15 januari 2011

Did you eat your Apple today?

I did not ..
but I did eat a slice of Apple Pie
does that count too?

warm winter wishes
for a
sparkling sweet Satersunday !


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  1. I did:) But apple pie is definitely acceptable too:) Such a sweet photo. Have a simply sensational Saturday. xo

  2. Anoniem15/1/11

    Wat een geweldige foto,ik eet alleen op mijn werk een appel,maarre jammie appeltaart lust ik ook wel,ik wilde vandaag een cake bakken,maar mijn lief is ziek en wil niets,dus wacht ik tot hij opgeknapt is,anders is het zo sneu,fijne zaterdag,liefs Joke.

  3. Anoniem15/1/11

    I did!
    Sweet photo!
    Kisses and nice weekend dear.

  4. Anoniem15/1/11

    I live near the sea, and here it is sunny and warm:)

  5. Oh, yes! Apple pie always counts :)

  6. Hoi Sas,

    eet echt nooit geen fruit, errug hé.Maar neem wel vitamine c1000 tabletten in anders dan kom ik tekort natuurlijk.

    fijn weekend liefs stina

  7. We had some hot apple crisp last night and it was really amazing:) Hugs and kisses for a cozy Saturday,sweetie

  8. Ik weet dat ze gezond zijn maar ik hou niet zo erg van appels.Wel van appeltaart.....
    Happy weekend.


  9. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
    Dus snel zo'n heerlijk appeltje.
    Leuke foto.
    Fijn weekend,

  10. But of course my dear.

    Gezellig weekend

  11. Oui, plein soleil!!!! Mais avec du vent.
    Heb min appeltje nog niet gehad. Je brengt me op een idee.
    Fijn herfstig weekend :)

  12. I love your new header. Your photos always make me smile. Have a wonderful weekend.
    and no.. I haven't had my apple.

  13. Apple pie definitely counts~!

  14. That's the cutest picture ever. It so warms my heart. Happy weekend to you dear Saskia! =)

  15. Hello Saskia, I have been your follower for a while now, I am so happy you stop by, your blog is amazing, I don't know how you find the time with 4 kids to do it all...quite an inspiration!!!



  16. Ja dat telt extra....heel veel calorietjes ;0)
    Fijn weekend

    Maar wel errugh lekker ;)

  17. Adorable!!! And yes, I believe the apple pie counts! :)

  18. Hej Saskia
    What a beautiful photo to colour my world...
    Feeling a bit sorry for myself ;-(
    Apples no more for me...
    According to my Doctor I need to have an ultrasound for Gall Stones YUK!
    So for me definitely 'an Apple A Day, will NOT keep the doctor away' for me.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Today is Tulip Day in Sweden, So I send you Tulips and a Happy Tulip Day.

  19. Hi Saskia! How funny to read about apple pie, because I just made a homemade one yesterday! And oh yes...it is sooo yummy!! Have a wonderful, warm weekend!

  20. OH YES! APPELFLAAPEN (DID I SPELL THAT CORRECTLY???) counts TWICE! teeeeheeee! Oh my goodness, that picture...there simply is not enough space in time to count in all of the magical places like YOUR PLACE HERE DEAREST ONE! Did you get my message on your previous post? I am so honored to know that something is on its way here, but I find it curious that I too sent something to a Dutch friend the week BEFORE Christmas and she still has not received it! Customs problems, maybe? I will let you know IMMEDIATELY as soon as I get it....you are such a dear. May love abound in your heart and home today dearest, LIEVE ZUSTER!!! VEEL KUSJES! Anita

  21. My mom often said An apple a day keeps the doctor away! And I never heard her say it couldn't be in a pie! :)
    Adorable, creative, colorful pic of your sweet girl! Happy week-end, dear Saskia!

  22. Hej Saskia

    I will email you ;-)
    Keep well my lovely friend
    Here are your tulips

  23. Hoi Saskia,

    Natuurlijk telt dat ;-)!! Ik lees net je berichtje....met een grote grijns op mijn gezicht...net uit bed....Het is echt weer ervoor om lekker lang te blijven liggen. Ik hoop toch dat morgen het zonnetje een beetje schijnt, dan kunnen manlief & ik naar de tuin. Er moet nog steeds het een en ander gesnoeid worden!

    Ik wens jullie ook een heel gezellig weekend!!

    Veel lieve groetjes van Madelief xxx

  24. Leuke foto Saskia! Wat een KANJERS van appels!
    Weet je, ik at ook nog geen 'apple a day' vandaag maar deed zo'n groene grany smith in de pompoensoep die ik vandaag maakte; LEKKER!!!
    Een sneetje appelcake? TUURLIJK telt dat!
    Met een lekkere kop warme wat-je-maar-wilt
    Hier is het grijs, grauw, nat, regen,
    heel welkom dus zo'n kleurrijke, inspirerende foto van jou!

  25. Hi Saskia,
    I eat my apple today.Apple Pie is so delicious...
    Have a sweet weekend.

  26. :( I have a confession, I hate apples.... lol but... if I have to have a fruit its usually a pear! have a great weekend xoxoxox

  27. I did! Had an apple cinnamon and splenda too all in my hot oatmeal this morning. Hugs!

  28. Apple pie definitely counts!

  29. Hi Saskia!
    I DO love my apples...
    I also LOVE apple pie, apple cake, apple cookies, apple pancakes, and even apple pizza!...
    and add walnuts to them and it's heaven!

    apple pie definitely counts in my apple love book ♥

  30. Only one size of apple pie. Well done! Kesses from Spain.

  31. Hahhahahah!! wat ben je toch een vrolijk tiepje.....heerlijk......moet altijd lachen bij jouw......en ach meis jij kan het hebben hoor....ik neem het appeltje wel.....whahahahhahhahahhah!! fijne avond.......geniet met je lieve gezinnetje...van een heerlijk avond en de appeltaart......xxxxx......xxxx.....xxx....xx...x......

  32. Wish I could have tasted that apple pie too!!!


  33. Lady sweet red apple above is adorable!!! I wish I could grab one for me, they look delicious! Apfelstrudel is so popular around here, have I told you that, sweet Saskia? We love it!!
    How is your weekend going so far? It is raining so much here and that makes our trip to the beach impossible...it is a pitty...Aila is running upstairs and downstairs, maybe the rain has great influence on her mood:o))
    Today our grocery bag followed me to the market:o))) Everybody looked to the pink beauty!!! So different to Brasilian eyes! I LOVE IT!!! Even Aila asked me many times about the new bag!
    saskia, dear, you have no idea of the fabric I bought to sew some surprise for you!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, the prettiest I have ever bought!!! I guess you will love it!!! Tell me something, dearest Friend, do you celebrate Valentine´s day in pretty Netherlands? If so, when and how do you celebrate it?
    I wish you much JOY and LOVE always, dearest Friend!! Love! Bela

  34. so beautiful and so colorfull!!!
    love love love!!!

  35. I love apples!!! Fantastic pic, I love this

    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  36. I am in love with this photo...your sweetpeas tights are adorable in every single way...reminds me of how I dressed my girls!

    Weekend hugs. xoxo

  37. Wat een ontzettende leuke,kleurige foto heb je weer gemaakt, ik heb vandaag een banaan en een kiwi gegeten ;-) voor jullie een fijne avond en zondag, lieve Groetjes Esther.

  38. ..today i bought a bag of apple...tomorrow i will cook a cake!Please you are welcome to taste it!!!.

  39. There are lots of apples in a pie so I'm thinking that you have more than filled your required 'apple per day'!

    A big warm hug to you dear one,

    Felicity x

  40. Lieve Saskia, i much prefer apple pie to raw apples - somehow, i like apples better, if they are baked or stewed or whatever. So, it definetely counts! I had Pineapple today - a real treat in winter! Worked in the garden, raking away rotten leaves and other things, and then visited my aunt and uncle who made lekker mousse au chocolat! Now i'm a bit tipsy and tired, but happy! Hope your day was as sweet as this photo, and your sunday will be as well!
    Dank je well for putting me in your blogroll - must get me one like that too, next blog project ;)
    Lieve groet and hugs!

  41. Wat een geweldige foto weer Saskia,
    Ik heb vandaag ook geen appeltje op. Mmm ik denk dat appeltaart wel meeteld hoor.
    Fijne avond verder,
    Liefs van mij.

  42. Plain apple=NO

  43. *schaam* nee geen appeltje vandaag, maar ik heb wel een nieuw voorraadje elstars en moesappels gehaald, dat telt toch ook wel een beetje ... klein beetje? Fijn weekend, Colinda

  44. I bet apple pie does count...

  45. No I did not eat either .. :-( .. I love this photo , I ♥ your little girls skirt and tights .. so cute clothing xox

  46. Saskia dear your photos are as special as your sentiments. I adore all that you do. Apple pie sounds wonderful. I did eat ice cream today as it hit 60 sunny degrees F. Happy Sunday to you and yours...

  47. What a great picture. :)
    And yes! I had an apple. :)

  48. Hi Saskia
    Thanks for popping over my way... always lovely to see new faces..

    this picture is so sweet.... enough to make me go eat an apple and all that beautiful colour brightens my day..!! love that apple cart also... just gorgeous..

    Have a lovely weekend.. xxx Julie

  49. I should have, but had chocolate instead :-) I know, not healthy, remnants from Christmas! Love your pic, as always, have a restful weekend, love, Lori xx

  50. I agree...it counts :-)

  51. En ik ga NU naar de markt om appels (en meer ) te kopen, zonnetje schijnt, dus het is geen straf!
    Fijne zondag & geniet van de appeltaart ;-)
    Bisous uit Versailles,

  52. Your apples look delicious Saskia, one of my favourite fruits!!! And of course apple pie counts it sounds scrumptious and it makes me remember my mothers home made apple pies when I was little, the smell would fill the house. They were to tempting to be left for very long...... beautiful memories.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend my friend, staying warm. I am trying to stay cool!!! I wish for the cooler days to come swiftly, I don't like our summers very much they are very hot and long.... xxxx

  53. Yes I did but an aplle pie should be a god idea for teatime!
    Have a nice week

  54. Happy Sunday Saskia!!!!
    What a most precious, adorable picture! So so sweet! I love her lil dress!
    Apple pie for me please!
    gi gi

  55. haha, i like your thinking :o)
    i did have an apple today, it was sweet and juicy and wonderful, but sadly no apple pie. i would have liked both but i think they say you can't have your apple and your pie.

    your pictures are so full of sunny joy. my goodness, you don't know how up-lifting visiting your blog is for me today after endless days of grey skies.

    warmest blessings


  56. HaHa!! I think apple pie DEFINITELY counts. :) I haven't had my apple today, but I didn't buy a bunch of big yummy oranges at the market today. :) :) :)

  57. This is such a cute and happy picture! Love it.

  58. I love this photo Saskia! Yes, I did have my apple today and now I really want some apple pie too!!

    Have a lovely week!


  59. Thank You!!!!!
    And, can you follow my twitter, I mean, my blog's twitter??
    Oh, were are you from???
    Kisses xxxxxx


  60. Ciao Saskia and best wishes for 2011, I am back at last catching up on so much that I missed while I was away from the blogsphere! Thankyou for comments you left on LindyLouMac's Book Reviews while I was absent.
    No apple today but I always have five plus portions of fruit and veg every day:)


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