7 juni 2011

{Love} at first bite

Pineapple strawberries
from the green grocery

These berries are fun and even a bit crazy
Personally, I prefer the original lovelies

I leave you with a fine quote for today
To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions
B. Franklin


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  1. Hi Saskia!
    That is indeed a fine quote.
    I too prefer the bright red ones!
    Have a bright and happy day!
    Gill xx

  2. SASKIA!!!! Wait...what exactly are these berries???? They look like baked goods; did you make them or are they an actual fruit? I have NEVER SEEN THE LIKES OF THEM!

    AND HOW ARE YOU AND THE LITTLE ONES? Are you feeling better my sweet Saskia? I LOVE THAT QUOTE..oh,if I could just turn all the negative things into positive things, who lovely life would be daily...hmmmm....a goal to reach!

    MERCI MON AMIE, and I do hope you are recovering! Anita

  3. Anoniem7/6/11

    I have never seen these strawberries, looks very nice and interesting:)
    Enjoy in them,kisses and hugs dear Saskia:)

  4. ik heb geloof ik ook liever de rode vertrouwde aardbei, maar het ziet er wel grappig uit!

    lieve groetjes, Tjits

  5. Anoniem7/6/11

    De naam klinkt grappig - ben errug benieuwd hoe ze smaken ... naar pineapple of strawberry?

    groetjes Sas

  6. Hi there my sweet friend, I didn't even know there was such a thing so I will have to look it up to be better informed. Great quote. Have a lovely day.

  7. Hey lieve Saskia,ik ben hier ook weer even.....hele mooie quote weer....rare vrucht heb ik nog niet gezien denk ik!!!!maar je bordje met de roze bloemetjes vind ik super!geniet nog van een zalige middag en voor vanavond veel gezelligheid.......xxx

  8. Buone!!!!!!!
    Un abbraccio mia cara

  9. My oh my! That sounds delish!

  10. Dearest Saskia,

    We had pineaplle 'fraises des bois' for a couple of years but breeding had not yet achieved these red-seeded pineapple berries! Often the taste is not as good as its looks... like you stated already. But humans want something different all the time!
    Great quote from President Benjamin Franklin! He was also a leading author.

    Lots of love,


  11. Interesting berries! Pretty!

  12. I've never seen such berries Saskia. I am wondering how they taste. I will have to look for some.

    Love your quote today!

    Happy Week to you!
    xo Catherine

  13. I've never heard of these strawberries. How interesting!


  14. what a great quote. if only we humans could do that more...

  15. Hi Saskia,
    I don't know this fruit! We don't have this fruit here.
    Great quote.
    Have a lovely day.

  16. How enchanting! I love the look of the pineberries, I was wondering if they grow in Canada? Thanks for the great quote!
    Margaret B

  17. Yay..Hi Saskia...beautiful quote and gorgeous treats!

  18. Hi Saskia,

    I have not heard of pineapple strawberries. You photographed them here so beautifully!

    That quote is packed with a bunch of wisdom!! :) Love it!

    Happy Day, sweet friend!


  19. Yakkkk die aardbeien dingen zien er niet lekker uit...en okee ik weet trek nu snel mijn conclusie...misschien zijn ze wel heerlijk....liefs lieverdje...xxx...xxx...xxx...

  20. I have never seen pineapple strawberries before Hope you are enjoying your day.


  21. Hmm...you have made me very curious lovely Saskia...your pineapple strawberries look very interesting...I would love to try them!....What a wonderful inspirational quote too...
    Hope your evening is a good one..
    Susan x

  22. Oh my....I have never seen or even heard of these. I would like to try one. I also had never heard of white peaches until my first trip to France in the mid nineties. Now, I eat them all the time!!!! Thanks for sharing this funky fruit, Saskia! :)
    big hugs,

  23. Uau!! Had never seen such different fruit before, best Friend Saskia!! Our favorite dessert here is strawberry, yes!! Oh, we LOOOOVE them!!
    Tell me, you might have thousands of lovely porcelain, my dearest Friend!!! The ones up there are so cute!!! We cannot find these lovely patterns around here...:o( Yes, it is a pitty! Polka, checkered, vintage floral ...no way!

    I figured each tiny silable of your narrative about the boat...oh, everything!!! I believe you had amazing time there!! Cute B. will never forget these moments, dearest Saskia, never! May God always bless you and your beautiful family!!!

    Aila is sleeping now and so I can write you some more lines!!!rsrsrs...today she is eating sooooo much!!!rsrsrs...she ate two apples, grapes, atrawberries, banana, her lunch, she drank her juice and milk.....oh, Lord, and it is just afternoon!!!rsrsrs...maybe because she is growing up!:o)
    Rainy weather frame my sewing day!!
    Love the rain!
    Love you!!

  24. I've never heard of these strawberries. How interesting!
    Pri Barão

  25. Deze kende ik nog niet....ik ben gek op die rode zomerkoninkjes....maar in combi met ananas ??? Is 't lekker...heb je geproeft....?
    Ben benieuwd....groetjes Bianca xx

  26. Hi Saskia!
    Pineapple strawberries! They look so wild!
    It reminds me of a tradition we've had in our family since our children were little. On New Year's Eve, we always try something new...no one has ever tasted. When they were little, it was easy to find something...but now that they are all grown up, it's become more of a challenge. I'll bet no one in my family has ever had these! I'll have to keep my eyes open and sneak some in the freezer for New Year's Eve 2011 :o)
    Happy week to you* Here is is very, very warm ~ I'm off for the day now...about to head home. My classroom is HOT. {on the second floor}.
    Blessings to you always, Saksia*

  27. how strange! and cool! love your blog!

  28. Hi Saskia,

    This is such a great quote and thanks for sharing, I will write it in my journal.
    I prefer the red strawberries.
    Hope all is well with you and your family and now wishing you a happy week, dear friend


  29. Tu fais dodo à ce moment ma belle, mais je voulais juste venir chez toi et dire JE T'AIME BIEN!!!! BISOUS Anita

  30. This is a fabulous quote and one I should remember. Clearly I have never tasted or seen this fruit. Happy week to you...

  31. Oh, how fun! I've never even heard of Pineapple Strawberries! I'll be on the look-out...although I DO love the originals so!

    Love that quote from Benjamin Franklin, too--perfect!

    Wishing you a wonderful day, sweet friend!


  32. Dearest sweet saskia, i adore that gorgeous plates you display these Pineapple strawberries on! Thanks for sharing the quote. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  33. Well at least they look very pretty :-)

  34. Saskia, my sweet friend, looks like you have been enjoying the Summer Sun. :) :) :)
    Those berries do look fun and I always say, "I'll try anything once!" :)
    Last night we had fresh strawberries with cream and I think that deliciousness would sure be hard to beat! :)
    Hope you are having a wonderful week. :) :) :)

  35. pineapple strawberries? I've never heard of these things you talk of!!!
    have just had a little flick though all the posts I missed whilst soaking up the sunshine - but there's only so much washing avoidance one girl can do (especially since my bevy of boys are currently out in the rain making the pile bigger by the minute!)
    lovely pictures as always
    fee ♥

  36. Che buone devono essere! Un abbraccio e devo farti i complimenti ai piatti... sono davvero troppo carini!!!!!!!

  37. Haha ze zien er echt niet uit !
    Wishing you a happy week Saskia.

  38. Hm are these real fruits? I'm confused :D They look funny!

  39. These look intersting - have never seen or tasted them. Also, your picture looks very nice, such a lovely combination Saskia! Hope your week is nice so far - here, we have huge thunderstorms and rain, last night, i was awake the whole time! Een fijne, gezellige avond een veel liefs!

  40. Love the quote..and I have never seen or heard of this before..very cool! :D

  41. Good Morning sweet friend...not sure about these! xoxoxoxo

  42. Mal hoor!
    Alvast een heel fijn Pinkster weekend!
    Liefs Else

  43. I have never heard of pineapple strawberries so this post was a first for me, would love to try them :)


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