25 augustus 2010

Bye bye Summer cup

The morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration about it
which the cheering influence of
the afternoon or evening cup of tea
cannot be expected to reproduce.
Oliver Wendell Holmes 1891

How this quote suits me

Our Saturday morning cup is close,
the bEsT cup of the week !


Have a joyful weekend !

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  1. Anoniem10/9/10

    beautiful images!
    Nice weekend and kisses:)

  2. Oh I love your photos:)
    Cannot wait for the weekend...
    hugs to you today:)

  3. sweet!
    weekend is just around the corner.
    enjoy it lovely Saskia ♥

  4. Mooi Sassie......ik zit net aan een bakkie...uit zo'n zelfe kop in het ....bordeaux rood...herfst !!! kop !! we hebben ze ook in het grijs......ik heb ze op een zweedse blog in het roze en lichtblauw gezien.,,,,,,,die zoek ik dus nog....maar helaas kan ik ze nergens vinden.........snik.....ik moet opschieten nu...moet alles nog inpakken.....etc etc....ik ben niet op gang te krijgen.....erg he??? schaam me diep.....manlief stond om 4 uur al naast zijn bed.......die is bloemetjes aan het kopen en ik......zit te niksen......schaam me...echt !! ik ga gauw aan de gang als ie zo komt kunnen we weg.....toedeloe......lieve Sassie van me....xxxxxxx.....

  5. What a beautiful cup of ... in mijn geval meestal gevuld met thee trouwens. Mooie foto weer. Wens je alvast een heel fijn weekend!


  6. Wat een mooie 'summer cup', Saskia !
    Heel fijn weekend,

  7. Oh Saskai, I AM WITH YA HERE! I cannot wait to savor my cup of tea (not a coffee drinker) tomorrow morning and just SIT THERE AND STARE out my beautiful window!!!! Have a beautiful one dearest!!!! Anita

  8. Hey Saskia wat een heerlijk kopje ennhet staat prachtig op je foto...geniet van jullie weekend...


  9. Heerlijk heerlijk....voor een momentje voor jezelf......
    Fijn weekend

  10. LOVE your cup and love the sentiment - it's SO right - Saturday mornings are the BEST! Have a brilliant weekend. x

  11. Leuk,lief en ja zaterdagmorgen mmmm.

    geniet er van


  12. So true...weekend cups of tea and the best! Wish you a wonderful time,sweetie
    Im off to make some coffee right now..Its so cold here already:)

  13. Anoniem10/9/10

    love that CUP and love the quote...

    have a wonderful weekend sweetie :D


  14. Hi sweet Saskia,
    Beautiful quote! Wonderful photo.
    Here is bye bye winter, but is cold, very cold.
    Have a happy friday!

  15. enjoy that pretty cup of coffee saskia!
    i hope your weekend is a happy one.


  16. Prachtig en zo waar logje weer Saskia.
    Enne le facteur est passé mais sans rien de la Hollande. Mais ils sont long ici en France. Vie la France.
    Bisous et bonne week end

  17. I had to smile when I saw your post my friend...we are thinking alike today...wish we could meet in the middle for a special moment! I am off and running but will enjoy my time at the end of the day. xoxoxox

  18. Ah, you're so right Saskia, the saturday morning cup is darling - and so is it's sister, the sunday cup! Actually, i only have coffee in the morning on sundays, so it's double special for me! Have a gorgeous weekend!

  19. Sweetest Friend, Saskia!

    This lovely cup in the pic gives me an idea of how delightful your Saturday morning is!! Soft morning comes and wake you all up, one each time, and JOIN you all around the huge table so that you can look into each one's eyes and feel JOY!!! Blessed Saskia and her beautiful family!!!
    Sky may be smiling at you now, dear friend!!!
    Thanks for all the important support you always provide me with!!
    Tight kisses and hugs!!!!!!! Bela.
    Oh, Aila is sending, across the, huge ocean, small kisses to you and your sweet little peas!!!!!

  20. Mijn eerste beker 's morgens vroeg , thuis mmmm
    Mijn eerste beker 's morgens op school...mmmmmm
    Mijn eerste beker op zaterdagochtend na een werkweek ...mmmmmm Mijn eerste beker op de vroege stille heerlijke zondagochtend .....
    Maar koffie samen met een vriendin is ook heel bijzonder .
    wens je een heerlijk weekend

  21. I love your cup for coffee and perfect quote, there is nothing that can compare to tasting the first coffee of the day. Enjoy your Saturday coffee and weekend. xx

  22. Heerlijk s'morgens koffie en de zaterdagmorgen koffie is het gezelligst ;-D fijn weekend lieve groetjes Esther.

  23. You are making me wish I liked coffee or drank hot tea!

  24. Saskia, hi!!

    I don't speak inglish. Do you speak Spanish?

    Thank you for visiting my blog!!!

  25. sweetness is in a morning or evening cup of coffee or tea! enjoy your weekend...

  26. Lovely summer cup, I would use it in every season, as it is too cute! thanks for sharing, having a great weekend!

  27. I love that white cup! I love white year round! :)
    That photos is very sweet!
    Looking forward to that Saturday cup here as well...
    Blessings for a relaxing weekend,
    Gloria @}~`}~~~~

  28. I agree with you - our Saturday and Sunday cup of coffee taste much better than the rest of the week!!!

  29. I am making that quote mine! Love it!
    Happy rainy days!

  30. Hoi Saskia,

    Van jou berichtjes word ik iedere keer weer vrolijk! Waar haal je ze toch allemaal vandaan....

    Morgen wordt het extra genieten van je 'morning cup' in het zonnetje :-)!

    Een heel fijn weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  31. LOVE the cups! I've got little tea cups setting around here or there at my place. Some never used, but some used ALL the time.

  32. Oh, how I look forward to my morning cup of coffee! As I do yoga, shower, tend to the critters, I am thinking of that first lovely cup.

  33. Hope you enjoyed that lovely morning cup of coffee sweet Saskia:) I am just about to have my Saturday cappuccino, thanks to my hubby;) Hope you have a wonderful weekend lovely lady. Hugs to you and yours ~ Txx

  34. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! I will be enjoying some tea at a tea house tomorrow. Tea on Saturdays is so nice :)

  35. Dearest sweet saskia, your cup is sooo adorable. Thanks so much for sharing with us that beautiful quote. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  36. very pretty.
    Have a great Weekend Saskia

  37. Have a lovely weekend, hope you have time for morning coffee and afternoon tea as well !
    Louise x

  38. Just had to pop over and say goodbye my friend..I will see you in a week.

    Have a great week and enjoy the gifts that September has to offer. xoxoxoxo

  39. hello saskia! this transition weather we are experiencing is actually nice! but i am just not ready to say good bye to the fun of summer. hope you are enjoying your weekend! take care. verbena cottage

  40. Just Lovely.
    Hope your having a good weekend.

  41. Hi Saskia! I hope you and your beautiful family are enjoying a wonderful weekend...and you, some wonderful morning coffee! xo Paulette


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