12 juli 2010

Four children : Forty Celsius

Splishing & Splashing



Hoisting up

Sweet petit ones do not seem to mind the heat at all.
Wish I had a wee bit of that kind of energy right now.
Fortunately I still have my HaPpY energy ;)

Happy Thoughts! xx

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  1. Anoniem12/7/10

    Beautiful kids!

  2. They have such angelic faces...so cute. Yes, children just run all day, getting wet...getting hot...eating lots of icy treats and living so happily in a world of imagination...so wonderful for them! :D

  3. Theu are so cute !!!! sweeties...just like their mom............truste lieve lieverd...............kus van mij..........en nu plakken in bed..............pffff..... tis nog zo warmmmmmmm...........toedeledokio........

  4. What gorgeous children. :)))) Just darling!

  5. Anoniem12/7/10

    Hi!So adorable they are.Your little boy is gorgeous,so cute.Enjoy them they grow up to fast Saskia, hold on to them.

  6. Such beautiful pictures! I love the way kids just make the most of everything, rain, hail or shine, it doesn't matter what the weather there is always fun to be had!

  7. Your children are absolutely adorable! The pictures are precious!


  8. Lovely, sweet and friendly Saskia, I simply LOVE the polka swimming suit!!! I have just finished a table cloth for Aila's birthday party exactly in those colors and polka!!!! WOW!!!
    Your kids are adorable treasures, my friend!
    I will be sending you all fresh air from this side of the ocean!!

  9. Oh your children are just beautiful Saskia and I can see that little 'Saskia sparkle' in each of their faces:) Hope you have a cooler day today. Love the polka dot swimsuit...so sweet! Hugs to you all ~ Tina xx

  10. I wish I had that kind of energy too! Such sweet children. I hope you had a happy weekend! Thank you for the joy you always spread through your posts.

  11. Happy energy is so good to have...wow..40 and I thought it was hot here at 34! I am not sure I would have happy energy at 40 celsius!
    Your sweetpeas are adorable...hugs for a happy cooler week my sweet one..xoxoxo

  12. Wat een plaatjes, je kinderen! Ik kan me ook niet herinneren dat ik als kind last had van de hitte. Maar nu wel hoor. Pfffffffff ben blij dat het vandaag een beetje koeler is.
    liefs Ester

  13. Hi Saskia... oh I was just thinking of you all... wishing for the Dutch to win!
    Your children are soooooo CUTE! oh my I'm still smiling ...

    I was thinking also of how hot you told me it was ... just checking and now it's 40... woooow
    Keep cool my dear ♥

  14. hope you continue to have happy energy through that heat. gorgeous little cuties.
    you my friend are the sweetest! just got the sweetest surprise in the mail, you are absolutely wonderful.
    sending you hugs lovely Saskia ♥
    thank you

  15. Oh Dear,
    It's hot here too!!! I actually put my lawn chair in the fish creek to cool my toes...that's desperation....love Rosie

  16. Anoniem12/7/10

    Wat een schatjes...kinderen schijnen inderdaad minder last van de warmte te hebben. Maar van mij mag het wel iets koeler.
    Lieve groet Tilly.

  17. Waar die kinderen soms de energie vandaan halen hé. Ik stond er ook altijd versteld van, toen ze hier nog klein waren.

    fijne dag, lia

  18. Leuke foto's van je kinderen, ze hebben altijd energie voor 10 maakt niet uit hoe warm het is ;-)!
    Groetjes Corina

  19. Leuk! alle moeders zien zich weer slepen met badjes en tuinslangen... en ruiken die warme zondoorstoven lijfjes weer! Bedankt!

  20. Leuke foto's wat een schatjes, groetjes Esther.

  21. Dear Saskia your childrens are so beautuful!!!!
    My children are always moving and I just tired to see them go up and down ..... blessed them and their vital energy!!!!
    More kisses my dear, Annamaria

  22. Mooie post Saskia over jullie kinderen,dierbaar bezit....

    Liefs Ingrid

  23. Oh Saskia,
    what lovely nice pictures from your children.
    They are so sweet!
    Have a very nice summerday!!!!!


  24. Prachtig , die ogen , smelt ervan !
    Lieve groet ♥RINI♥

  25. Beautiful Kids!! Nice pictures!!

    Happy week. Kisses, Ana

  26. Hi sweet Saskia,
    Your children are so beautiful! Here is cold. Mom need much energy!
    Have a lovely week!

  27. good lovely morning to you saskia- soo glad you found me through our gorgeous friend miss.tina.....
    your little ones are gorgeous....& energy is their middle name no matter how hot it is....
    oh to be a child again...thats why we are soo blessed to have a big family each- to remind us to be childlike as much as we can....
    now its my turn to go back and have a read of yours....and yes as a fellow tea lover- i have made myself a little vintage pot full to read about you with.....happy monday new friend..
    melissa x

  28. Happy Holidays .. how cute , beautiful little children ♥

  29. Good morning Saskia! I hear that you are having such a CANICULE...how unbearable the heat is at times....so nice to visit and see your beautiful Dutch children!!! Take good care, Anita

  30. They are sooooo sweet and I wish I would have more of their energy too:) I adore those photos sweetie:) Kisses and see you soon:) Muah

  31. How do children do it?? It's only been about 25c here in Vancouver, and I find that too much! These pics are adorable.
    Have a lovely and, hopefully, cooler day.

  32. Such beautiful faces, your children are gorgeous!

    The heat continues here too! And it´s hard to bear...
    Well, I hope the rain comes soon!

    I can´t belive it...
    You´re comming here =)))).
    I hope I will be in Stockholm that time!
    It would be wonderful to meet up and have a coffee. Your family and me. I would bring my husband too =))).
    Let me know when you have a date. And pleace, don´t hesitate to ask if you need to know something =)!!!

    Have a lovely evening.

  33. Nou jouw cuties zijn ook adorable! Een hele fijne week hopelijk iets minder warm!

  34. Hi, Saskia
    Oh your kids are such blessings !! How beautiful and adorable they are !!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for the lovely comment ! Wishing you a happy week as well =)

  35. Your kids look so cute, I know what you mean about their energy levels and your own - I wish I had my son's energy - and yes, it's been really hot in London this weekend too. I hope you have a lovely week. Love from London x

  36. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)
    I am enjoying yours!! Lovely photos of your little ones. :)
    Hope you can beat the heat!!

  37. Dearest saskia, your little ones are beautiful! Such sweet sweet photos! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  38. Oh Saskia, they are so cute!!! Great pics full of energy and love!!!
    Can´t wait to see the result of your dried flowers!!!

    Have a wonderful week!!!

  39. Yes, the heat is nice if you don't have to work ;) Splashing in the water, lounging on the lawn, swimming, playing - but concentration is a no go, we have to go with it!

  40. What lovely photos- You have a good eye!

  41. Sweet photos of your children.

  42. AW..Saskia..what beautiful pictures...thanks for all the joy you bring through all your posts! magic!

  43. Oh Saskia, it's so hot here on Long Island too! ... Your children look like perfectly darling little angels!!! They're just beautiful! xo Paulette ;)

  44. I am in love with the polka dot swim suit!

  45. Hey Saskia,
    your little ones are such beautiful cuties. My grandchildren are around the same age. I have three granddaughters (2,3&6 years of age)
    You have a very happiness filled blog, and I will be by often.
    Hope your day is superb.


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