14 januari 2010

The house ....

Van een lieve vriendin ontving ik dit mooie kaartje.

The beauty of the house is order,
the blessing of the house is contentment.
The glory of the house is hospitalitly

2 opmerkingen:

  1. heeeeeeel mooi en je gele stippen kan is zo'n kan van "die wil ik ook"
    lief hoor het kaartje ze weet wat jij mooi vind:-)

    lieve groet Irma

  2. I was so surprised to see you found my blog, Grandmama's stories. I'm new at blogging and hope to add pictures and other interesting gadgets to my blog. I do hope you'll come back and enjoy the stories of our family. I love the pictures on your blog and all the lovely flowers, nature spots and encouraging words.
    God Bless
    Grandmama Jane


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