10 januari 2011

a Curly day

a Rainy day = a Curly day

A career is wonderful
but you can't curl up with it on a cold night
Marilyn Monroe

Off I am for some curling up on my couch
enjoying a good read, a warm cup of tea and
sweet raindrops on my window pane


51 opmerkingen:

  1. your little one's sweet curls are darling, saskia! she is so sweet.

    curling up on the couch with a good read sound perfect to me.

    sending you lots and lots of happy thoughts.

  2. Now that's a precious face! I remember those days like they were yesterday and somehow my baby is almost 25. The wonderful thing about it Saskia is that you are treasuring it now, so many don't do that until they are looking back at the simple sweetness of life. Happy curling.

  3. What a sweet little curly sue! :) Enjoy your curl-up cozy time! :)

  4. How sweet, a curly girly with such squeezeable pinky cheeks!


  5. Lovely quote and nice to hear something nice happening this week (hair turning curly) as a result of the rain. Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend, your little girl is such a sweetie!! :-) xx Anna

  6. enjoy the curling on the couch, that's the kind of day we are having here aswell.
    cute little curls ♥

  7. A very wise quote and so true! :D

  8. What a sweet little curly head! Sounds like the perfect day to me--enjoy every moment, my friend!


  9. What a cutie pie! Enjoy your curling up tea cup moment ;-)

  10. Hi Saskia!
    A little girl with little curls ~ so adorable!
    When was the last time I had a bow in my hair?
    Didn't it always make us smile!?

    Oh curling up with a great book on a rainy night is so restful and calming... I love the image you painted for us ♥
    Enjoy it all dear one!

  11. Curling up is the greatest!
    Reading a book and a cup of tea wonderful.

  12. Saskia,
    I have something for you on my blog. Come visit me.


  13. Such a precious face with that smile and those eyes. I love her curly hair. I also love curling up on the couch with my afghan my Grandma crocheted for me so very many years ago. Happy Joy to you...

  14. ze kijkt als het ware stiekum om het hoekje, mooi!!
    fijn weekend groet stina

  15. Aw, so sweet my friend! Enjoy your day curling up :-)

  16. Ooh wat een lieve foto!
    Een heel fijn weekend toegewenst.
    liefs Ester

  17. Wat een schatje Saskia!
    (mijn meisjes hebben beiden zoveel krullen, de oudste wil juist stijl haar...)
    Fijn weekend,
    Maureen x

  18. Aw gosh, that is too cute :)

  19. Wat een schatje !!! zo lief...net als haar mama !!!....jij hebt toch geen krullen ???? of wel als het regent??? het regent alweer vandaag.......zo saai !!...ik ga naar buiten met de hondjes !! brrrrr......heb je mijn mail nog gehad lieve Sassie???....fijne dag !! liefs van mij...xxx...xxx...xxx

  20. QUELLE JOLIE ET MIGNONNE FILLE! IS SHE YOURS DEAREST? Look at those eyes...that curl!!!! Oh, I love your idea of CURLING up on the couch! I took the day off today! YES! But I will be cleaning and preparing the new rooms for painting!!!!! We are having snow, but enjoy your raindrops !!!!! as they fall !!!! on your window panes....thinking of you out there in your part of this beautiful world, ANITA

  21. Sweet Friend Saskia!!!
    C. is lovely angel young lady!!! Little awesome adorable girl!!! Now I get your writing on Aila and C. look something alike!!! They DO!!
    She is going to be so lovely fooling around with the tiny bag my Singer is preparing for her!!!!
    Dear Saskia, I will frame the adorable blue flowered fabric ;o) It's gonna be perfect framed on the wall!!
    We are planning going to the beach this weekend! If so, I will bring some pics to show you!!
    Thanks so much for checking the interview about my work!!! I got the happiest lady when reading your comment!!! Merci!! Dank!!
    I wish you and your darling family an adorable weekend time together!!! Love U!! Love U!!! Bela

  22. Hi Saskia,
    Your girl is so beautiful! Lovely pic.
    Here is rainning, rainning, rainning... Is bored!
    Have a sunny day.

  23. hi.

    oh so beautiful girl with curly hair,
    wish you all a happy weekend,

    hug from sylvia

  24. I love the name of your blog! Fantastic. Your header is perfect. I am so glad I found you. *hugs*

  25. Wat een schattige foto, zo lief, jullie ook een fijn weekend,Lieve Groetjes Esther.

  26. Oh Saskia,
    what a lovely girl.

  27. Such a beautiful, gorgeous princess and I know how the rain curls hair!!! But such perfect weather for curling on the couch listing to the rain, staying warm and dry but your day in the rain on the bike sounded wonderfully!!!!

    Have a splendiferous day sweet Saskia, tomorrow we are going to the rose garden for afternoon tea in the mountains..... xxxx

  28. Sounds so relaxing. Enjoy! Cute photo!...Christine

  29. Happy Curling my dear...sounds dreamy...should do the same as the rains keep falling! Your little pumpkin makes my heart melt...happy friday to all. xoxo

  30. Anoniem14/1/11

    Och wat een popje met de krullen,ik krijg ook krullen met regen en vroeger baalde ik als ik uit ging,want dan wilde ik die slag erin haha,ik wens je een fijn weekend,lieve groet Joke.

  31. Happy Friday Saskia :)
    Aw, look at your sweetie with her lil curls! So pretty!
    Really love the new header! Perfect!
    Hope you have a fantastic, fun filled weekend!
    gi gi

  32. Oh Sweet Saskia!
    I love this post of yours!
    The curls, the beautiful rosy cheek,
    the career of a lifetime!!!

    Cheers to You and Your Family.


  33. Zalig, lekker de bank op met een goed boek, en de open haard aan. Mijn favoriete schrijver van het moment is Paulo Coelho ! Een aanrader !
    fijn weekend

  34. aaaahhhh yes!! i know those rainy/humid/snowy day curls all too well. :) such a cute picture. :) have a wonderful curl up with your book and tea. RAINY DAY BLESSINGS!! :) :) :)

  35. Veel regen dus veel krullenbollen vandaag (waardoor ik een puber weer diep hoorde zuchten), heel fijn krullig weekend Saskia! Liefs, Colinda

  36. Lief!!! De krullen maar vooral ook het meisje. Geniet van elkaar dit weekend!
    Liefs Michaja

  37. Very cute curls & girl!!

    I love these words. They are so true!

    I hope your weekend is full of more sweet moments like these...:)


  38. Hoi Saskia,

    Wat staat je dochter ontzettend lief op de foto! Bij ons heeft de middelste ook van dat haar dat opkrult wanneer het regent. De middelste is druk bezig met het bezoeken van open dagen. Het blijft voor haar moeilijk om een keuze te maken. Gelukkig zit ze inmiddels wel wat beter in haar vel. Dat is toch het aller belangrijkste!

    Een heel gezellige weekend!

    Veel lieve groetjes van Madelief

  39. Hey Saskia wat een schattige foto van dochterlief met pracht krulletjes!ik heb ook krullen en zonder regen!geniet van een heel mooi en gezellig weekend meid met hopelijk wat minder regen,hier weer de kaarsjes en de houtkachel aan........xxx *-*

  40. Anoniem15/1/11

    Cutee girl, kisses!
    Nice and happy weekend dear.

  41. aww....lovely picture & a very true quote.

  42. My girls' hair also turns curly when it rains. Mine, on the other hand, goes poker straight. Nothing like curling up with a good book on a rainy day.

  43. What an adorable picture! Have a sweet, wonderful weekend!

  44. Teeeheeee! I cannot get over what BEAUTIFUL BIG eyes this petite fille has!!!! What a smile! Oh precious VRIENDIN! YOU SENT ME SOMETHING? Do you know that I sent THE DUTCHESS out in your country, a package THE WEEK BEFORE Christmas and she STILL HAS NOT received it? I have counted it as lost, but maybe, just maybe, there is an issue with customs? When did you send your sweet package? Because I have not received it yet!!!!!! What a thoughtful, lovely thing to doooooooo! oh, my, you are incredibly kind! I WISH I HAD MORE TIME and money to send EVERYONE something special....but a little card once in a while as well would be fabulous, wouldn't it? Oooooo....I think that is in order!

    Let me know when you sent it. I do hope that both packages are en route!

    Off to finish my new post and then to PAINT MY NEW ROOMS! We are almost there dearest....almost!!!!! HAVE A SPECIAL, SPARKLING WEEKEND glimmering with much love!!

    FONDLY, Anita

  45. Aww she is adorable:) What a sweet photo! Wish you a relaxing and cozy weekend,sweetie
    Hugs and kisses

  46. yes, these days are good for curling to :o)

    my daughter has hair that curls into ringlets with the rain, she also has rosy cheeks and looks like she has stepped out of a victorian painting.

    hugs xxx


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