27 augustus 2010

Time for some cocooning

Dearest Maria of Calm Energy send me a package
filled with thoughtful JOY :

Her flour sack towels are the best and the prettiest moreover
lots of sweet petits, all with a handwritten petit note
and, this beautiful book by Arnold Lobel.

I cannot wait for Autumn to arrive at my doorstep,
for some cocooning with my little ones.
Your sweet read will be in between, Maria!
I already turned the fire on ....
Now, pop over to meet this beautiful lady, here
You don't want to miss her wonderful posts !


30 opmerkingen:

  1. How wonderful...I am so ready for fall too...Its getting cooler and cooler here ...I cant wait for the leaves to turn yellow and red:)
    Sweet dreams,sweetie
    Wish you a wonderful weekend:)

  2. Nee, eerst nog wat heerlijke nazomerdagen met de ZON!!!! wat heb je toch mooie ontmoetingen over de hele wereld...lieve groetjes Jolanda

  3. Beautiful, Saskia! I'm ready for some fall cocooning, too! Nothing like resting with your loved ones in front of a crackling, warm fire...aaahhhhh!

    Hope you're having a beautiful day, my friend!


  4. Hi lovely Saskia,
    The Maria's gift is pretty!
    I'm worried about the gift that I sent to you. It already must have fond, I sent to the fast post office.
    Have a great friday!

  5. I love her too...I always love to visit her blog...very cute things she sent you...and it is time for cocooning here too! :D

  6. Beautiful...oh so lovely!!

  7. Oh that maria...she is amazing!!! you all are amazing...I really do not know what I would do without you guys...hugs my dear dear sweet friend....enjoy your towels!!!! xoxoxo

  8. Hello, Saskia! It's so lovely to come and share your cheer thoughts and pictures! I hope that the new school year is truly lovely and full of good things for you all!

    Love, Katy Noelle xo

  9. I haven't seen this blog yet Saskia so thanks for letting me know about it.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, enjoying your last days of summer weather!

    Best wishes always,

  10. Thanks for the heads up!
    I wish I could be close to a fireplace right now... ok IF it was cold!

    btw, you asked me if my last name was dutch, yes... well kind of... my husband is South African with a little Dutch and French in his blood ;)


  11. Cocooning sound wonderful, and what more with a great book to read..... fire place..... cozy!!!!

  12. Happy Autumn to you my lovely and lots of lovely cosy moments with your gorgeous little ones! :-)

    Have a lovely weekend!!

  13. Wat lief zeg!
    Tranenthee een leuk verhaal :)
    Ik speel trouwens tikkertje en ik heb je getikt :) Kijk je even op mijn blog.
    Bonne week end!
    Et est-ce que le facteur est déjà passé avec une grande enveloppe de la France?
    Bisous Michaja

  14. Sassie.....................owwwww........zo leuk ditte......Maria is zo lief !! en jij ook !!! ..............Allemaal lieve mensen.........behalve de bouwvakkers hiero.......6.15 !! vonden ze het nodig om heel veeeeeeeeel lawaai te maken.......en mannetje lief was om 5 uur al op en weg....kort nachtje dus........moe......xxxxxxxxxxx....liefs Ria....

  15. Lief, leuk, berichtje, Fijn weekend, Lieve groetjes Esther.

  16. Mooie dingen, Saskia, geniet ervan !
    Ik wou toch nog graag een mooie nazomer ;-)
    Fijn weekend,

  17. My Friend Saskia, Maria has sent you treasure! So nice to see good heart people around us, isn't it? You are so pretty and blessed and deserve all the best from life! "Cocooning"is a new word for me, dear Saskia! I LOVE it!!! So me and my small family!!! Thanks!!

    All my best wishes for an amazing weekend to you and your little bees!!!! Tight hug, dear Friend! Bela.

  18. Hi sweet Saskia,
    Here, in the brazilian post office they had said in a stated period of 6 days it my package to arrive there. I'm anxious!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  19. Hello my darling.
    I turned the fire on yesterday night.!
    Isn't it like meeting an old friend you haven't been in touch for a while?

  20. Dear Saskia, what a surprise Maria has send you a great treasure!! So nice :-))
    Yes and autum is coming, the colours are changing, but i like it too!!
    wish you a lovely weekend

  21. Dear Saskia
    I love the flour sack towels..it is so pretty! I am ready for fall as well, FLorida is sooo hot in summer!
    Enjoy your week-end!
    Ingrid :)

  22. The anticipation of fall colors ~ warmth and love!

    Happy Weekend Saskia!
    xo Catherine

  23. Anoniem3/9/10

    Ehmm ziet er prachtig uit,maar ik snap sommige engelse woorden niet zo goed,knap dat je zo kunt schrijven trouwens,of is het je moedertaal,ik zou ook wel een 2 talige blog willen maar ze zouden in een deuk liggen om mijn schoolboeken engels haha,ik wens je een goed weekend,lieve groet Joke.

  24. dank je wel voor je mooie link Saskia en........heb je mijn boots daar gezien??????
    geniet van jullie weekend meis!


  25. she is such a darling! how enchanting is arnold
    lobel? his stories are just so charming and funny.

    your children will be delighted.

    i'm sending sweet blessing your way. . .

  26. Lovely! I like cocooning.

  27. I'm looking forward to autumn too.
    I added you to my sidebar.


  28. I love books by that writer! They are so cute. I loved them as a kid :)

  29. Hi Saskia!
    Oh I'm so glad you stopped by to tell me you had posted! Thank you for making it so pretty!
    Wrapping up little treats to send your way was such a fun day for me! I remember too, how quickly the package arrived! It was there in three days! Sometimes mail that goes to a nearby town takes longer :o)
    It was meant to fly!

    I hope you have wonderful memories reading "Owl at Home" and that these memories last just as long as mine!

    Enjoy the towels too! They are my fav's
    Blessings Always ~ Maria


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