23 juni 2011

~ xx ~

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful
William Morris

I need to put this into practice and
made it one of my goals for the Summer

Here's to a wonderful weekend, sweet friends


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  1. Very true! Et très belle photo :-) Bon week end aussi Saskia, ici nous fêterons la fête de village chez mes beaux-parents, avec des marches folkloriques!

  2. Heej lieve saskia een heel mooi weekend en je plaatjes zijn zoooooo lief, IrmaXXX

  3. boy, that could cut down a lot on the dusting chores... :)

  4. Met elke dag drie items de deur uit en dat drie maanden lang kom je er wel!

  5. Geweldig! En fijn weekend ;) groetjes, Anouska

  6. Anoniem23/6/11

    Wat gaaf! haha ik heb ook een post met een pot en bloemen,ik wens je alvast een fijn weekend,lieve groetjes Joke,xxx

  7. mooooi, die bloempjes in het water.

  8. yep - I know this one...jut find it hard to stick to. Feel the need to include anything that 'might be useful one day'!
    fee x
    (♥nice to see you over at mine today♥)

  9. luckily i fall under the useful category, or i would
    be 'toast'!

  10. Anoniem23/6/11

    So very true. Every few months I feel the need to purge even more things. It is all starting to look just like things I need to dust :)
    Happy Weekend to you as well.

    Jeanette from Everton Terrace

  11. Hey lieve Saskia,ik proost even met je mee op het leuke blogleven!hier wat frisjes en grijs dus er branden weer een paar kleintjes,mischien bij jullie ook?geniet van jullie weekend samen en je bokaal met de roze bloemetjes vind ik weer super!!!!dikke knuffel........x

  12. That is such a true quote..love it and your cute picture here! ;D

  13. Heb een heerlijk liefdevol weekend lieve Sassie van me.....geniet van je tuin ..je huis.....je kindertjes...en je man.......en denk af en toe even aan mij......xxx...

  14. Mooi zo hoor!

    fijne weekend
    Lieve groetjes Michelle x

  15. Hi Saskia,

    I love your pretty photos. Simple objects which are full of beauty and usefulness!! The quote is so perfect for all of your lovely pics.

    Have a joyful day, sweet friend!


  16. XX's to you to gorgeous Sass.

    I'm going to print this quote {which I've read often but until now never been prompted to do anything with} and pop it up prominently in my home.

    Thank you for this lovely gift, I hope the sun shines brightly and a gentle breeze wraps you in its hug today my friend,

    xx Felicity

  17. I think you are very close to that goal already Saskia! Een heel fijne avond met je kinderen! :)

  18. Wonderful quote!
    Wish you a lovely weekend, hug Hanne

  19. Very wise words Saskia....and I am thinking them over as I have my last cup of tea of the day!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend...with blue skies and lots of sun shine!
    Susan x

  20. very useful and beautiful images!


  21. Oh how I agree with William Morris! I so believe this....I try to have only that which is inspiring and practice...expect my BASEMENT! I need to get down there this weekend and clean! Oh Saskia, I raise my teacup to you my friend, thanking heaven for such a kind and wonderful friend such as you.....AND YOUR FRENCH IS LOVELY...Je te souhaite une bonne nuit pleine de bons rêves...fais do do ma belle, et demain, leve-toi et commence une journée feerique avec tes enfants...BISES, Anita

  22. I soooo agree sweet one...I will try to remember this as well.
    You know we have a postal strike here in Canada...I just hope your little parcel got out of Canada before it started!!!! Oh dear. xoxo Keeping my fingers crossed.

  23. Very wise words however so difficult for me to put into practice. I am so very sentimental that I save everything. Wondrous weekend to you dear...

  24. You are such a joy. Thanks for all the positive posts.

  25. I just love all of your photographs! They make me smile and feel happy!

  26. love the william morris quote, sweet saskia.

    having seen your weekend house featured on that one blog, i believe you've long been putting that quote into practice.


  27. I've always loved this quote and try to live by it in our home, it doesn't always happen but I try to keep it in mind. Enjoy your weekend x

  28. Dearest Saskia,

    You always have the sweetest and most meaningful little posts!
    Enjoy your weekend!

    Lots of love,


  29. Lovely little flowers look pretty and cause a smile or two. Happy weekend Saskia.

  30. Mooie woorden...en zo te zien zijn ze je in praktijk goed af gegaan. Wat mooi, deze pot met bloemen!

    Geniet van de zomer die er aan zit te komen.
    Fijn weekend!

    Lieve groetjes, Helena

  31. mooi lieve Saskia!! ik wens je een heel fijn weekend met hopelijk zondag heel veel zon:)

    lieve groetjes, Tjits

  32. these two fotos are so fresh perfect for tehse summer days!!! Have a fresh weekend!

  33. Love youe quote, so practical and true! Have a lovely weekend, wishing you lots of sunshine. Hugs, Lori ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  34. i hadn't realised that it was William Morris who said that but i do try to live by those words
    have a lovely weekend
    j x

  35. A good goal! I've always loved that quote!

  36. Een geweldige tip !
    Ga het gelijk in praktijk brengen.
    Fijn zonnig weekend !

  37. Something I definitely need to work on. Much organizing needs to happen around here. Will get on it after we get back from our upcoming trip. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  38. Hi Saskia!
    I'm totally with you on this! It's been my goal for lots of years...
    I'll let you know how I'm doing with this later on this summer ;o)

    It's time for me and Chris to give real hugs to Jason! I'm thrilled to see him!
    Enjoy all the free time and extra hugs now that school is over for the summer!
    God bless you, always ♥ Maria

  39. Hi Saskia,

    I have that quote written in my journal and something I need to do too. I love your sweet photographs.
    Hope that you and your dear family are having a perfect summer weekend, enjoying every minute of it.


  40. I love your beautiful photos and the words you write to us. My day is better after visiting your blog.
    Hugs from Brazil,

  41. Hoi Saskia,

    Zo lief die bloemetjes in het jampotje :-)!

    Ik wens jullie ook een heel fijn weekend. Vandaag viel het jammergenoeg een beetje tegen, maar hopelijk maakt het weer morgen alles weer goed!

    Bij jullie is nu ook de laatste schoolweek begonnen. Hebben de kinderen zin in de vakantie? Hier hoeven ze alleen nog maar hun boeken weg te brengen en hun rapport op te halen en dan zit het erop! Nog eventjes en we reizen af naar Parijs & Normandie....:-)!

    Een heel gezellig weekend,

    Madelief xox

  42. Thanks for visiting my blog. Great to read your blog and it is hard to get rid of things!
    Really enjoying your blog, glad I found it.
    Enjoy the weekend
    Gem xx

  43. Hi Saskia!
    Oh I know how that feels... to start a BIG project, especially in the kitchen, and then you must finish in time for dinner {or a late dinner!}
    I hope you were able to finish with a little time to spare for another cuppa!
    *happy Sunday to you, Saskia*

  44. Dearest sweet saskia, such a beautiful quote and your images are gorgeous! Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!

  45. Happy weekend to you, too Saskia! :)

  46. Missed you, missed you, missed YOU!!!
    How are you all dearest Friend Saskia?? So, so glad to be sitting right here at my desk and write you some extra sweet lines!!!
    I bet things around there have been busy and summer vacation has come fastest than you expect them to come!!!rsrsrs...I am sure you will have the best time together!! Swimming, having ice cream, fresh juice, and all wonderful summer offers!!!

    My visitors have already left. You can realize how my sweet home is right now...yes...mess...laundry waiting for me? Oh, yes...bunches....rsrsrsrs...but be sure, dear Saskia, our friends made our days happier and we had much fun together!!! Aila was surrounded by hands and kisses and lots lots of care!!!! She adored that, of course!!!:o))

    It is cold and rainy outside. Winter is coming. Cold days but a warmed heart!!
    Much love to you all!!!!

  47. Anoniem26/6/11

    One of my most favorite quotes, and such a beautiful way to live life. I also love your gorgeous photos!!!

    Happy day to you & yours, Saskia!
    ~ Zuzu

  48. Love it!!!! And as usual your pictures are gorgeous

  49. Lovely...
    Enjoy your day !
    greetings from France,


  50. Simply- simply- gorgeous! Only you could do this--


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