23 februari 2011


Trust only movement
Life happens at the level of events, not of words
Trust movement
Alfred Adler

In my house there is a lot of dressing up going on this week
So far we have
a princess
a farmer
an air hostess
a baker
Friday = Carnival day at school

I took this picture 6 years ago
my three year old Vinciane holding her cousins clowny hand

I am still determined to not enter school all dressed up,
what would you do?
Put on a silly hat or wear a funny apron?
tell me, oh tell me so

xo xo xo

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  1. Anoniem23/2/11

    Love this. I'd do both.

    Lisa xx

  2. gorgeous sweet photo!
    loved to read that!
    sleep well Saskia

  3. Hi!

    We love carnaval here in Brasil! I didn't know that you have carnaval too! It's so fun! Don't you?

    Hugs to you my friend

  4. Mooie foto! Ik zou voor de schort gaan, pollepel erbij, klaar! Truste lieve Saskia,

  5. Super adorable photo. I would definitely dress up in a fun costume. I think the children enjoy seeing adults having fun. For our American Halloween I always dress up (never scary!) to give out the candy and toys. Some say I am merely a child myself and I always take that as a compliment. We are only as old as we act and feel. Happy Carnival to all...

  6. Hi Saskia,
    In my city don't have Carnival. The Carnival is only for children, but is holliday in Carnival's days.
    Lovely pic! So sweet...
    Have a nice day.

  7. I love getting dressed up. I like your idea of a funny hat or apron, I'd probably go with the fun hat :)

  8. Ah, the hat and apron would be wonderful especially if it is a chef's hat and you are carrying cupcakes! ;)

  9. we don't have carnival here, saskia. although, on thursday evening, one of my girls will be a little kitten in her school play. she has been practicing her lines and her 'meows'.


  10. Hi Saskia!
    Do you have a princess hat or a crown? You would make a beautiful princess :o)
    Your photo is so precious, Saskia! I love visiting here... it's such a sweet place to be ♥
    Your quote is perfect, it goes along with "actions speak louder than words."
    This is so very true.
    It's good for us to remind our children... but it's also something I need to remind myself all the time!
    I hope you are having a wonderful birthday week, Saskia!
    I know February is a big month at your house!
    Happy, Happy week to you!

  11. Saskia my dear, what a beautiful and sweet photo! I love it!
    Thanks for your nice comments.
    Hugs from Brazil,

  12. Go with both...flair will save the day! ;D

  13. How fun! That photo is precious! You do have a very busy month in your house!

  14. I am no help my friend....we have so many dress up days at our school. Last one was hat and glasses day. I think we have PJ day coming up soon...that is the one I love the most! PJ's and slippers all day long. Oh yes and we had backwards day...that was really silly.

    Today I spent the day in my PJ'S...missed school as mr. flu bug decided it would be nice to visit me...seeeing he had already visited most of my students!

    Sending you oodles of love for a fun day on Friday...I know I will visit before the big day. Happy Birthday to all.


  15. Dearest Saskia,

    Hard to tell; my feelings what to wear depend on the day itself. I love the unpredictable as it surprises everyone. You follow your hart and that will always be the best. Like your excellent photos each time. Nice slice of life from Saskia's world...

    Lots of love,


  16. Why not do both?? :)
    Like a "mad baker" look??? Could become the new chic trend. ;)
    Have fun!!

  17. precious picture! If the carnival is a big deal and people really get into it, then I'd go out.

  18. Hello Sweet Saskia,
    Oh to play "Dress Up"...I LOVE this idea...and I agree with Maria, "Princess Saskia" it should be.
    Delightful as always...Love Rosie

  19. The cutest little wee folk in your photograph.

    Do something simple like you mentioned it doesn't have to be extravagent to be fun.


  20. Such a cute photograph!

    I would definately dress up, it will be fun X

  21. So adorable!! What a sweet moment to capture so you will have it forever!

  22. Aww that is a really sweet photo. Dressing up is always fun for children and adults alike.


  23. Well, whichever you decide, I'm sure it will be fun :-) Loved that sweet photo.

  24. Ik zou alleen een gekke hoed opzetten.
    Fijne Carnaval vrijdag voor de Kids.
    Groetjes Saskia

  25. Anoniem23/2/11

    How sweet!!!

    Lieve groet van Sas

  26. Anoniem23/2/11

    Cute photos!

  27. Ik zou van jouw een prinses maken......!! hahahahah!! en van mijzelf zijn er variaties genoeg om te bedenken...whahahhahaahah!! lig in een deuk ....zullen we samen gaan ???...liefs fijne dag geniet van het verkleedspul ! liefs Ria...xxx...xxx...xxx..

  28. So many choices, gorgeous!! Always like a good farmer costume, with animal props?? Love Posie

  29. sas
    trek gewoon je schortje aan en dat is okee Ik trek alles wat ik aan verkleedkleding heb aan en das veel. Je herkend me vast niet meer! xxx

  30. Wat een leuke lieve foto, je kunt gewoon mee als fotograaf ;-) Ik heb een weggevertje voor je klaar staan, wil je je adres even naar mijn mailen dan kan ik het naar je sturen. Fijne Carnaval Lieve Groetjes Esther.

  31. Ik laat het verkleden ook altijd aan de kinderen over :)
    Hier wordt carnaval pas op 25 mrt gevierd. Meer kan op mooi weer aangezien ze het buiten vieren. En alleen op de kleuterschool want vanaf 6 jaar ben je groot en doen we niet meer aan gekkigheid. Rara Fransen. Zelfs de verjaardagen worden niet meer gevierd op de lagere school!!!!
    Bisous ma belle!

  32. In jouw foto's zit schoonheid altijd in die kleine details ... de kleurige kleertjes versus de grijze stoep. Genieten! Liefs, @nne

  33. My precious friend,

    I saw your lovely visit yesterday on my blog from my work computer at school, left you a comment and when I hit the REACTIE PLAATSEN button, my comment was NOT ACCEPTED!!!! Ohhhhh, so here I come this morning before class starts to see that you have posted the most darling picture...and are in a bit of a little dilemma! Well....I LOVE TO DRESS UP FOR SCHOOL, but this last year, have not had the energy (shhhh!Mme Rivera without energy? UNHEARD OF!) So, I will just come in with a smile and LISTEN to all the kids' funny accounts of why they chose their costumes. I figure, they WON'T BE LISTENING TO ME because of all their excitement, so I go with the flow and that is it!!!! But maybe you can wear JUST A TUTU....dress normally, but just put on a TUTU over your regular clothes. THAT WORKS TOO!!!!! LOVE YOU! Anita

  34. Saskia, dear, you would look great in a lovely apron!!! I close my eyes and imagine all these!!! We do have "Carnaval" in Brasil, too! I haapy celebration all over the country. We prefer to stay quiet in a nice resort instead of all the celebration. But people love this date!!
    Dear Friend, we are traveling tomorrow morning. Two days trip. Driving. I will be connected today and tomorrow only at night by the time we reach a hotel. We will drive half way, stop to spend th night and continue our trip on Friday.
    Be sure I will get in touch as soon as possible.
    Love YOU!
    Enjoy your party, sweet Saskia!!
    Bunches of kisses to you and your little ones!!!

  35. Wat een leuke foto.
    Het lijkt voor mij al weer zo lang geleden. Geniet ervan het gaat zo snel.
    Veel plezier en een hoedje is genoeg hoor.
    Lieve groet

  36. Very sweet picture. Oh come on have fuN dress up a little. Paint your face and wear a hat.

    What ever you do the kids are going to remember you made it fun for them and that is all that really matters!!

    Enjoy the Day

  37. Als Fotograaf natuurlijk . Hang een heleboel camera's om je nek en je kan meteen lekker foto's maken . Ja en dan kan je echt niet meedoen met de polonaise ..... klik ...klik .
    misschien een interessante bril zonder glazen ... en zo.n oude polaroid met meteen foto's .... wel leuk hoor !

  38. Ik ben dol op carnaval...man en ik hebben elkaar zelfs met carnaval leren kennen:)
    Dit jaar even niet want ik moet de week erna weer volop aan t werk en dat is dan net wat teveel...maar leuk dat jullie het op school vieren...en je tovert jezelf vast tot iets heel leuks om. Ik ga op de uitkijk staan vrijdag:)
    Lieve groetjes en alvast heel veel plezier!

  39. Sweet photo of the cousins walking hand and hand. I can hardly wait for warmer weather so I can step up my movement outside!

  40. Anoniem23/2/11

    Wat een schattige foto en ja ik zou wel een leuke hoed of iets doen,leuk toch! fijne middag,avond,liefs Joke,x

  41. I used to love carnival as a child. I would totally go with a funny hat or a cute hairband:) Kisses, darling

    Ps: I’m hosting a stunning Ruche GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in :)

  42. my dear saskia, since you are such a great baker, why not the chef's hat and apron ? the most important thing is that you really feel comfortable and happy with whatever you decide.
    hope you have tons of fun !

  43. I guess from your comment that the Mums are expected to dress up for carnevale? I go with the previous commenters, chef's hat and apron!

  44. Such a cute photo!Great colors and angle.
    I say...go with the apron...and fill the pockets with lots of treats for the little ones! An apron is something different too. Have fun!

  45. They were adorable!.I don't like very much Carnival....because when I was a child my mother dressed me like Arlecchino(a boy) but I Would to dress by a beautiful princess with a very wide and precious clothes...so I was very angry and I don't forget it !.

  46. Hoi Saskia,
    Dank voor je blogbezoek!
    Nog even iets over Carnaval:
    Ik haat het!Sorry.
    Ik word er zo ongelukkig van.
    Ik doe bijna altijd al gek&vrolijk.
    Een schort vind ik leuk genoeg.
    Ik moet nog iets bedenken voor op mijn werk.
    Fijne avond en tot ziens.
    Met hart&ziel:Sil.

  47. Oh..oh...carnaval...ik heb het altijd gevierd, maar de laatste jaren geef ik er eigenlijk niets meer om....maar voor de kinderen is het natuurlijk wel leuk als je verkleed gaat.....doe lekker gek, wat kan jou het schelen....je valt nu toch niet op tussen alle anderen....:0
    Veel plezier...
    Groetjes Bianca

  48. Hoi Saskia,

    Wat ontzettend leuk om vier kleintjes aan te kleden voor het carneval!! Bij ons op de basisschool vierden ze het jammergenoeg niet. Heel veel plezier vrijdag! Een gekke hoed kan toch geen kwaad?

    Veel lieve groetjes van Madelief xox

  49. Dear Saskia, such a nice foto it looks so sweet!!
    For carnival you can do all you like, their are no rules.... I'm living near by Cologne and everything is okay, if you like it!
    have a nice week and
    lieve groetjes

  50. Have agood night with sweet dreams. And a wonderful day , tomorrow.

    Hugs my sweet Saskia.

  51. Hello,
    You have a beautiful name.
    We went to a fab party on Saturday, also called a Carnival here. There were a few baker kids there who were pretty cute.
    A hat and apron could be good. You could have a little helper, maybe some fabric cupcakes.
    I hope you have a great time,
    Tracy from Romi and Bob

  52. Such a sweet photo. I vote for both. Have fun! Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  53. Saskia- such a beautiful sweet photo- the innocence of a child. Your photos steal my heart--

  54. :o))))
    Love U.....
    sky size!!!!
    baci!! Bela

  55. Hai! Dank voor je lieve bericht en je compliment..en veel plezier met de voorbereidingen voor carnaval. Ga ik jouw blog eens lekekr doospitten want ik werd al gelokt..door al dat lekker..yummie..(oh ik haat mijn levenslangedieet! ;-))

  56. ....here too,it's raining and it's gray,blaaaa!!!!.Thanks for your comments!!!.

  57. Oi
    É bom registrar esses momentos dos pequenos.
    Obrigada por sua visita ao "Encantos Artesanatos"
    Amei seu Blog e comecei segui-lo.Bjs

  58. I would probably put on a silly hat AND wear a funny apron! Enjoy your wonderful children while they are young...this time goes by so quickly~~~Blessings~~Shine
    PS...Your blog is most lovely:)


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