26 juli 2010


Remember I dried some flowers?
Voici, the dried sweet peas.
I laminated a bunch and decided to make bookmarks,
will use my flower punch and lots of sweet ribbon.

Hugs for a lovely new week!


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  1. It´s a wonderful job. Happy week!!! Kisses, Ana

  2. That is a wonderful idea!!!
    And it looks so pretty, I love it!
    Love the 2:nd photo, it´s just the way I want it!

    Have a beautiful day!

  3. Anoniem26/7/10

    Lovely Saskia,I like sweet peas.Hope you are having a great monday!

  4. Ze zijn prachtig geworden en je hebt er een leuk idee voor !

  5. Hi sweet Saskia,
    Lovely bookmark! Great ideia.
    I wish you a wonderful week.

  6. Hello Saskia, you have an amazing nice blog and like your photos with all the nice text, makes good mood!
    Thanks for stopping be my blog.

  7. Good Morning Saskia Sweetie...
    What a beautiful idea and how gorgeous they look pressed as such. I pressed some violet blooms a while back and I had so much fun with them.

    Yours are exquisite. I love the way you arched the stems. Just beautiful sweet friend. Beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing with me on this glorious Monday morning.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  8. Wow...I can imagine you, sweet Saskia, opening a good book and having a great pride while looking at the cute you made! So lovely!! Have a week ful of joy, dear! Bela.

  9. that's such a fun idea - and a good one maybe even for christmas! (whyamithinkingofthatnow)

  10. Hi Saskia!
    Wow...the colors stayed beautifully!
    I love real nature brought indoors!
    These bookmarks will bring you sweet memories of spring and summertime when the winter winds blow...
    Today, we are finally having some relief from the heat and humidity... It is a gorgeous day! I can get back to walking in crisp air {which is my favorite :o)
    This sweet weather is only for a few days, they say... so I will make the MOST of them!

    I know you are enjoying all your summer moments dear ♥
    EnJOY them ALL!
    ♥ Maria
    ps. sending you an email now :)

  11. I bought bookmarks with dried flowers in Jerusalem when we were there many years ago. Your's are going to turn out beautifully. Best wishes for the week ahead :) Tammy

  12. Wow Saskia wat een geweldig idee!!ik heb juist veel sweet peas onder de pergola,prachtige foto's heb je ervan gemaakt hoor!

    liefs Ingrid

  13. Sooo pretty...I love this idea...they would make great gifts...plus great idea for school.
    Hope your day was filled with summer fun..I am now back home with a million things on my list to do. But they are all fun things.
    Hugs for a great New Week. xoxoxo

  14. I love these! Preserving their beauty forever...

  15. Wat een leuk idee en met z'n mooi bloempje, fijne week Groetjes Esther.

  16. lovely pics! have a great week!

  17. Anoniem26/7/10

    Saskia how lovely!!!

    Enjoy your week...it's starting out to be perfect weather here in PA...breezy and no humidity...hope your weather is as good :D


  18. Wat leuk gedaan Sassie..........mooi !!!! echt !! jij ben zo handige Sassie.......tja hoe oud??? daar hebben we het nog helemaal niet over gehad......je hebt gewoon bijna 500 volgers !!! nou ja..............hoe doe je dat?????............hahahahhhahah!!! fijne gezellige avond....liefs van mij....

  19. Hello Saskia.. I remember you drying the flowers, how wonderful that dried and you can have book markers as reminders :-) happy week to you .xoxo

  20. Yay....these are so charming and Delightful..Saskia..you are so creative..and magical..they are BEAUTIFUL!!

  21. What a double delight to open up your book and revisit the beautiful blooms of summer. Great idea!

  22. Wow, they looked gorgeous! Wish you a lovely new week too!

  23. I have not seen sweet peas dried...they are really pretty and should make some lovely bookmarks! Have fun doing it :D

  24. saskia...what a pretty blog you have here...

    so happy too see you at farmhouse

    i will be back soon


  25. Ze zijn schitterend geworden.
    Groetjes Saskia

  26. That is such a fantastic idea,sweetie:) Aww they look so so so cute:) Well done:)
    Kisses,sweetie and have a lovely afternoon:)

  27. Wat een prachtig boekenlegger wordt dat met de gedroogde bloemen. Super idee. wat is die eerste foto ook leuk. Ben jij soms modeonterpster?
    Groetjes van Ester

  28. The dried flowers are beautiful and what a great idea to make bookmarks out of them so you can preserve the beauty!

  29. Whew, this blue is like a fresh breeze - sooooo nice! And i love the idea of making bookmarks like that. Must try it! Have a great start into the week!

  30. SASKIA ! Bijna 500 volgers WAUW .
    Wat is dat leuk zeg .
    Compliment aan jou !
    Heerlijk he die zomervakantie .
    Veel plezier nog

  31. Oh zeg een leuk idee is dit zeg.......
    En idd wat al een boel volgers.......
    Dik verdiend.
    Fijne avond

  32. Wat leuk, zo word je in de winter als je een boek leest toch herinnert aan de mooie zomer. En door de reacties van anderen kijk ik ook even bij je volgers. Wauw...... dat is veel...

    fijne week, lia

  33. Anoniem26/7/10

    hello darling saskia!

    i love anything having to do with dried flowers....and this takes me back to my days on the farm, when i used to go out walking in the fields and pick all kinds of pretty wild flowers and then take them back home and stick them into the phone book!

    bookmarks, cards, I did all of this..and also glueing flowers all around the matting in a frame makes for a visually interesting project tooo!
    ciao bella
    have fun!

    creative carmelina

  34. A lovely idea!! I am of the opinion that you can never have too many bookmarks!!

  35. The flowers are beautiful and your bookmark is wonderful. I love sweet peas. I consider them precious. Now I must enjoy more of your posts.

  36. Very beautiful!
    I have a bookmark in one of my books I read daily, that has pressed wild flowers, made by my middle daughter in school one year (for Mother's Day). I cherish it! :)

  37. Saskia, you chose the perfect name for your blog...everytime I come by, I get the feeling you are full of JOY!

  38. Lovely! It is so old fashioned to dry flowers I love it!
    Hugs, Lisa

  39. Thanks for the hugs for my sister and I. I am going to visit her tomorrow and I will give her an extra hug!
    I hope that you have a wonderful new week too!

    I love your bookmarks. What a great idea. I might have to copy and try that.

    Love, Joyce

  40. You are so creative! My girls would love to do that, and who couln't use another bookmark!
    gi gi

  41. Nou, wie wat bewaard die heeft wat :)Mooi hoor!
    Geniet van je dinsdag.


  42. Goodness! Look at all of these lovely people that you DREW a response out of! =] Your images and simple thoughts are always just perfectly wonderful. You must know that I LOVE the sweet peas on the wood - so soft and pretty!

    Love, Katy Noelle xo

    You're making me want to rush out and do the same thing. heehee!

  43. Oh Saskia,
    This is so wonderful...I was looking through an old box of "keepsakes", and found my childhood bible. There were a few pansies tucked between the pages...they were very crispy, but still intact...sweet memories....smilin' rosie

  44. What a great idea and the perfect way to enjoy flowers throughout the year.

    I hope you are having a great week.


  45. Just had to check out the blog of the woman named 'Saskia.' Love that name, and your blog is lovely too!

  46. Thx for the sweet comment on my blog. I love your idea & those oh-so-eye-catching-lovely-photos on the side!

    Enjoy your day!

  47. De laatste foto vind ik helemaal erg mooi, een beetje sprookjesachtig!!

    Gr. Jose

  48. Wat een leuk idee.
    Mijn Engels is niet zo goed, ik schrijf maar gewoon in het Nederlands.
    Bedankt voor je bezoek aan mijn Blog.
    Groetjes Miriam

  49. Prachtig zien ze eruit, net als het viooltje dat ik van je mocht krijgen....ik vind het een super idee! Zomerse groetjes

  50. Hi Saskia,
    Have a lovely wednesday!
    With sun and colors...

  51. saskia.. that is such a pretty wonderful idea!!!!

  52. That is such a great idea!! I need some good bookmarks.

  53. My goodness, those are beautiful! :)

  54. thank you for visiting my blog ..
    this bookmark idea is ... how can i say?
    love it.. love it .. love it..

    wanna have one too! :D
    regards from east java, indonesia


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