13 juni 2011

Tea in the Garden

a little tea garden
a big feast

I especially loved the lace dressed up with colorful beads
covering the homemade pear syrup bottle
{and Celeste's head for an instant}

All people smile in the same language


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  1. Anoniem13/6/11

    Your garden looks very beautiful, I believe you're enjoying it to drink tea!
    Nice and sunny greetings from Croatia, kisses:)

  2. ik zat net in de ariadne at home ook al zo'n leuke reportage te lezen over een mini theehuis in een hele mooie landelijke omgeving met zelfgebakken lekkers, dit lijkt er wel heel veel op! echt genieten, heerlijjk:)

    fijne dag!
    lieve groetjes, Tjits

  3. it looks wonderful and so peaceful!!!

  4. What a lovely place. Nice photos and a beautiful quote!

  5. Anoniem13/6/11

    Wauw wat heb je een prachtig huis en tuin en echt je dochtertje,het is precies jouw,ik wens je een fijne dag,liefs Joke,xx

  6. You always make me smile Sass and that is a generous gift that you give so warmly.

    Happy thoughts from me to you as you get ready for a lovely day ahead,

    xx Felicity

  7. Geweldige plek voor een thee-feestje! Groetjes, Colin

  8. Oh dearest Saskia, you make my heart sing. Your happy attitude and vision of love is perfect for my every day. What a heavenly place this must have been dearest, but of course, where YOU live, it is paradise! CELESTE IS DARLING!!! As I am sure theh other three must be so beautiful...I am off to go enter some last minute data into my school computer...I am DONE with the students, but we teachers still have some work to do this week...ahhh! I will think of you, Anita

  9. Zeg...ik zie geen thee hoor....maar twee heerlijke capucinno's...een voor jouw een voor mij ???...hahahhah!! ziet er super uit hoor allemaal...echt genieten ....woon je daar ???...liefs allerliefste Sassie van me....xxx..kus van mij...xxx..

  10. Wat een heerlijk plekje,liefs van ons

  11. Wat een mooie sfeer in je tuin lieve Saskia en Celeste ziet er zo sweet uit met je mooie parelkleedje.....geniet nog van een prachtig dagje samen....dikke knuffel xxx

  12. Emma and I adore this!

    PS: don't forget this giveaway end today.

  13. A perfect place to spend an afternoon Saskia!...I love tea gardens...and a beautiful, happy photograph of Celeste...I am off for a cup of tea now my friend...too dark here today to take my yarny photos!....
    Hope you have a wonderful week,
    Susan x

  14. Ha saskia;
    leuk plekje voor een kopje thee of koffie;
    in je eigen tuin?
    Zeg; wij gaan elkaar zien in de tuin van Madelief, geloof ik? in augustus?
    spannend!Heb haar vorige week voor t eerst ontmoet...ben erg benieuwd naar haar gezellige tuin en tuinhuisje!
    groetjes Fleur uit de polder

  15. The pictures are all so great especially Celeste looking so adorable. Thanks for making my morning.

  16. Nothing better than tea in a garden!
    Love the quote 'we all smile in the same language' , I really think people should smile more and frown less.


  17. All people smile in the same langauge ~ I love that!! I think that I may steal that quote sometime.
    Have a happy day!!!!

  18. Celeste is heavenly cute!!! Your tea day was wonderful, I can figure it all!!!
    Dearest Saskia, please show me Loods 5, please!! I would LOVE spending a day there with you all!!! If you say it is a wonderful place I DO believe it!!
    I hope you have the best time together!!

    My days have been busy. I have been working a lot, dear Friend! We will receive some friends in two weeks and they will spend some days with us, in our home. I must organize my sewing projects and finish some orders before they come so that no client will be unhappy!!!

    I can´t wait to see your snapshots!!
    Much love!!!

  19. yup, her sweet little face and her 'doily' hat stole the show. :)

  20. I agree! Everyone does smile in the same language. My hubby is off to Germany today and I'm sure he'll be smiling at people, too!

  21. thanks for that delicious tea in the garden!!!
    I like a lot!!!


  22. Dat ziet er super gezellig uit.
    Geniet ervan. :-)

  23. Hi Saskia,
    Lovely pics. Celeste is so beautiful!
    I want to be invited for a tea in the garden for you...
    Have a great week.

  24. Such JOY my friend...I want to come sit in your garden...pure delight! Why do we not live closer?
    Any cookie mail? Ours are all gone...my daughter just finished of the last of the sweet chocolates yesterday...now I want to make chocolates!!!! Hugs and love and thanks a bundle of being soooooo sweet. xoxoxoxo

  25. This all reminds me of the tea parties my grandma hosted for me when I was a little girl..pure fun! :D

  26. Love this today! Wish I could've joined you. Have a wonderful day!

  27. Tea in the garden is a glorious way to spend the day. Lovely photos. I have a niece named Celeste and yours is adorable...especially with her beaded lace chapeau. Joyous week to you dear...

  28. Anoniem13/6/11

    Heerlijke foto's weer!

    Hoop dat de tea net zo vurrukkulluk was ...

  29. Hoi Saskia,

    Is dit jullie andere huis? Wat ziet het er prachtig uit! Het mooie weidse uitzicht, het gezellige zitje, de bloemen. Heerlijk om zo'n tweede thuis te hebben!

    Celeste ziet er prachtig uit met haar kralendoekje :-)

    Lieve groetjes van Madelief x

  30. Wat een heerlijke tea. Bij jou in de tuin? Gaan we in augustus ook gezellig doen bij Madelief, heb er nu al zin in:)
    Vandaag was het weer prut maar toch genoten van een gezellige dag, lieve groet

  31. Looks like it was a glorious day! So hot here that outdoor activities only occur at night. Wishing you a wonderful week. Best wishes, Tammy

  32. So mooij het tea party - would have loved to join you! Had a look at the pictures in bigger size - they are all supergorgeous! Carry this lovely atmosphere with you this week! Een heel gezellige avond, veel liefs! xoxo

  33. Wat een mooie foto's Gezellige omgeving ook. En die foto van jullie dochter PRACHTIG, Fijne week Lieve Groetjes Esther.

  34. Dearest Saskia,

    Happiness and smiles are universal!

    Lots of love,


  35. Dear Saskia,

    I love your sweet photographs of your tea-party and to be outdoors in the fresh air, wonderful!
    Celeste is beautiful and such a darling photo of her.
    I have the quote written in my journal too, and so true.

    Sending wishes for a happy week to you and many smiles.

  36. So sweet and lovely, Saskia ~ I love tea ~ I love jellies and jams and crackers and tea biscuits and shortbread cookies and sweet breads ~ it's the art of the tea ceremony ♥ it inspires calm and closeness and quiet moments *
    Thank you for reminding me to have a cuppa tea right now*
    my bedtime teatime is about to begin :o)
    *blessings for a sweet Wednesday*

  37. What a greate teatime.:-) have a nice day.:-))

  38. Echt genieten zo'n leuke tuin voor een oud boerderijtje. Leuke collage.

  39. What a beautiful garden to have tea in!!

  40. Leuk zo'n collage. Mooi gemaakt. Ook die foto's hier aan de rechterkant vind ik heel mooi. Maak je die allemaal zelf?

  41. Lovely Saskia..thanks for your kind comment! You may imagine how I would like to join your teatime!
    Hugs from Rome.


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