18 augustus 2010

Fabrics on a shelf

My small pieces of fabric
are wrapped
around A4 size cardboard,
tied up with a string
and living happily in my bookcase
next to the books

Beautiful Brazilian fabric
Do pop over to my sweet friend Bela
to send her lots of Birthday wishes.
Happy hAppY Birthday, dear friend !


44 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank YOU, Saskia!!!!!
    My smile right now goes from ear to ear :-))))
    Soooo happy to have a friend, a beautiful friend, a sweet and cute and charming friend from far far away!!!! Somebody told me once happiness comes from simple things and we may be patient to notice it, in order not to lose these precious moments! I will never lose these magic moments, dear Saskia!!!
    I am a very happier older lady!!!!!!!
    Wish you and your sweeties were here for a slice of cake!
    Kisses! Bela.

  2. I love fabric and wandering around fabric stores. I like to touch it all and have a bin of vintage fabrics in my garage that I can't part with. The strange part is I can't really sew!

  3. soooooo happy I was the first to comment this especial post!!!!! XOXOXOX. Bela.

  4. Lovely fabrics, I am starting to wonder what beautiful project would it turn out to be.

  5. Saskia...so beautiful and festive and gorgeous! You are such a fun and sweet uplifting soul! hugs!

  6. Fabric is so magical isn't it. especially as we think about what we can do with it! ;D

  7. Just home from spending about two hours in the fabric store. Oh, so fun

  8. You have a lovely stash there Saskia. The cherries are so sweet!

  9. Oh Saskia...that is HAPPY Fabric...
    There is something about having all your pretty little pieces all tied up in a neat little pile...LOVIN' IT !!!...xoxo...Rosie

  10. Saskia...your fabrics are as adorable as you!
    xo Paulette

  11. Adorable! This Christmas I am witting Santa for a sewing machine!

  12. Oh...don't you just love pretty fabrics? The one with the cherries is so cute :)

  13. Such adorable fabric!! :) Love it!
    @}~`}~~~ Gloria
    Have a beautiful day!!

  14. I too love fabrics and hate to part with any of them. Sometimes I can barely think of using them. Yours are so neatly organized. Happy creating...

  15. ooww you have really really cute fabrics...
    wish I knew where your brazilian friend found this fabric!! cause i can't find it anywheeree!!

  16. Those are gorgeous. They'll definitely infuse happiness and whimsy in whatever space they're placed:-). xo

  17. Oh I adore fabric..yours is sooooo lovely. Can't wait to see what you make!

    I have been in the mood to sew lately...my machine is happy it is finally out.

    Yes happy birthday to a sweet friend ..oh how I love celebrating birthdays.

    Happy Morning to you...hope your day is filled with JOY!

    hugs xooxxo

  18. Hi Saskia!
    I stopped over to Bela's ... what a great blog and what a great crafter she is! Love her fabrics and designs!

    Your sweet fabrics here make me smile... that's a fun way to display them ~ maybe I'll try that in the room where I sew!

    I've been thinking of you as your children have started school... God bless them as they start a new year of learning and wonder!

    Thank you so much, Saskia, for adding smiles to my day! You are a dear sweet angel ♥

  19. happy morning sweet Saski, hope you have fun with your gorgeous fabrics.
    thanks again for the sweetest pencils ♥

  20. Hoi Saskia,

    Nee hoor...bij mij geen lapjes in de boekenkast.Die is al helemaal vol,en mijn lapjes...die vind je in mijn atelier!! Hihihihi.....dat is mijn zolder, en die puilt ook al uit!!

    Fijne woensdag,marktdag bij ons.Er staat maar 1 lapjeskraam. Gelukkig!!!

    Groetjes Thea

  21. I must say, your fabric is so lovely, with all the beautiful , happy colors!
    I have so much fabric at home, just waiting for me to get started with my crafting again =)!
    Soon, I´ll have to start , after all it´s autumn =)!

    Have a wonderful day, sweet Saskia!

  22. Mooie stofjes Sassie....wat ga je daar allemaal van maken???????....gefeliciteerd met je blogvriendin.....ik heb haar ook even gefeliciteerd natuurlijk....jouw vriendinnen zijn mij vriendinnen natuuurlijk !! hahahahahhahahhah!!!............fijne dag...ik ga werken.......ik denk dat ik zeiknat ben als ik in de auto zit....wat een regen !!!!......fijne dag liefs allerliefste Sassie.....xxxxxxxx.....fijne dag kus van mij........smakkkkkkk.......

  23. Anoniem18/8/10

    Wat gaaf zo,de stofjes,ja ik zou het ook gewoon zo neer leggen,ik heb een boekenkast beneden staan zonder boeken,maar met verzamelde spulletjes en gefeliciteerd met je blogvriendin,ik wens je een fijne dag,lieve groet Joke.

  24. Wat een leuke stofjes ... vooral die onderste! In de tijd dat mijn puberdame nog een ukkie was zat ik regelmatig achter de naaimachine maar lagen mijn lappen gewoon in een lappenmand ... in een boekenkast is natuurlijk veel leuker!

    Fijne dag & groetjes,

  25. Oh dear, what a COLORFUL POST INDEED! Dearest Saskia, how I love your country and all the colors of it's delightful, cultural rainbow! How have I been so negligent to not come and see you....oh dear, forgive me. You are so sweet and kind to come see me! I have to put you on my blog roll so I can be alerted to your fabulous posts. How are you dearest? Enjoy a perfect day....Anita

  26. Hi Saskia,
    This prints are very cute! Brazilian fabric ?!? I didnt know!
    I wish you a happy wednesday.

  27. Dear Saskia, brasilian fabrics, i can't believe it so i must visite your friend Bela!!
    wish you a wonderful day and send a lot of hugs!!

  28. Hoi Saskia,

    Wat leuk dat jij net zo gek bent op stofjes als mij. Ik heb er ook flink wat liggen in mijn kast, maar ze liggen er niet zo netjes bij als die van jou! Ik hoop binnenkort weer wat tijd te hebben om een schort te maken!

    Ik ga een kijkje nemen bij Bela!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  29. How pretty and what a creative idea! Beautiful fabric on display..I love it! ♥

  30. Gave stofjes heb je daar, ik leg zo ook altijd een tijdje op de hoek van de tafel en kan er dan wel de hele dag na kijken:-D Fijne week verder, lieve groetjes Esther.

  31. One of the prettiest sights to me is simple fabric folded up, waiting to be sewn!

  32. ohhhh wat een schattige stofjes, weet jij als je een stofje koopt al direct wat je ermee gaat maken??

    lieve groetjes Irma

  33. Those are such a beautiful fabrics...I am planning to get a few new designs and make pillow cases:)

    Have a wonderful day,sweetie...Hope you are enjoying this week:)


  34. You are so organized. Wish I were.

  35. I love fabrics - i seriously need to learn how to do something with them :)

  36. Hola Saskia, so beautiful fabric pieces and yes, I already went to visit Bela and wish her happy birthday, her day is tomorrow the 18th!!!!! Thank you for your sooo sweet comment.
    Muchos cariños,
    maria cecilia

  37. prachtige kleurrijke stofjes Saskia,ik wens je bij deze prachtige inspiraties!

    geniet van je dagje

  38. Hi Saskia,
    What a great and colorful display and then it becomes a work of art all on its own!
    What a perfect idea!
    Enjoy your day!

  39. Prachtige stapel met stofjes heb jij Saskia! Wat ga je er voor mooi's mee maken?
    Liefs Michaja

  40. Dear Saskia
    I just love your fabrics...it is so colorful...what are you planning to make out of them???
    Enjoy your week-end!

  41. they look like totally pretty, colourful and cozy wrapping materials!

  42. What lovely fabric and a cool display idea!


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