27 juni 2011

*r e d *

*Red is the ultimate cure for sadness*
*When in doubt wear red*
Bill Blass

Are we ready for the Summer holidays?
YES we ARE !

Wishing you a joyful Summer sweet friends
I took this picture in a Danish museum, last year


80 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the little camper. :) Happy Red Week!

  2. What a cute little trailer and red car. Yes red is one of those happy colors and I believe there is a shade of red that every woman looks good in. Have a happy week!

  3. Red is indeed a cheery color! Summer holidays always go fast ~ hang on tight!!

    Happy Week Saskia!
    xo Catherine

  4. My most lovely and darling friend,

    COLORS are so influential in how we feel, INDEED! Oh how I love especially the colors of nature that just take my breath away! I saw the most beautiful GOLD FINCH fly on a branch...seeing this all from my new room as I sit reading, LES MISERABLES in French. Total bliss am I experiencing this summer my darling friend. It sounds like you are going to enjoy all there is to summer with your beautiful little ones...oh, wreaths of flowers in their hair? OH TAKE ME THERE WITH YOU! I would dance with you, with them, with a crown of flowers and ribbons my friend.....I too raise my tea cup to you dearest Saskia!!!!


  5. I love the camper too and red does make me feel good. Hope your week to come is filled with all the happiness you can take in.

  6. Hi Saskia!!!
    I love the color red ... it's A GREAT COLOR for brunettes :o)
    Blonds actually also look fabulous in Red!

    It's the color of passion, courage, enthusiasm!
    love wearing it!
    I makes me feel warm just to look at it!
    Great post, dear ♥ hope all is well*
    Enjoying every minute here*
    I'm waiting for our Kettle corn Popcorn to finish popping, now off to watch a movie with my boys*
    ~happy new week to you*

  7. I love red, too. Almost everything is pretty when it's red.

  8. Wat mooi de kleine caravan, leuke foto!!

    Een fijn week, Saskia!!

    Lieve groetjes Michelle
    de verfklus gaat goed hoor! ;-)dankje!

  9. ohh die onderste foto.. geweldig!!! op en top zomergevoel krijg ik daar van:))

    fijne week!
    lieve groetjes, Tjits

  10. Rondrijden in dat rode autootje, als je daar niet vrolijk van wordt! Groetjes, Colin

  11. Hoi lieve Saskia, wat een mooie foto's. Leuk die laatste foto dat zoiets kan hè.
    Wens jullie fijne zonnige week. Lieve Groetjes Esther.

  12. Red makes me happy! Summer holidays started for us a couple of weeks ago and soon we will be off on a 10-day adventure. Wishing you a wonderful week. Tammy

  13. Your posts make me alsways so happy!! love your colours and pictures!!! I am ready for the holidays, too!!!

  14. One of my favourite colours Saskia...such a pretty photograph....I'm definitely ready for a long, lazy Summer....spent all day in the garden with the girls yesterday...reading and chatting...sipping iced drinks...bliss....
    Hope you have a great week!
    Susan x

  15. Oh Sassie wat gaan we doen deze zomer????...geniet van een heerlijke tijd......zomerse zonnegroetjes van mij....xxx...xxx...xxx...

  16. Non amo particolarmente il colore rosso, ma le tue foto mettono allegria!!!!!!
    Buon inizio settimana

  17. O I love red myself a lot! lots of red accessoires in my white kitchen, and red is so LOVE :-) looking forward to your giveaway, I will also have one in the next few days :-)

    I wish you a wonderful week


  18. Oh, I adore red! Beautiful post, as always, and wishing you the brightest summer ever, filled with precious moments of FUN, JOY and BEAUTY! Hugs, Lori xxx

  19. Love red! It has always been the ultimate color of summer for me :-) Have a very happy summer Saskia ^^

  20. Red is one of my favourite colours! And it definately looks good on everybody! Marta

  21. Mooi rood is niet lelijk zeggen ze altijd en dat klopt! Wat een mooie vrolijke foto's Saskia!
    Ik wens je een hele fijne week,
    liefs Ester

  22. Hi Saskia,
    Red is my favourite color! I love red and I loved this pics.
    Have a great week.

  23. Ohhh...I love red and I need soooo much red right now as my summer holidays were...deleted and...I have to stay at home... :O(
    Have a wonderful summer too!!!!

  24. Ik ben hier ook weer even lieve Saskia na een heel druk weekend,en mijn maandag kan niet meer stuk met je leuke rode foto's.....nog even genieten van het warme weertje hé.....dikke knuffel en tot ......xxx

  25. Dearest Saskia!!!
    Love your red post!!! We are ready for coooooollldddd weather and snow and hot tea...rsrsrs...it is so cold here today that I cannot imagine summer vacation right now...rsrsrs...I DO wish your vacation is wonderful!!!
    Have fun!
    Have ice cream!
    Have swimming in the lake!
    Have cold showers!
    Have fresh tea!
    Have some rest, dear lovely Friend!!
    Much love to you all!!!

  26. Rood is niet één van mijn kleuren, maar ik geniet van je vrolijke post.
    Wens jou ook een heerlijke zomer toe Saskia.
    Lieve groet, Mea

  27. Lieve Saskia,

    Nog van harte gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van Bresten! Ik had geen idee dat je de boot ook af kon huren voor verjaardagsfeestjes. Wat moet Bresten het geweldig hebben gevonden. Ook leuk dat jullie er geslapen hebben. Bij ons staat dat nog op het verlanglijstje.

    Ik wens jullie ook een hele gezellige vakantie toe!

    En het is waar....als ik twijfel trek ik soms ook een rode jurk aan. Altijd goed en het vrolijkt op!

    Lieve groetjes, Madelief xox

  28. That car and camper are too cute! Red lifts my spirit, always. Veel zon here heden, not good for work, but i still love it. Geniet van een heel gezellige avond Saskia - summer evenings are the best! xox

  29. Hi Saskia,
    I love your RED! post, it's one of my favourite colours!
    The camper is absolutly fantastic!
    Today it was hot but only for two days!
    Have nice week
    sweet wishes

  30. Red is definitely an energizing, happy color. I am lovin' that summer is finally here. Enjoy!


  31. that little red car is way too cute!
    defo ready for summer hols....and staying tuned!
    fee ♥

  32. Good evening mijn vriendin...you are probably asleep as I write this, but I bid you sweet dreams as the fairies of summer are outside your door, blessing your sweet home with summer fragrance...thank you for stopping by.My summer is wonderful, full of dreams...now to stop long enough to make them come true. BISES, Anita

  33. prettige vakantie, en mijn kleur is dan ook rood. :-)

  34. I'm wearing a new red watch right now! I love red too. :)

    Have a lovely new week saskia!

  35. Anoniem28/6/11

    love red
    if i close my eyes
    and wish and wish
    when i open them
    will that little
    red car and camper
    be in my yard?
    love red

  36. Anoniem28/6/11

    I've just stumbled across your gorgeous blog - it is so inspiring and pretty. I'll be back for ore gorgeousness soon!

  37. ode to RED! Smiles to you! Have a great summer vacation!

  38. Just got back from Florida and I've got lots of catching up to do in the blog world! I received your darling package, Saskia! Your are such a sweetie...thank you so much! I love it! Hearts are my thing!

  39. Dear Saskia,

    I love your red, bright and cheery post, dear friend. The little Fiat and camper are cute.
    Wishing you a happy summer with your sweet children.


  40. You are so right my friend..how can you be unhappy surrounded by red! Love your poppy! Hope all is good and summer holidays are going well. My last day tomorrow...happy dance! Now if I can just get my packing done.

    Some good news...our mail is up and running again...where are those cookies?

    xoxoxo HUGS

  41. how strong red is!!! and how happy I am for joining your joy!

  42. I love red and it is my hubby's favorite color. How adorable is that little car and trailer! Joyful days to you...

  43. Red feels happy, empowering, and passionate. When I turned 50 I bought a red wool coat and a oooo-la-la red dress and danced all night with hubby and friends. It was my "red" year and one of the best of my life. :)

    My first time to your blog, btw. I love it!

  44. Happiest summer to you too, dear Saskia! Thank you for the dose of (red) optimism! :)

  45. Oh Yes I did get your bundle of Dutch Joy on June 27th and this is my email I sent. I am so sorry you did not get this and I thank you so very much again.

    Good Morning My Dear Saskia:

    I have just received your package of Dutch JOY! You are the sweetest and cutest blogging friend ever.

    The smile on my face is from ear to ear. Your package is so much fun and I love it. Thank you so very much.

    You are always without a doubt the most cheerful and joyful person on Planet Blog. I love your simplicity of JOY.

    I am so happy that I opened your package ever so carefully so as not to miss any of the beads, paper circles, flower petals, hearts or butterflies.

    Wishing you a week filled with wonder and of course joy.

    Love and Hugs,

    Aka: Saucy Chick Sherry


  46. Dank je well voor het lieve visite, you made me smile today! Would be fun to do a fotoshoot with you and your kids one day! Stormy here today - hope we'll get a lovely weekend still - vacation weekend, YAY! Geniet een zonnige, fantastische dag lieve Saskia, veel liefs vab mij! xoxox

  47. It is good to be back at last catching up with your blogging activities, lots of lovely gems to catch up on. Red is my favourite colour and I also like and try to follow that William Morris quote.

  48. Hello,
    I love red. Is magic colour!

  49. Hi Saskia * Stopping by to say hello!
    Wishing you a sweet day and a lovely weekend!
    Jason has a great 3 day weekend ahead! No work ...just solid Jason time for the next three days!
    We go back home on Tuesday... I'm trying not to think about that... just these precious moments*
    Chris and I are off to walk some trails now, meeting Jason for lunch in downtown Austin ~ then spending the afternoon in some cool shops :o)
    HAPPY DAYS to YOU too dear ♥

  50. Hi Saskia

    I was very happy with your visit to my blog!
    Is always welcome and a great weekend for you!
    I'm following you.

    kisses from Brazil

  51. Boa tarde querida amiga, fiquei imensamente feliz com sua visita em meu blog. Obrigada pelas palavras carinhosas sobre meus trabalhos.Bjs

  52. Dearest sweet saskia, gorgeous red color inspiration!! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  53. happy summer holidays & a fabulous July to you sweet Saskia.

    thanks for the sweet message ♥

  54. I'm always guaranteed a pop of color and a dose of cheerfulness whenever I stop by! Thank you for sharing your joyful heart, sweet Saskia!

  55. I Love red! and everything is beautiful in here [as always]!

    Have a great weekend friend.

  56. Saskia, i hope your weekend is lovely! Are you away somewhere on holidays now? Geniet van een zonnige and fantastische tijd met het kinderen, bonne nuit! xoxox

  57. Dear Saskia,

    Just called by to wish you and your dear family the very best summer holidays.
    Have fun! playing outdoors, eating icecreams, drinking tea and cold drinks, relaxing and enjoying every moment.
    Many thanks for visiting me.

    Sending hugs from NZ

  58. Muito bonito e gosotoso seu blog, voltarei mais vezes!


  59. My sweet Saskia,

    I so love to hear from you and come to visit you....are enjoying all the colors of summer, all the colors of your childrens' laughter? I send you my heartfelt wishes for INSPIRATION to sweet you away and fill you up....thank you for your sweet words. Yes, I am ENJOYING EVERY MOMENT OF MY SUMMER! We are having such a wonderful time just ambling around aimlessly into antique shops, staying at home to read, write, visit neighbors and take naps..what a wonderful world....may you all be happy and have peace in your home and hearts...Anita

  60. Oh my gosh! What a cute car and camper!!!!!!!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  61. Hi Saskia,
    I wish that you have a lovely happy week.

  62. Geniet van een nieuwe leuke week Saskia,veel plezier met de kinderen en de vakantie.....xxx

  63. Miss you...
    where have you been, sweetest dearest Friend Saskia??
    I wish you are ok, all of you!
    Our days have been cold, cold, around here!!! My fingers almost break while sewing...rsrsrs...
    Much much much love to you all, Saskia querida!!
    Beijos!! Bela

  64. Hi Saskia- your "summer red's" are beautiful - so vibrant! You have the happiest and most colorful blog on the web! Best wishes for a wonderful summer dear--

  65. Oh lovely the little camper!
    Great week!

  66. ..Hi,this is an hard time for me,I'm so tired..I could need much red in my life.Kiss.

  67. Que delicia !!
    Adoro vermelho, e esse trailler é lindo !!!

    bjus 1000

  68. Hej Saskia

    I LOVE the colour RED.
    RED is my favourite colour to always brighten the day...I like the Bill Blass quote, my Mum owned a silk scarf by this designer...I must try and find it actually, forgotten all about it. I didn;t know that Red was the ultimate cure for sadness...perhaps that's why I choose to way it all the time ;-)
    Have a wonderful summer my friend
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your family

  69. How is my sweet Saskia?Are you well my dear? Are you out in the summer air, enjoying life? I hope so...just coming by because I was thinking of YOU. Anita

  70. Lovely photos....so pretty!

  71. so true! i love red :) always so cheerful.

  72. Ik denk dat lieve Saskia het heel leuk druk heeft...............xxx

  73. My sweet friend,
    I missed you...
    Have a happy and sunny weekend.

  74. Beautiful red.
    Oh how I love that bright red car!
    Happy days to you.

  75. Dear Saskia,

    Beautiful reds! As sweet as a summer red strawberry...:) That tin, car, and little home are very adorable!! I hope you are making some precious memories with your family. Summer is a busy time, full of fun. Enjoy it!!


  76. Your blog is full of red colours. Awesome and very beautiful photographs you shared here. First one is best to keep in computer desktop.

  77. Aw... who could ever be sad when coming to see you :)
    Aren't colors so powerful!
    Love you images, as always!
    lots of love
    gi gi

  78. Oh my!
    Can you imagine what fun we would have Sass, you and I, scooting off in our little red car with that natty caravan attached having a fabulous adventure together?

    Fizzing with giggles,



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