8 juli 2010


A thing of beauty is a JOY forever
John Keats

It's about time to dry some of the loveliest in your garden.
I already have some Lathyrus and Forget me Nots
in my flower press
a phone book will do too
Will show you the results in a couple of weeks

Happy Thoughts!! xx

47 opmerkingen:

  1. Good Morning Sweet Saskia...
    Your flowers are absolutely beautiful. The poppies are the most gorgeous I have seen. Oh how I would love some seeds. The color is so delicate that they almost appear as if they are made of paper. Just beautiful.

    The first picture with the child peeking out is so gorgeous. She looks so tiny lost in all these beautiful flowers. You take such great pictures.

    Thank you for sharing today.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  2. Oh so gorgeous Saskia..brilliant shots..i love the face peeking out in the field..and love all your beautiful flowers! Cant wait to see your pressed flowers..yay! You truly do bring JOy!

  3. My dear Saskia,
    good afternoon!
    I love your poppies, I've never seen them in such a color! LOVELY!
    kISSES from me to you!

  4. Such a beautiful flowers...Flowers always make me happy and you did such a great photos:)
    Happy Thursday,sweetie and enjoy your day!

  5. Oh en ga je er wat leuks mee maken......
    Lijkt me ook zo leuk eens te doen, heb al een pers...nu nog de bloemen...;)
    Fijne dag

  6. Love that first poppy color - so lovely. The face in the field is adorable and what a field! Beautiful way to start my day. Can't wait to see them pressed.

  7. mooie bloemenfoto's weer Saskia,de papaver is één van mijn favorieten maar gaat niet zo goed in een pot voor het terras want dat is ook mijn lievelingsplek voor mijn zomerbloeiers!!

    Liefs Ingrid

  8. How very pretty. Yes, I suppose it is time to start drying! Gee, summer is going so fast. Rather than pressing, I'll be drying lavender, basil, and sage in my garden shed this summer. Thanks for the reminder to get working on that!

  9. Leuke foto's vooral de eerste zo gezellig dartelen tussen de bloemen. groetjes Esther.

  10. Mooie foto's, ben benieuwd wat je met de vergeet me nietjes gaat doen!
    Groetejs Corina

  11. Mooie foto's, ben beniuwd wat je met de vergeet me nietjes gaat doen!
    Groetjes Corina

  12. Oeps, ik kreeg een foutmelding maar het was toch gelukt... dan maar twee keer..
    Groetjes Corina

  13. Anoniem8/7/10

    Such a lovely post Saskia...
    I never saw a face pop out of a field like that :D adorable
    please be sure and show your dried flowers when they're ready.

  14. geen probleem hoor Saskia met mijn naam,ik vind Silvia ook mooi (meer een bloemennaam!).....geniet nog van een warme middag!

    Liefs ingrid

  15. Hi Saskia,
    This photos are wonderful! I love flowers...
    I wish you a lovely day.
    With love through the ocean,

  16. Such happy flowers and photos. Drying flowers allows us to enjoy them on and on and on. Happy creating...

  17. Mooie bloemen, en gedroogd heb je er lang plezier van.

    groet Lia

  18. Looking forward to seeing how you dry your flowers, Saskia! Love those poppy pics...one of my fave flowers.
    Have a lovely day!

  19. Hi Saskia! oh I was just thinking the same thing this morning... walking past my lavendar!
    ... I see you photographed some poppies... Do they dry well? They do, already, look like paper flowers, don't they!

    Wishing you sweetness and beauty!
    ps. I just love the photo of the basket hanging from the tree branch here in the sidebar as I write...
    just a beautifully composed photo!

  20. Extraordinary photographs, sweet little girl, exquisite poppies! BEAUTIFUL!

  21. Hi dear! Flowers for you and all! Beauties that can speak through their beauty! So fresh and charming they are!!! Some of them live here in my garden too! You take care of them and they give you pleasure.

    Blessings my friend!! Bela.

  22. What beautiful pictures and flowers...I love to be outside picking flowers and I love dried ones too...have fun! :D

  23. Your flowers are so beautiful!!!
    I wish you a good evening, my dear...... ;)
    Kisses Annamaria

  24. Anoniem8/7/10

    Hi Saskia!Gorgeous flowers, I adore the poppies.I have bright red ones I love that soft pink.Sweet pic of your daughter in amongst the flowers,lol.She looks happy.

    I dry my roses,when they are the most beautiful I pick about 2 or 3 and dry them, and then I arrange them together when they are all dry for decorating my dining room.

    Happy weekend ahead!HUGS!

  25. I cannot wait to see the results! I love those pink flowers. They are so delicate and pretty!

  26. Prachtige foto's weer Saskia!

  27. What a wonderful meadow of flowers. You take fab pictures Saskia!

  28. Erg mooie bloemen. Het is echt een joy forever.
    Groetjes Marga

  29. How pretty! I usually have flowers somewhere in my space, but none at the moment. Your post reminds me that most of the time, most flowers are best while they are still growing.

  30. Lieve schattige alle aardigste Saskiaaaaaaa...wat leuk dat je de bloemetjes droogt...........en lekker ouderwets tussen het telefoonboek !!...hele fijne gezellige zonnige vrolijke heerlijke weekend dagen gewensttttt!! liefste lieve groetjes van mij..........xxxxxxxxxxx heel veeeeeeeeelllll.........

  31. Prachtige foto's Saskia. Vooral de eerste foto, Schitterende bloem tussen de bloemetjes.
    Wat leuk dat je bloemen gaat drogen. Ga je er ook nog wat creatiefs mee doen of droog je ze gewoon voor de sier?
    Liefs Ester

  32. Your garden is soooo lovely...I adore poppies.
    They are so happy!
    Your parcel is on it's way...I can't remember if I told you that or not..it's the summer heat and I am having trouble remembering anything..we got out HOT weather now..35 celsius today...Beach time!
    Love to you...xoxoxo

  33. Oh Saskia, this is a field of dreams...how very beautiful. Love your poppies...how serene...what lovely images to send me off to my bed...sweet dreams...xoxo...Rosie

  34. Bed of flowers, so lovely, so dreamy!

  35. Mooie foto's! Die rose klaprozen zijn fantastisch. XX

  36. Beautiful pictures as always Saskia! I can't wait to see your dried and pressed flowers:) Wishing you and your sweet family the loveliest summer's weekend. Hugs ~ Tina xx

  37. Beautiful floral images, makes me long for springtime. Have a lovely weekend sweet Saskia.
    Donna xx

  38. Happy Weekend Saskia!! The flowers are gorgeous!

  39. Sooo beautiful pictures, the poppies are my favorite.. it look likes a paper flower!!
    wish you a flowerful!! sunny weekend :-))
    lieve groetjes

  40. Wat een mooie bloemen, Saskia !
    De klaprozen zijn prachtig, speciale kleur !
    Ik heb nog geen Lathyrus, vorig jaar alleen blad en geen bloemen, dus afwachten nu.
    Heel fijn weekend,

  41. I can't imagine a life without flowers!! Loved Keats quote.... Hope you're having an exciting summer!!! xx

  42. The colors of those poppies are just amazing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  43. How beautiful, I love forget me nots. Reminds me so much of my childhood :-)

    Hope you've had a lovely week Saskia, thanks for your sweet words the other day!

  44. Beautiful Flowers!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I am so excited that you our joining our Friday Pretties Party next week. I am looking forward to it.

    Have a fun weekend!

  45. wow!! your flowers are beautiful!! forget-me-nots are such fun, especially because they have a great name!! my favorites are lily of the valley which grow like crazy in my parent's backyard!!! Have a lovely weekend!! xo ~Amanda

  46. Hoi Saskia,wauw wat een schitterende bloemen,de klaprozen vindt ik helemaal te gek wat leuk dat je de bloemen gaat drogen ga je er iets leuks meedoen?

    Een heel fijn weekend,xxx.

  47. Wat een mooie klaprozen Saskia!!

    Jammer dat je die niet kunt drogen! Die schoonheid zou je vast willen houden.

    Groetjes van Thea


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