23 augustus 2010

Shoot your shot

There are always two people in every picture:
the Photographer and the Viewer
Ansel Adams

Just me and my camera
loving this quote !


Have a happy weekend
don't forget to take your camera

19 opmerkingen:

  1. I love that quote too and this is such a great photo:)...Hugs,darling

  2. Anoniem3/9/10

    Ansel Adams..what brilliant black and white photography!

    loving this photo saskia! well done!

    have a great day woman

    ciao bella


  3. Fotograferen is kijken...op alle manieren!

  4. Oh how Ansel could photograph - amazing body of work. You have a very nice camera - I'm hoping for a new one soon.

  5. i love that quote! cool photo.

  6. Precies twintig jaar geleden zag ik voor het eerst foto's van Ansel Adams. Adembenemend mooi! Een naam om niet te vergeten.

  7. Yay Saskia..brilliant post! Have an awesome wkd!

  8. beautiful!
    happy friday sweet friend ♥

  9. This is a wonderful photo you have posted and I love the quote. Black and white Ansel Adams photos are always classic. Happy photographing...

  10. Dear Friend, sure I will take my camera with me this weekend!!! We have holiday and our weekend will be longer...soooooo nice!!! Husband is happy to spend more time with our little ladybug!!! We are driving tomorrow morning to a nice and cold city near here. There are pretty parks and much space to walk and run and Aila will enJOY our picnic over our checkered cloth!!!!! Be sure I will click the best moments and I send you the pics!!!
    I am so excited, sweet Friend!!! Wish you and your gorgeous family were here!!!!! It would be sooooo funny!!!
    The best days for you, sweet Saskia!!! Good dreams always, bright moments always!!!
    Huuuuuge kiss!!! Bela.

  11. Have a glorious weekend, friend! Hope you enjoy every minute of it.

  12. Hi Saskia!
    Oh I am soooo glad you stopped by again to tell me that you had posted!
    You are right! You are not in my sidebar! I wonder what happened?! Sometimes blogger gets weird, but I am grateful that we have blogger!

    I left a comment on your post about the package!
    You are soooooooo sweet, Saskia!
    It was so much fun to see the towels I made and Owl in YOUR trees :o)
    It made me smile! {and, I'm still smiling}

    Bless you dear ♥
    Enjoy your weekend and thank you for taking your camera along ~ it makes us all a part of each other's world!

  13. Dearest Saskia, i love that quote too and loving your gorgeous shot of you! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  14. When I leave home without my camera, I feel that I've left a friend behind. :) Wishing you a wonderful, joyful, creative weekend. :) Tammy

  15. Hi Saskia!! Love this quote!! Yes, and we want to see more fantastic pictures from this great team that are you and your camera, my sweet friend!!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!!!

    P:S I´m hosting an Eco Giveaway on my blog El Jardin de los Muffins, maybe you would like to join in :)

  16. So true :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  17. Als je fotografeert, kijk je met heel andere ogen naar de dingen. Je ziet ineens veel meer, ook door dat je ze op de pc bekijkt.
    En dat komt allemaal door het bloggen!!

    Toch leuk, niet??


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