight!
    Thanks for the pretty reminder!

    Ciao Bella!

    Creative Carmelina

  46. you were just following your own plan to do something
    beautiful that was doable!

    and it is a lovely image.

  47. I agree, a doable list, I need to keep that in mind. Such a needed quote for me. Thanks for sharing.

  48. Hi Saskia ~
    Oh I have two thoughts on your post ~
    The quote * I love Robert Brault's quotes. I check on his pages of quotes often... there is so much there to think about and to smile about... such real life thoughts!
    Your image, to me, does represent this quote ~ of doing the doable things ~ The heart you made has lots of different colors...each representing something to do. Sometimes we go through the day, week ...even a year ~ wondering if all we do makes a difference... when in the end... we are actually creating a mosaic of things done in love ~ for love, and to bring joy to the happy hearts around us ~

    peace & joy to you dear friend * you have a sweet, dear heart ♥

  49. Thanks for stopping by my blog - im glad you did as i now get to see yours....and its fabulous!!!

  50. So very beautiful, darling. How are you doing? Kisses and hugs for your Sunday

  51. I love the picture! Cheerful bright colours yaaayyy :)have a lovely Sunday!

  52. Ah, such wise thoughts and a pretty image, too. I always get such a big smile when I visit your blog.


  53. I love making 'to do' lists. It gives me a sense of accomplishment crossing each item off as it gets completed. Sometimes I don't get all of them done so I just make a new list! ;)

    Love the colored heart! Sweet sweet!!!
    xo Catherine

  54. Oh I love the colorful heart! Yes, very wise words and I should so right them down and pin it up.
    Not so good at the list making thing either.
    Thanks for your very sweet comment Saskia!
    Have a wonderful day!

  55. Thanks for stopping by my blog =] Your photo's are gorgeous!

    I have lists coming out of my ears - one day i might follow them!

  56. Mooie woorden en wat een lekker hartje :)
    Fijne nieuwe week lieve Saskia!

  57. Happy and colorful week Saskia.
    kisses, Ana

  58. Goedemorgen lieve Saskia,ik wens je een heerlijke week toe,maak het gezellig binnen en laat de boel maar waaien hé?dikke knuff......*-* xxx

  59. Love your blog,
    and honestly, I do need that doable order list too.
    rettig kennis te maken!

  60. Wijze woorden en een prachtige kleurrijke foto, Saskia !
    Fijne avond,

  61. Hey, my dear Saskia!!!
    Long time no see =)!

    It does not sound strange. Seing the heart gives me warmth!

    Miss u!

  62. Hey lieve Saskia!ja hoor hier brandt alles ook weer,lekker warm binnen want hier is het flink aan het waaien en het regent nog ook!!geniet ook nog van een cozy avondje.....*-* xxx

  63. Beautiful heart and inspiring words!

    Best wishes,

  64. Un real plaesure to come and visit you, a wonderfull and colored heart for a nice week.
    Kuind regards

  65. Dear Saskia,

    Such wise words and I have written the quote in my journal. Thanks for sharing.



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