29 augustus 2010

A bookstore

A bookstore in Dresden


I cannot wait for my children to grow old enough
to visit foreign libraries !


Wishing you a good read for the new week !

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  1. Grappig, ik ken die winkel.
    Mooie stad Dresden.

    Lieve groet

  2. Ben gek op boeken...

    Liefs Claudia

  3. Bookstores are one of our families favourite places...as are libraries:) I love the smell of the library at my University...is that weird;) Hope you have a wonderful week sweet friend. Hugs, hugs and more hugs ~ Txx

  4. Hi sweet Saskia,
    I love bookstores and libraries!
    Dresden is a beautiful city, with many museums. I liked pocelains' museum in Dresden.
    Have a lovely sunday!

  5. wat een mooie uitvinding he een bibliotheek, van lezen word je grooit:-))
    liefs irma en een hele fijne nieuwe week

  6. Hi sweet Friend!!!
    So pretty picture you bring today!!! Bookstores, you know what? We love them!!! Yesterday we (hubbie, sweet little pea and I)went to a bookstore to listen to a story-teller lady! She entertains children(and adults too!!!) every Saturday telling them pretty and magic stories. Aila pays huge attention and dances while the lady sings during her speech!!!rsrsrsrs...so gracious!!!
    One of my next projects is a..."fabric book shelf"(I really do not know if I can say that in English, my Friend) in Aila's room, so that she will handle and organize her own books.

    Now, let me run and dress up my sweet. We are attenting a play this morning: Alice in Wonderland. Her second play and she is anxious to see the rabbit!!!!!rsrsrs...

    May your week be the best ever, sweet Saskia Friend!!! Blessings to you and your little bees!!! Love + Love!!!!! Bela.

  7. Saskia!!!! Oh dearest, thank you for your well wishes! My first week was exhausting, but you know, I think as we all work at this new model, it can actually work well. It is extremely stressful at the moment, all of us trying to coordinate teaching each others' students different subjects. I am working with another colleague to whose students am teaching ENGLISH language arts, French science and social studies (in French, of course and to mine as well). She is teaching her students and mine math in French and French language arts...all of this takes much coordinating BUT is will be worth it. So, tomorrow starts another week, and I am going to rest today! I love this library photo in Dresden! How lucky you are to have such rich resources around you. ENJOY YOUR NEW WEEK DEAR ONE! Anita

  8. Io potrei perdermi in una libreria...starci delle ore senza neppure accorgermene...
    Buona domenica!!!

  9. Book stores and libraries are indeed special places to visit with your children.
    Donna xx

  10. Oh how I love bookstores . They are by far MY FAVOURITES ! Yours in Dresden lookes wonderfull . Much better than our Bruna
    ( brr ) My favourite in Holland is in Zierikzee ! I bought my children many many books . I always thouhgt that was as much important as boterhammen ( hihi ) I also read each one his/her own storie/book before sleeping . No television was easy back than !
    Read all the books of LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE to Valentijn , he was awake so many times because of his asthma. Reading made him calm . Just bought myself a beautifull book from Julia Camaron , five in one , beautifull paper and bound . Love holding it .....and reading of course .
    Have a wondeful sunday !

  11. Zo heerlijk om in een mooie boekwinkel te snuffelen. Ben helaas de enige hier in huis die stapels wegleest ... maar die boekenwinkel in Dresden, alleen de voorkant al, nodigt uit om van stapel boeken naar stapel boeken te gaan.

    Fijne zondag!


  12. Anoniem12/9/10

    I love bookstores Saskia! I could browse them all day long.Im not much for libraries but if I need something real quick I can go there and pick it up.

    Have a sweet new week ahead!

  13. Happy weekend
    Saskia! It's so fun to rediscover the books you liked as a child with your own kids again - i read them a good night story for years and it was s such a delightful time. Hope i can do some more reading tonight, i'm a book-worm ;)

  14. Saskia, we adore book stores and libraries all those adventures just waiting to be found!!!! We can loose so much time within one of these beautiful places always coming away with some treasures.
    May your Sunday be filled with joy and blessing. xx

  15. Ben het helemaal met je eens, lees zelf ook veel.
    Groetjes Saskia

  16. Hoi Saskia,

    Ik kan ook zo genieten van boekwinkels in het buitenland, vooral in Londen! Daar kan ik met het grootste gemak een ochtend doorbrengen :-).
    Het is prachtig als je je liefde voor boeken over kan brengen op je kinderen. Ik ben blij dat het bij ons is gelukt! Zijn dat jouw man, zoon & dochter op de foto?

    Fijne zondag!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  17. I love books and what a great way to get your kids to love to read!
    Have a fantastic week!

  18. Genieten, rondwandelen in boekenwinkels...en ook iets kunnen kopen! Wat een traktatie iedere keer weer...mijn kids zijn helaas geen lezers meer...al hebben ze in hun kinderjaren graag gelezen het is nu over!
    Fijne week,lieve groet

  19. Wel bijzonder z'n boekenwinkel, lekker neuzen naar lees/ hobby boeken, fijne week lieve groetjes Esther.

  20. en boeken kunnen ook lekker ruiken ....

  21. Hi Saskia!
    Today is a great day for a library or bookstore! It's gray and a little rainy... a real autumn day!

    Love the store front of this bookstore! It's very inviting~

    I feel invited to read now :o)
    Thank you dear heart ♥
    EnJOY this wonderful day of rest ~
    Packing the chalk candy and all my treats for school tomorrow!

  22. Ah, yes, book stores! Just the wonderful aroma of a bookstore is intoxicating.

  23. Anoniem12/9/10

    I love bookstores. It's a wonderful place for myself and my children.

    Have a lovely Sunday!


  24. Lovely picture, it reminds me so much of my Europe vacation, ummm..... I need to work hard and save more money so I can go again!

  25. Oh sweetie, I´ve missed so many of your beautiful posts...=(.
    Catching up, though =)!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, as you know, I had a "bakdag", yesterday...=), it was hard not eating, but I froze it all, for november =)!!!

    Hope you´ll have a lovely week!

  26. Boekenwinkels!!!! Heerlijk om uren rond te neuzen. Alleen lees ik alleen maar Nederlands dus kom ik alleen in Nederland in de boekenwinkel. Behalve dan in de kinderboekenwinkel in Salon. Dat is ook echt een waar paradijs!
    Bonne nuit

  27. Hello sweet friend...so lovely to meet you. Ahhh, libraries - how I love them! I can lose myself for hours inside. And there is no greater gift for a child than to be able to escape within the pages of a wonderful book...I always tell my girls you will never be bored as long as you read...

  28. My favorite shopping stop on my trip to London was hitting the bookstore at Harrods and bringing back books for my children!
    have a wonderful week!!! Happy reading,

  29. I love book stores...I could spend hours in them..dreaming and reading! :D


  31. Boekenwinkels die kan ik nooit zomaar voorbij lopen , ook in het buitenland niet. Ik moet altijd even kijken wat ze daar voor boeken hebben soms zie je heel bekende kaften in een vreemde taal een grappig gezicht :)

    Groetjes Joke

  32. Hey Saskia,ik ben eigenlijk ook een boekenfan maar heb te weinig tijd over om op mijn gemakje te zitten lezen,hier gaat de meeste vrije tijd naar onze paarden!even zeggen dat ik je foto mooi vind en ook omdat ik het een prachtige gevel vind!geniet van je dagje meid...


  33. I adore books and book shops...I need to find more time to read books:)...I love them:)
    Happy Monday my dear
    Hope its sunny

  34. Your beautiful babies are so lucky to have you as their mama! I miss reading books to my boys! xoxo Paulette

  35. Anoniem13/9/10

    I can't wait until I grow old enough to visit foreign libraries! Oh, wait, maybe I'm waiting for money.


  36. Books are awesome!! Enjoy!
    Hugs, Lisa

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