14 juli 2010

August 1th

Cheers to the month of August

* If the first week of August be warm,
the winter will be white and long *

Have a cheery August 1th!


I'm so so happy with my new drinking glasses,
thank you once again sweet Ria

Cheers for now xx

32 opmerkingen:

  1. Wowwwwww.......mooie foto Sassie......en wat vind je van de jdl???...fijne zondag lieverd.......dacht later nog met four kids had ik er beter wat meer kunnen sturen nog.....nouja.....welterusten fijne zondag !!...wanneer ben jij jarig????????...........xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Happy August to you too Saskia! It's funny how your quote is all about winter because August for me means that Spring will be here soon-yay!

    Thanks for visiting the blog I share with my sisters the other day (3 Sisters, 365) and for leaving such a sweet comment. You are a wonderful bloggy friend!

    Best wishes always,

  3. I'm happy it's August and hopefully, the weather will not be as hot! I love your drinking glasses too:-). Happy weekend.

  4. Living in Canada ~ I still have a few more hours of July to enjoy!!! :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend Saskia!
    xo Catherine

  5. Hi Saskia!
    And ...cheers to you too!
    Great quote... although I guess I should wish for a cool first week...hoping winter will not be long...

    I love all your new sidebar photos! so sweet as is your new photo!
    How cute!
    Enjoy your Sunday, dear ♥

  6. I am with Maria...I love your new photo..I think it will be time to change mine soon too. I have never heard that quote before...you know what I soooo want lots of snow this winter as last winter I think we had only a few days..and no snow days off school. We do get the rain though...which isn't as nice.
    What you have in those glasses looks yummy. I pick Blue!

    Hope your Sunday is going well. xoxoxoxo I am still working on Sat...so I am still enjoying JULY! xoxo

  7. Mooie augustusmaand. Lieve groet, @nne

  8. Happy August Saskia! It is my month :)
    So many friends and family have birthdays in August!
    gi gi

  9. I cannot believe it is August already! The year is flying by xxx

  10. Happy August to you sweet Saskia, I just adore your new drinking glasses, they are sweet.

  11. Happy August my sweet friend. I love your pretty glasses:) Wishing you and your gorgeous family a wonderful week. Hugs ~ Tina xx

  12. die vind ik ook mooi Saskia,prachtig foto met het zonlicht!!!

    fijne zondag samen...

  13. the glasses are way cute!

  14. Hi saskia!
    Beautiful drinking glasses, I think we got similar ones... Happy august sweet one!
    xoxox alice

  15. Daar drinken we op......
    Jij de rode en ik de blauwe.....;)...?

  16. Anoniem1/8/10

    Proost, ik hoop op een warme eerste week!

  17. Dear Saskia, August is soooo glad for our family!!! On the 17th is my hubbie's birthday, on the 18th is mine and on the 23rd is Aila's!!!! WOW!! Sweet Saskia, you can figure how festive our kind August is!!!
    How cute Ria is to present you with so beautiful glasses!!! You deserve!!
    I hope August brings you and your family lots of JOY!!!

    Love!! Bela.

  18. Mooie drinkglazen, Saskia !
    Fijne augustus ...
    en zondag,

  19. Happy August to you! There is nothing like the warmth of the sun. Cute drinking glasses :)

  20. Proost.... Wat een mooie glazen.
    Een hele fijne augustusmaand gewenst.
    De beste maand van het jaar, hihi...
    Groetjes Monique

  21. if your quote is true...well then, my winter will be PURE white as we are expecting temperatures close to 100 all week. yuck. your glasses are cute! i like the new picture of you :0)

  22. Ja alweer augustus maar nog steeds lekker weer,
    Fijne maand Lieve Groetjes Esther.

  23. Same to you, my sweet new bloggie friend!! :) Wishing the best this month.

  24. iloveaugustus. Mijn vakantie is begonnen!
    "Zie" je over 3 weken. Hoop dat je ook geniet van augustus.

  25. i haven't heard that cute saying because here in the USA, July and August are always hot!

    very sweet drinking glasses indeed!

  26. Love the glasses! And yes, raise your glasses for August! It is a door to new opportunities =)

  27. Love your new glasses! I hope you had a great weekend! Happy Monday to you, friend! xo

  28. Not sure I have heard that saying before either, well not here in the UK...:-) Happy August to you too ..take care Anne

  29. My dear dear friend .
    I have to thank you so much for intoducing me in the wonderful world of blogging .
    WHAT A JOY !
    I'm loving loving loving it.
    Not only the world of blogging but also very much what it does to me as a person .
    I'm learning / discouvering things in myself
    that make me so very very happy .
    It was just the right moment I guess ?
    Summerholidays and on my way ........
    So the BIG LOVE cup ..... is on its way , on a postcard .....

  30. those glasses look lovely! happy august to you too dearie...im gonna hold that sweet thought in my head until winter now =)


  31. These glasses look so good - perfect for home made lemonade or grenadine! I hope august will have nice things for us in store - glad to share some beauty with you ;)

  32. Cheers to August,sweetie!!! Its my Birthday month so I am very happy:)

    Kisses and have a great Monday,darling


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