13 juli 2010

Summer Topics


SUmMeR topics !

Happy Thoughts! xx

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  1. Good Morning Saskia Sweetie...
    Oh my goodness whatever have you made here?
    Red is my favorite color and it appears to be a pinkeep. Gingham, stripes, red hearts and suspenders. Love the swan. Where is the face? I am just dying to see the rest of it. Precious, I love it.

    Many thanks for the share today. Have a gorgeous day sweetie.

    Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. That is adorable:)
    Kisses,sweetie and thank you for your lovely comment ...awww so sweet! I love love love your comments:)
    Happy Tuesday:)

  3. I just LOVE gingham- can never resist it!
    my kitchen is furnished with yellow gingham. Cheap n Cheerful (just like me!!)

  4. How very darling! Is it a pincushion? A toy (certainly without the pin in it)? Whatever it is, it is so very sweet!

  5. Anoniem13/7/10

    Beautiful work!!!

  6. Anoniem13/7/10

    Goodmorning!At least someone is productive thes days,lol.Im just so grumpy over my computer.But I do love what you made.I always loved gingham.

    Have a sweet day Saskia! HUGS!

  7. Hi Saskia!
    Cute picture, ur last post was beautiful!
    Happy day dear!
    xoxo alice

  8. I love it too..I have it in my kitchen valances and it's so cheery! Have a good day :D

  9. Hi sweet Saskia,
    I love red!
    Here is cold, very cold...
    I wish you have a sunny day!

  10. Oh wat schattig. Ik wist niet wat gingham was, nu dus wel. Zelf gemaakt? Well done dear. Fijne dinsdagavond, ga lekker uit eten. Twee dochters niet thuis :) wat moet je anders? XX

  11. I so agree with you my dear...nothing shouts SUMMER like red gingham!!!!!!
    Wish you a day filled with such loveliness..that sweet little stuffy is adorable.
    Hugs to you and your sweetpeas.My day is going to be filled with joy from a package that came in the mail yesterday. xoxoxo Thank you once again.

  12. How dear this gingham!!! All full of style and I can figure his pretty face! The heart pin is lovely at all! Bright work, dearest friend!
    I am still sending all fresh wind from Brazil to The Netherlands, to your address, of course!!!
    Be always fine, sweet! XOXO. Bela.

  13. Saskia dearest,

    Thank you for visiting with me! I just love your style...so bright and happy and what better time to muse on such things than NOW when the sun is shining!!! Blessings to you, Anita

  14. I love red and white stripes in summer!! reminds me of france and sea, don't know why.... A lovely hug to you, my friend xx

  15. Sneak peak of cuteness. What have you made my dear? I love your "sending shiny sparkly summer sprinkles" as this is a wonderful time of year. Happy creating...

  16. I'm also wondering - pincushion? Cutest one ever! Happy summer Tuesday.

  17. Knap gemaakt Saskia en passend bij het leuke badpakje van dochterlief!!!

    Liefs Ingrid

  18. So cute, I love red gingham! Your little ones are so adorable (last post)!!! Enjoy a wonderful day with those sweet children Saskia! Deb

  19. Great combination! I love stripes and gingham together. It's so summery :)

  20. Hi Saskia!
    So adorable! and yes!
    red and white stripes are SUMMERTIME colors!
    Wishing you cool breezes and cool colors dear heart~

  21. Hoiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Sassie.............kon het maar altijd zomer zijn he???? zo leuk dit weer.........lekker weinig doen..........relax.......heerlijk.............jij ook lekker met de kids heerlijk genieten de hele dag........fijn toch??? nou geniet maar lekker verder....................dag liefje..............xxxxxxxxxx....

  22. Sweet Saskia,
    how sorry I am that you had a change of plans...
    But truly happy for you!
    I think you made the right choice, you wont regret it!
    Norway and Oslo is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    I was there last year, and I´m in love, but it´s very expensive for us =P...Norway is expensive...

    I hope you will have a great time there.

    Have a nice evening!

  23. Wat een leuk plaatje. Is het soms iets wat je zelf gemaakt hebt? Ik vind rood en wit altijd zo heerlijk fris staan.
    Groetjes van Ester

  24. Anoniem14/7/10

    Hello Saskia!

    well I love this red checker photo...and summer things are wonderful things, aren't they!

    i was just at Koralee's blog and she posted about your magazine swap...and so I'll say to you what I said to her....

    you'll be sure to have hours of fun sipping and flipping through those delicious magazines...tonns of fun!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  25. Hi sweet Saskia,
    Oh I am in love with gingham...and red gingham is the "best"...enjoy a lovely summer day...smile on Rosie

  26. How cute!
    Hope you are having a lovely week Saskia.


  27. so cute. i love red and white on dolls, stuffed animals and kiddos clothes.

  28. Very sweet image! Thanks for sharing!

  29. Hi Saskia, that bright colors! I wish you much happiness my dear friend :)
    Kisses Annamaria

  30. hello saskia! adorable kids, look just like mommy! missed all your posts. lots of catch up to do. It is great to be back and so sorry for the late reply. you have a wonderful day! verbena cottage


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